Review of American Airlines flight Seattle Philadelphia in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA564
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 05:21
Take-off 30 Apr 19, 11:30
Arrival at 30 Apr 19, 19:51
AA   #26 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
By 978
Published on 27th December 2019


welcome for this back home flight to Guadeloupe, from my translated Seattle report serie.


The rounting allows  me to  discover Alaska and Omaha airport, it also 6exclu/7 for the data base.

Le vol

We go to the airport nearby 9am, it's early but our Rodeway inn SeaTac isn't very nice so it'll be better. We go by foot , weather is good but coldy, no matter, we'll miss cold weather in Guadeloupe.

After printed our BP we directly go  Airside, crossing customs &etc, at 9:25am we're airside:

photo img_7059

Go to gate D11, with this seaplane making ad for an underwear mark

photo img_7060

Our plane is already here. It's a ex-US Ariways A321, so it's a old narrow-body often used on ex-US Airways hubs (Philly, Charlotte, Phoenix), it's pity we won't have IFE like my flight with the  A321B I had for my DFW-DEN flight, for a 5hours flight it'll be nice.

photo img_7061

Since it's  early, I decide to visit a litte SeaTac, I had been surprised by such a traffic in SeaTac, I didn't remember it.

I walk to terminal B

photo img_7062

Where Delta is based

This one is pushing-back to Las Vegas

photo img_7063

in front of us, A-terminal

photo img_7064

Then I took the South Loop which serves terminals A/B and south satellite. North Loop  serves terminals C/D and north satellite. The Central Shuttle link terminal A (south) to terminal D (north). 3 distincts shuttle in total.
Satellite south

photo img_7065


photo img_7066

Face to us, terminal B (where we from) 

photo img_7068

332 Kahului bound Hawaiian

photo img_7069

Concourse is empty, there is carpet evereywhere but it's dirty.

photo img_7070

Alaska in a ????? livery…

photo img_7074

There is a wait to take-off, with Omni air in head.

photo img_7075

E175 Delta bound to Sacramento,CA

photo img_7076

Delta's  arriving from Tokyo Narita in A359, and a 737 to Anchorage

photo img_7077

We can see Vancouver Island's mountains (CA): what a beautiful view.

photo img_7078

757 from  Orlando

photo img_7080

Frontier to Denver

photo img_7081

Asiana Cargo 747 to Seoul

photo img_7082

DASH Q400 AS from Bellingham, WA, a few miles northern than us

photo img_7083

Alaska in the old livery bound to Denver

photo img_7084

Southwest from…. Denver

photo img_7085

757 Delta from JFK

photo img_7087

The A350 is just in front of me

photo img_7088photo img_7089photo img_7091


photo img_7092

I have to come back to the South Loop, the Hawaiian A330 is pushing-back

photo img_7093

And a 737 United  to Denver : everybody in here goes to Denver today ?

photo img_7086

The first car is reserved to international arrivals; here, Narita's flight

photo img_7095-81319

The train is moving slow, about 2minutes between each terminals

I have to meet my  mother at Terminal B, every international passengers went down at terminal A station, to cross the TSA, and nobody go in

photo img_7098

Then we go to Terminal D. The fastest way would have been to get out of the train in terminal A and take the A <-> D shuttle.

This is the talking fountain, it emplifies water sounds when you drink… hum, why not?

photo img_7101

Our flight is scheduled on time.

photo img_7100

Boarding via a blind pathway : welcome to the usa…

photo img_7102-81259

the gameboy

photo img_7103

the door

photo img_7104

Now go to my seat ; where the pitch is correct but not very good for a 5hours flight

photo img_7105

No IFE here

photo img_7106-34074

We are seated at 11:15am

photo img_7107

Beside us, a 737 to Los Angeles LAX

photo img_7109

We push back at 11:25am, five minutes early

photo img_7110

A 321

photo img_7111

North satellite, with mainly AS

photo img_7112

Alaska in Boeing livery

photo img_7113photo img_7114

we enter the take-off lane

photo img_7115photo img_7116

It's 11:40am when we line-up, for a take-off on 34R

photo img_7117

KE, LH and JAL far away

photo img_7118

They are waiting behind us

photo img_7119

747 Lufthansa from Frankfurt, 787 Japan aiirlines from Tokyo.

photo img_7120

Control tower

photo img_7121


photo img_7122

The north of the airport, with the Highway 5 and the Tramlink which link the airport with Seattle downtown

photo img_7123

Far away, we can see the Cascades mountains

photo img_7124


photo img_7125

Bellevue CBD, passengers on the left side have a beautiful view over Seattle I guess

photo img_7126

on the south

photo img_7127

Right turn, with Bellevue again

photo img_7128

Mercer Island

photo img_7129

Boeing field, with his museum, and the 737MAX nailed on the ground. SeaTac in the back

photo img_7130

Mount Rainier, just amazing

photo img_7131

an other

photo img_7132

I can see the south of Seattle CBD, like the Columbia Center Tower, one of the building  targeted by the 9/11 attacks..

