Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Tokyo in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 88
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 31 Mar 10, 00:30
Arrival at 31 Mar 10, 08:30
MH   #27 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 216 reviews
By 7221
Published on 26th September 2013
The flight to NRT, MH88 was scheduled to depart at 2330hrs from gate C1. Proceeded to the gate and went though security. Was observing the plane from the gatehold room and noticed something was wrong as the plane's engines were opened as if some maintenance were going on. True enough, an announcement came and requested all passengers to proceed to gate C17 due to an aircraft change. The current aircraft, 9M-MRJ, was experiencing some technical problems. Our departure time was also rescheduled to 0030hrs.

9M-MRJ with engine shell opened.
photo 4527717833_1133c3a24e_o

As I still had more than an hour of wait, I decided to visit the Plaza Premium Lounge (again courtesy of my credit card) for a bite. The lounge seemed smaller than Changi's but was decent enough for a short stay.

Buffet set-up
photo 4527717627_eaf97a265f_o

photo 4527717759_eb35fcae45_o

Light bite in the lounge.
photo 4528350258_46fe0c8800_o

Nearing the new boarding time, I proceeded to the gate where another B772 was awaiting.

31 March 2010
Malaysia Airlines
MH 88
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Tokyo Narita (NRT)
Economy Class

Boarding was not done by rows but being a Japanese destination flight, the boarding process still remained orderly. Entered through door 2L (again newspapers at door) and greeted by crew and shown to the correct aisle. Passed the mini business class cabin and entered economy. Again, crew were friendly and assisting passengers with their luggage. The seat colours on the B772 were not as bright as the newly upholstered 737 ones and in fact looks quite similar to SQ's old 777 cabin interior colours. However, MH's 772s were configured 2-5-2 in economy. Good for me as I would only get pass 1 person from the window seat to the aisle but definitely horrendous for the person seated right in the middle of the block of 5.

The mini-business class cabin with only 1 row of seats, just before economy class.
photo 4528350966_d6d031e9f4_o

Boarding in process
photo 4528351036_6a20230226_o

Legroom was quite good and I can actually cross my legs while seated!
photo 4527719409_e0b0929fe2_o

Stuff in the seat pocket. Safety card, inflight mag and inflight shopping catalogue.
photo 4527718419_f16a29d100_o

After boarding was completed, we had a short wait as our luggage was still being reloaded. Unfortunately, MH does not offer any hot towels now. Also no amenity kits nor menus were distributed. Guess all these frills were victims of cost-cutting. Safety video was shown, which was definitely better than SQ's current new video.

MH safety video from youtube.

Today, our inflight supervisor was a lady in fiery red kebaya, sort of like SQ's chief stewardess. We also had 3 Japanese stewardesses onboard, 2 in economy, 1 in business. Boarding music was some sort of jazz music (not the traditional malay music) which was similar to what SQ would play as boarding music back in history. Our flight time was announced to be a short 6hr 20min, which would make up for some of the delay. Pushed back and we had a short taxi to the runway for takeoff.

Takeoff from KUL

Soon after takeoff, the crew came down to distribute headsets before starting a light refreshment service. Our initial cruising altitude would be 35000ft, climbing to 39000 towards the end of the flight. Inflight entertainment was AVOD and was easy to navigate. Although the entertainment selection was less than SQ's latest IFE system and similar to the WISEMEN3000 system, it was still more than sufficient to while away the time. In fact, the latest movies selection were almost similar on both MH and SQ!! So who is spying on who here?

Light refreshment. Cheese and tuna sandwiches with coffee/tea/green tea/juices. Very substantial and filling snack.
photo 4528351206_8648023fcc_o

Shortly after service, the trays were cleared. Seeing that I had finished my sandwiches, the stewardess along my aisle was actually nice enough to offer me a second helping! Additional drinks were also offered. Then the cabin was dimmed to allow everyone to sleep.

