Review of Aegean Airlines flight Larnaca Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Aegean Airlines
Flight AE3560
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 31 Dec 19, 13:00
Arrival at 31 Dec 19, 13:55
A3   #21 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 166 reviews
By 680
Published on 14th April 2020

Cyprus was amazing. Though I visited in winter, the island was sure to impress me. As I'm from an island myself, it was interesting to see other unique cultures on other island nations.
The taxi ride to the airport allowed for some final views of the Salt Lake and coasts of the island.

photo img_3619-compressed

The airport's terminal was quite spacious and well lit. Winter season sees less tourists and as a result, airport wait times were short. 

photo img_3620photo img_3621photo img_3622

Aircraft : Airbus A320-232
Registration: SX-DGX
Age: 13.8 Years
Layout: F12C42Y310

The architectures obscured views of our aircraft. We were on the sole white aircraft of Aegean's fleet.

photo img_3628photo img_3634photo img_3635

Boarding was complete and the crew came around handing out branded mints. This nice gesture caught me by surprise. 

photo img_3643-compressedphoto img_3637photo img_3639-compressed

Though we were all seated, we were delayed as cargo was still being loaded. 

photo img_3642photo img_3645

An Arkia E195 preparing for departure to TLV as well.

photo img_3647

Taxiing offered some spotting opportunities . This Pobeda 738 was off to Moscow. 

photo img_3650photo img_3659-compressedphoto img_3655

LCA's terminal was in clear view on upwind RWY 22. Aeroflot, Cyprus Airways and Tus Air could be seen below. 

photo img_3666-compressedphoto img_3669

A left turn South east, headed us towards Tel Aviv.

photo img_3673photo img_3676photo img_3679

Once at cruise, the crew came around again with a snack and beverage service. 

photo img_3685-compressed

Momentarily we were descending over Northern Tel Aviv.

photo de083c57-69b0-4ced-acdb-f4d8fdec89eaphoto img_3692

Flying for base RWY 26

photo img_3695-compressedphoto img_3699-compressedphoto img_3701

Gates were empty awaiting the late even European arrivals.

photo img_3707-compressedphoto img_3708-compressed

Compared to when I entered TLV a week prior, the airport was quote empty and custom wait times were quite short. I was out in about 15 minutes. 

photo img_3709-compressed

I have a thing for airports that incorporate local architecture in their design. TLV's arrival hall was impressive. 

photo img_3711-compressedphoto img_3712-compressedphoto img_3715-compressed

The afternoon's arrival board. 

photo img_3713-compressed

Our flight route sourced from Flightradar24.

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Aegean Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Larnaca - LCA


Tel Aviv - TLV



The hospitality on Aegean was great. Even though the flight was short, the crew was sure to make a great impression. There's no surprise why it's among the best regional airlines year after year. In future, I'm looking forward to trying them on longer routes.



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  • Comment 551011 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 766 Comments

    Hi jaz350!

    I have read positive reviews of Aegean on before, and this wone seems to confirm that they have great service!

    Though I visited in winter, the island was sure to impress me

    Winter is certainly a good time to visit some places, particularly those where summer means crowds and heat, which I hate! Besides, from your photos I can say that Cyprus is wonderful in winter!

    the crew came around handing out branded mints

    What a nice detail! I got a similar treat on LATAM once... but that was the whole on-board service!! :'''( Hahhaha, well, it was a 15-minute flight. There was no time for anything else, actually!

    A left turn South east, headed us towards Tel Aviv.

    Beautiful aerials again!

    Can I tell you a joke about Tel Aviv? Here it goes:

    How do you say "bikini" in Hebrew?
    Answer: Tel Aviv

    Hahahahaha Get it?? "Tel Aviv" Hahahaha

    Er... no. You don't get it.

    Explanation: "Tel Aviv" sounds much like Spanish "te la vi" = "I saw your thing," implying that bikinis are too revealing.

    Haaahahhaha Get it now??? I have many more like this one.

    Thanks for sharing!! :D

  • Comment 551022 by
    NewYorker GOLD 169 Comments

    Thanks for this great report JAZ350! I recently did a report about a round-trip on Aegean from Sofia to Athens and also had a great experience. Their crews are delightful, and the cabins are nice and comfy too! I didn't know that Aegean flies to destinations other than Greece from Cyprus. You learn something new everyday! Looked like a very scenic flight. Too bad about the short flight time, which means you didn't have more service - on my flight of 50 minutes, we got a sandwich. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Comment 551339 by
      JAZ350 AUTHOR 76 Comments

      Actually, I read your reports as well! The crew and comfort did it for me, for sure. Before booking, I wanted to try two different airlines so I did El Al on one leg and Aegean on the other. As there are 6 airlines operating TLV between LCA, this lead me to believe there is high VFR traffic between the two countries. Thanks for reading and safe travels!

  • Comment 551493 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5588 Comments

    Cyprus was amazing. Though I visited in winter, the island was sure to impress me. As I'm from an island myself, it was interesting to see other unique cultures on other island nations.

    I've never been to Cyprus, but I love the nearby Greek Island. I imagine the culture of Cyprus must be unique with a mix of Greek and Turkish influences. I must be an island person at heart because some of my my favourite places in the world are Iceland, New Zealand, and the Greek Isles.

    TLV's arrival hall was impressive.

    Wow, yeah it is! That's some beautiful architecture, blending the modern with the ancient so well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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