photo img_7133

Boeing field, Washington lake

photo img_7134

Mount Rainier, on the right you can observe mount St-Helens

photo img_7135


photo img_7136

Tacoma and Olympia

photo img_7137


photo img_7138

Then we flew over Cascades, heading  east to Philly

photo img_7139

And again, Mount Rainier with his 4392 meters, higher submit in United States (except Alaska) when we take the culminating point from the base, if you take from sea level, it's Mont Whitney in the Sierra Nevada

photo img_7140

Snowy lakes

photo img_7141

These view remind me that I'm definitively more a travelgeek than an avgeek.  Mount Rainier is an actif volcano (as is Mount St Helens) and these two volcanoes put in danger more than 4.millions of inhabitants because they are located between Portland and Sea-Tac metropolitan  areas (Puget Sound)

photo img_7142

it's beautiful, we flew-over many ski  areas

photo img_7143

photo img_7144

a last one

photo img_7145

because the snow gives way to  the east plains, we  exit de Washington by south of Spokane

photo img_7146

we still flying over some snowy peaks

photo img_7147

either plateaus

photo img_7148

We fly-over Missoula, the second city of Montana after Billings

photo img_7149

Wi-fi was available, but  you only can go on AA site unless you pay.

photo img_7150

It's more or less mountainous outside

photo img_7151

Catering is served; just speculos with drinks, that's  very low for this flight I think, but welcome to the usa lol.

photo img_7152

I should have sell it in Philly, but I trash it

photo img_7154

Sky starts to be more cloudy as we entered inland Montana

photo img_7155photo img_7156

with the corporate pic

photo img_7157

It's totally overcasted when we cross North Dakota border

photo img_7158

inflight magazin

photo img_7159

the fleet

photo img_7160photo img_7161

New destination from Philly : Edinburgh ! operated with 757

photo img_7162

We entered  the  clouds

photo img_7164

it's dark

photo img_7165

A few hours after, a second prestation has been made, just a drink this time. Still stingy

photo img_7166

a canada  dry

photo img_7167

It's still covered when we arrived on  Michigan coastline, so we didn't could enjoy Chicago, just southest than us

photo img_7168photo img_7169


photo img_7170

We overcross Ohio

photo img_7171

The entry in Pennsylvania came up with the beginning of our descent over Philadelphia

photo img_7173

Lights on, it's more dark outside

photo img_7174

We reach east coast under a mixed weather

photo img_7175

Delaware river, from northern Appalaches to Atlantic Ocean (in Delware state.)

photo img_7176

We overfly south of Philly

photo img_7177

After such a long flight we deserve beautiful views of the CBD

photo img_7178

PHL airport

photo img_7179

Downtown Philadelphia.

photo img_7180

It's hard to take  goods  pics  with the weather and my bad phone

photo img_7186

North suburbs of the city, with Fairmount Park on the right

photo img_7187


photo img_7189

The Central business district, and the airport in the background. The first bridge is the Besty Ross Bridge

photo img_7190

Still turning on our right

photo img_7191


photo img_7192

The east neighborhoods of Philadelphia, actually located in New Jersey

photo img_7193photo img_7194


photo img_7195


photo img_7196

Again the CBD while we are on final, the same as 2 weeks ago from Sint-Maarten SXM

photo img_7197

it's better

photo img_7198

photo img_7199

Lincoln Field stadium, with sunset behind

photo img_7200

I don't regret my right seat

photo img_7201

photo img_7202

The last one.
Actually, I find that Philly's downtown looks a bit like Atlanta's one.

photo img_7203

TouchDown at 7:20pm

photo img_7204

Strong braking, we quickly exited the runway, it's rushtime  here on a eastcoast airport.
An united plane who heads west to… Denver !! As you see, because we didn't go skiing in Colorado this year, everything reminds us that.

photo img_7205

American Airlines bound to Washington (Reagan national)

photo img_7206

AA's territory

photo img_7207

A330 bound to London Heathrow

photo img_7208

And a British 747,, London too

photo img_7209

Then we go to Terminal A-West, many aircraft waiting for landing

photo img_7210

Another 330

photo img_7211

Frontier on A321.

