Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Makassar-Celebes Island Majalengka in Economy

Flight JT883
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 27 Dec 19, 15:00
Arrival at 27 Dec 19, 17:00
JT 21 reviews
By 298
Published on 31st December 2019

Hi! Hi! Hello! Welcome back to my Flight Report here on my another commute to Bandung from Makassar. I was not actually really want to report this, but hey it'll complete 150 points for 2019! Hoorayy! After almost a week staying in Makassar, its time for me to go back to Bandung. 

The construction of elevated toll road not so far from my parents house in Makassar, it would ease the traffic and yeap the very end ramp off from the elevated toll road is just the corner from the nearest intersection to the house. Also, the UPG airport is on construction of new main terminal building and parking building that will set to open in 2021. 

photo 20191225_123330photo 20191225_125127photo 20191225_135925

UPG Airport

Arrived early that gives me time to pray, have lunch, and chill a bit. The flight was delayed. Board to the aircraft with bus as usual! 

The Flight UPG-KJT

Lion Air
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: PK-LKT| Msn: 38733| Age: 6.5 Years
Configuration: Y189
Origin: Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar (UPG)
Destination: Kertajati International Airport, Majalengka (KJT)
Flight Date: Friday, 27 December 2019
Flight Distance: 1274 km  

photo 20191227_141833photo 20191227_141841

Arrived at 4F and got the whole row all to myself till the end of the flight! 

photo 20191227_142300photo 20191227_142303

Views outside. Sriwijaya Air's B737-800, Lion Air's A330-300. 

photo 20191227_142311photo 20191227_143648

After almost an hour delay due to waiting up some pax from Jayapura we pushed back, taxi, took off, and leaving Sulawesi/Celebes island behind for 2019. See you again next year I believe!

I just realised that Lion Air (JT) started to seriously commenced buy on board (BOB) services, such as selling snacks, like biscuits, instant cup noodles, bottled drinks, etc. They was planning to sell hot meals on selected routes, but it was probably dismissed, JT pax's behavior is not the same with Citilink (QG) or Indonesia Air Asia (QZ). But, hopefully they'll start to put their products on Inflight magazine for real. As soon as they started the BOB, my pills are starting to kick in and for sure I spent most of my time sleeping during the flight. Anyway, I'm kinda surprised that this was probably one of the packed JT-883 flights I've ever been after they changed it to KJT instead of BDO, usually the flight is not even reaching 50% load!

photo 20191227_151902photo 20191227_152040photo 20191227_152120

Seat pocket materials: Pretty surprised by how many flight Wings (IW) served on BDO-SUB route with their ATR's after JT no longer operates their B737-800 at BDO. 

photo 20191227_162806photo 20191227_163026

I was kinda woken up by the bumpy descend to Kertajati (KJT), as I know the entire part of Greater Jakarta area, northern part of Jawa Barat province, and also Greater Bandung area hit by pretty heavy rainstorm, so no wonder the ride was a little bit bumpy to KJT. Couple months ago the sight before landing probably only hot and arid conditions, but now its raining and even the river looks so full. What a different view! The main road entrance to KJT area is visible! It's also new! Not usually approach and land from this side. 

photo 20191227_163808photo 20191227_164922photo 20191227_165304

Landed safely, taxi, and parked at the stand jet way No. 2.

KJT Airport

As my flight was delayed by an hour, and also welcomed by the rain, it was kind of a different feeling arrived at KJT, I know it's still very empty in arrival area, but the departure area, or should I say the boarding lounge kinda packed by the transit pax of JT's. As I have to find and get the shuttle bus to Bandung, so I walked fast and reach ground transportation centre that located in the middle of the ground floor. As I was still drowsy by the pills I took, I was completely out during the ride from KJT to Bandung.

photo 20191227_160325photo 20191227_162347

The flight map!

photo capture-20191230-165153photo capture-20191230-165312

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my flight report! Really sorry for the typos, bad grammar, etc. As I enjoyed reading/views high quality FR, so I tried my best to deliver FR that met those standards. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to click the like button and comment down below about my flight with LNI/JT

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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Makassar-Celebes Island - UPG


Majalengka - KJT



As this is my 3rd times this year commuting to UPG from so many different inbound flight due no more jet domestic flight from BDO, sometimes making travel more difficult and more expensive. I hope the domestic flight from/to BDO like it used to be.



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