The flight was mainly smooth throughout. About 2hrs before landing, lights were on again in preparation for breakfast. A visit to the lavatory for some refreshing before breakfast too.

photo 4528351368_69df8651c5_o

Amenities in the lavatory. Men/ladies cologne, aftershave lotion and hand lotion. The hand lotion smells much better than SQ's economy hand lotion
photo 4527718961_539b0bcf78_o

Surprisingly, combs and toothbrushes were also available!!
photo 4528351814_9e7d6a3856_o

The sun is rising higher..
photo 4527718847_c24295015b_o

As MH do not distribute menus, they used a very innovative way to show the meal choices. The meal choices were flashed in the IFE screens. However, if your screens were switched off, you would miss it. Today for breakfast, we had 3 choices!! Salmon dill with potato, Cheddar omelette with potato or Nasi Lemak with chicken rendang and shrimp sambal.
photo 4527718571_82a87dfe96_o

Crew serving breakfast. Interestingly, the way MH crew conducts their meal service and how they interacted with passengers felt so similar to SQ that if they would to change their kebayas, it would be no different from SQ's service. This set of crew were mainly very good except for 1 stewardess who seemed that she did not want to be there. Luckily she was in the galley most of the time.
photo 4528351956_ed15e7be9b_o

Chose the nasi lemak, which was accompanied with a warm bun, raisin danish, mixed fruits, jam and butter, musli bar, orange juice and coffee/tea. It was definitely a very filling breakfast. The nasi lemak was great but the mixed fruits was some canned cocktail fruits in syrup, which was disappointing. What MH lacked is in the presentation of meals, this is something which they can learn from SQ.

Nasi lemak breakfast.
photo 4527718717_5a7fdbd307_o

Cabin view. Walking around the cabin, I discovered that there were magazine racks at the rear of the plane with various magazines to choose from.
photo 4528352208_94a9692e65_o

After breakfast was cleared, we were nearing Tokyo and soon started our descent. Headphones were collected by the crew at this time.

photo 4528351882_1460e32d8e_o

Turning back to Narita
photo 4528350658_f7285e9a23_o

Speedbrakes up..
photo 4527717981_35f540371b_o

Landing at Tokyo Narita Airport! The landing was smooth!

Thank you for flying Malaysia Airlines
photo 4527719611_dca0448945_o

We landed about half hr late, but made up some time enroute. Parked at terminal 2 and disembarked. Crew were along the aisles, thanking everyone for flying with them and saying goodbyes.
photo 4528350768_5d6bb3b61c_o

9M-MRF at Narita
photo 4527718123_e7bfef3a53_o

A sea of red-tails.
photo 4527718199_718a7cc9d2_o

Overall, I felt that MH crew are as good if not better than SQ in their service delivery. Service procedures felt similar and crew were very attentive. MH is definitely up there at the top of the league in the software department, but what they lacked is the posh and class, which is mainly due to the inferior hardware. Lack of menus, amenity kits, hot towels, poor meal presentation (even though food is not bad) etc. This is what makes the difference between a SQ and MH experience.
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  • Comment 88538 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks you for this very good FR :)

    Too bad the pictures are so small...
  • Comment 88565 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Another great flight with MH

    Very filling breakfast

  • Comment 88569 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thank you for this FR.
    Definitely a nice offer from MH on a flight of that length. Especially that brakfast.
    My gosh, 2-5-2, I'd be curious to know if they experienced problems with passengers seated il the middle seat et feeling claustrophobic.
    I just hope MH's current service is as good as the one shown above, and it didn't suffer too much from cost cutting measures.
  • Comment 88572 by
    marathon GOLD 10171 Comments
    I wonder if 3-3-3 would be even worse than 2-5-2 ? With the same total 9 seats abreast, there are 2 seats which are 2 seats away from an aisle. But then they get the bonus of being window seats (if you consider like I do that this is a bonus). Also, my uneducated guess is that in economy, there would be more 2-PAX parties than 3-PAX. My five cents on the issue - I guess there are gigabytes on that in various forums.
    The IFE seems decent for economy. If there is no needless pilfering, having a small number of toothbrushes in the toilets is much cheaper than giving one to each PAX, many of them being eventually not used.
    All in all, if the price is right, MH appears to provide a very decent product. Thanks for this FR !

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