photo img_7212

744 British

photo img_7213

A350 Qatar going to his gate

photo img_7214

We follow him

photo img_7215

To be gated  beside Sport the Jaguar A321

photo img_7216

Who arrived an hour ago from Denv… as F9170 and will take off soon to San Juan PR as  F9108

photo img_7217

A beautiful livery.. in the background, an A300 UPS is taking-off to Richmond RIC

photo img_7218

A-East terminal

photo img_7219

everybody gets  up

photo img_7221-37202

deboarding is quick, we're airside as usual from domestic arrivals

photo img_7222-60142

Philly is welcoming us, I would have loved to stay a few days, Philadelphia is  a beautiful city, especially during spring, like Boston for that matter

photo img_7223

We walk above SEPTA Airport Line which link Philadelphia international airport with the city center

photo img_7224

control tower

photo img_7225

taxi area

photo img_7226

then we take the free shuttle to our motel (econolodge) which was just correct.

flight radar24

the flight

photo img_7227

The approach over Philly, which allows us to have beautiful views on the CBD

photo img_7228

thank you for  reading this, sorry for the mistakes I could make. You can visit the bonus about the Puget sound just below!


We decided to do Seattle and 3 Nationals parks during these vacations, we would have loved to go to Vancouver, Victoria, Portland etc, but it was too much.
 We  begin with Seattle, a beautiful city!

Our landing at SEA (non reported because of pics troubles!) just after an emergency with an AA flight (Vancouver-> Chicago O'hare).. Something about landing gear

photo 20190419_141517

Take the boat to Bainbridge island allows to have an amazing view on Seattle Skyline of $7go and back. 30/40min of boat and the, you're on a pretty green pine island.

photo 20190421_152010-minphoto img_1506-min

The famous Pioneer Square, with his neo-roman buildings from XIXème century

photo img_1436-min

Unavoidable Pike Market

photo img_1442-min


photo img_1444-min

Fremont borough, north of Seattle, is very nice. We went by foot (5kms each way) via Queen Ann hills, a beautiful rich neighborhood. It was srping and Seattle is a green city, all was "in flower" (idk how to say that in english).
This is Lenin, pretty weird in such a capitalist country as U.S., especially in the western states… Why not, i like the man

photo img_1448-min

Then we went to Canadian border, Bellingham , where I had the chance to watch a Guadeloupe's friend playing SoftBall.
But we went here for North Cascades National Park

Weather wasn't good this day (otherwise we only had good weather) but the lakes are supposed  to be green. Here, Diablo Lake

photo img_1526-minphoto img_1530-minphoto img_1532-min

Unfortunately, snow this year has been exceptional, the park is still recovered by 4/5meters in april, that prevented us to go where we wanted to go

photo img_1535-min

Lower, a luxurious forest which reminds us Louisiana, or Olympic National Park (that we did after). The sensation of humidity and cold (30°F) was weird

photo img_1543-min

but so beautiful

photo img_1544-min

Then we crossed the state to go to Mount Rainier National Park (50 miles north of Portland, OR). I think that is  my prefered park, it was just amazing (but all was amazing, like everywhere in the wolrd actually!!!!!)

photo img_1568-min

Snowmelt has no yet started

photo img_1570-min

I ran faster than usain bolt

photo img_1578-min

Mount Rainier from the South. Also here, snow bothered us

photo img_1587-min

local chard

photo img_1593-min

And finally, Olympic National Park, beautiful  too!
Ruby beach

photo img_1615-min

It was suer windy and very cold

photo img_1646-minphoto img_1662-min

Unfortunately I don't find other pics of the inland of Olympic Park, but as the other, snow bothered us. From the top of the Hurricane Range, we could see Mount Olympe, Vancouver Island, Victoria City, Mount Baker (near Bellingham in the north of the state). The park was infested of raccoon

Voilà, it was a beautiful travel. Doing it in april was good: not much tourists, spring was beautiful especially  in Seattle (in the parks it was still winter) and even if with the snow it was terribly beautiful, it  was also a brake for the national parks.

See u soon, loulou

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Seattle - SEA


Philadelphia - PHL



SEA: Fluid, clean and nice. On time departure

PHL: 10min between the arrving and the exit, it's good. Nice airport but crowded on this evening, and a little cold as usual in the east coast lol

AA: standard domestic, nice crew, but the plane was old for this flight, and the prestation isn't good although it's the usual in the USA, I find it very stingy.



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