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Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR 2302
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 09 May 10, 08:00
Arrival at 09 May 10, 11:35
TR 39 reviews
By 2176
Published on 27th September 2013
Visit to Vietnam, both Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. The main highlight of the trip was to visit Halong Bay (1 of the 1000 places to visit b4 u die) as well as the Cu Chi tunnels which I missed out on the last visit to HCM City. The trip was planned to be very budget, flying Tiger up to Hanoi and back from HCMC, with a domestic flight from Hanoi to HCM on Vietnam Airlines (VN was only slightly more expensive than Jetstar Pacific, so why not fly VN instead). Total ticket cost including taxes was around S$300 for SIN-HAN-SGN-SIN for 3 flights. Pretty decent if you ask me.

09 May 2010
Tiger Airways
TR 2302
Singapore (SIN) - Hanoi (HAN)
Budget Class

Nothing interesting to report down here. We will be departing from budget terminal which I guess most of you readers knew how it looks and feels like. Bought some snacks and drinks from the 7-11 store in the departure hall to avoid paying the above average onboard food/drinks prices. Flight today was operated by Tiger's oldest plane, 9V-TAB (TAA has been sent to Tiger Oz).

9V-TAB, looking in need of a wash
photo 4631943788_f38d5ab9fd_o

Passengers queuing up for boarding
photo 4631943932_875ee6c4f5_o

Boarding has begun. Pax walking across the tarmac to the aircraft.
photo 4631947042_3538c513b8_o

Boarding. Last photo taken before I was stopped by a security officer from taken photos on the tarmac.
photo 4631346223_f4132628e9_o

Look how dirty the fuselage is! Black streaks all around.
photo 4631944252_55820efbb9_o

Was welcomed aboard by a Ti-girl. Total of 4 crew onboard today and the flight was pretty full. Most were middle-aged Singaporeans going on a holiday. Me and my friend had an empty seat on our row of 3-seater. What luck! The crew were very friendly and helped passengers settle down quickly for an on time departure. Flying time was announced to be 3hrs 10min. Even though the exterior of the plane was very dirty, the interior looked clean, even though some of the seat covers were fraying. However, still not that bad for a more than 5 yrs old plane.

Boarding was completed rather quickly.
photo 4631346533_2dfcef1158_o

Another Tiger plane preparing to depart for Phuket before us.
photo 4631946716_248e616cf4_o

Welcome announcement, pushback and safety briefing

Taxi to the runway and mandarin safety briefing

SQ773 going to Jakarta
photo 4631946374_8cc0316a7a_o

Tiger departing for Phuket
photo 4631946576_10b3fa78b2_o

Takeoff from Changi Rwy 02C. Count the number of SQ birds parked at the remote stands!

Climbing after takeoff
photo 4631346423_9091670e52_o

Stuff in the seat pocket. Inflight magazine, duty free catalogue and safety card.
photo 4631346653_589ce76586_o

Seat pitch was tight, as expected for a budget airline, but tolerable for the short flight. However I find Jetstar's seat pitch to be worse as my knees would be touching the seatback in front on Jetstar's A320s.
photo 4631347145_0f6939a35a_o

Cruising. The flight was very smooth due to the good weather enroute.
photo 4631346939_987d0d3133_o

After the seatbelt signs pinged off, the crew first came around with Vietnam immigration cards followed by sale of hot meals, snacks and beverages. Options for the hot meals (which were offered for flights above 3hrs) were chicken rice and one other choice which I could not remember. However no takers for the hot meals. Sale of snacks and beverages were also not too great, as I counted less than 10 sales. In the meantime, I secretly tucked into my bring-onboard snacks and drinks. Service was completed very quickly and the crew disappeared behind the curtains of the galleys. Duty-free was offered about 1hr prior to landing (some sales) followed by another round of beverage sales with no takers again.

Crew conducting snack/beverage sales service
photo 4631944812_bce195b32a_o

Lavatory. Surprisingly, it was rather clean, unlike the horribly stained toilet bowl on my last Jetstar flight.
photo 4631947208_387130f4d5_o

Cabin view. Very full flight.
photo 4631945250_f6f71ae37f_o

Starting our descent into Hanoi.
photo 4631945322_f20e9daeed_o

Descending. Engine and wing view.
photo 4631945494_2c35a49318_o

Final approach into Hanoi. It was rather smoggy outside.
photo 4631347659_bb79414322_o

Landing in Hanoi. The landing was smooth!

Some planes during taxi to the terminal:
Vietnam Airlines ATR72
photo 4631945752_41ff9892a7_o

Lots of planes on the tarmac
photo 4631347957_097f5048ab_o

Parked beside a Vietnam Airlines A321
photo 4631348123_74802d9e4e_o

China Airlines A343
photo 4631946222_4d7c525d48_o

I still find service on Tiger rather acceptable if everything goes well. If expectations are lowered, Tiger is a perfectly budget airline to fly with.
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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Singapore - SIN


Hanoi - HAN



I still find service on Tiger rather acceptable if everything goes well. If expectations are lowered, Tiger is a perfectly budget airline to fly with.

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