Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuching Singapore in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 637
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 26 Jun 10, 12:05
Arrival at 26 Jun 10, 13:30
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Published on 29th September 2013
26 June 2010
Malaysia Airlines
MH 637
Kuching (KCH) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

After 44hrs of feasting on delicious Kuching food, we had to leave the town of cats (since Kuching = Cat in malay), not that there are many cats around apart from the cat statues. We arrived at Kuching International about 90min before departure. As I had already checked in online a day before, we just need to proceed to the bag drop counter to deposit our bags and obtain our boarding passes. There was a choice of printing our boarding passes online but I preferred to have the traditional ones. Kuching airport seemed renovated recently as everything looked quite new, like a scaled down version of KLIA. MH also has self check-in machines at the airport with MH staff assisting passengers. However, Air Asia's check-in counters seemed much more busier than MH's.

MH's check-in row at Kuching airport.
photo 4756888475_969c197631_b

As there were not much facilities land side, we soon proceeded through security and immigration to the airside. The shops in the terminal did not seemed very appealing, probably due to the fact that most passengers are domestic passengers.

Duty-free shops in the terminal.
photo 4757524750_4f0e690d59_b

I always prefer the traditional boarding passes! Can be kept for momento.
photo 4756888779_b0e59e8467_b

Our flight, MH637, is routed Kota Kinabalu - Kuching - Singapore. The plane, 9M-MQI, arrived slightly late from Kota Kinabalu.
photo 4756888897_63cd9eae5a_b

The plane parked at Gate 7 and was serviced for our flight to Singapore. Passengers disembarked and most passengers were travelling from Kota Kinabalu to Kuching while only a handful continued to Singapore.
photo 4757525134_d6bc8f8043_b

The turnaround was quite fast and very soon, the boarding was announced, though we were a bit late. Boarding was slightly slow, with only 1 agent processing the boarding passes, but no worries as we were gonna get stuck in the aerobridge anyway. A variety of newspapers were available at the door and we were welcomed aboard by the indian leading steward. What struck us first were the fiery red Business Class seats!
photo 4757525320_5b51f7ff06_b

We proceeded into the smarties coloured economy cabin and was again welcomed by a malay steward and a chinese stewardess. We had a multi-racial crew on this flight! Total there were 5 crew members, the leading steward and a malay stewardess in Business, and 2 malay stewards + a chinese stewardess in economy. All the crew members were all smiles and professional. Malaysian hospitality (cliche) is really evident.

Boarding in progress. 2 crew were assisting with the boarding while a 3rd steward was in the galley heating up the meals to be served i suppose. Oh, and there was the kept ringing in my head boarding music but it was on a much lower volume on this flight. The pax load was quite healthy, though not full. Probably about 70-80% load factor.
photo 4757525426_af9f17be7a_b

Legroom was average. As you can see, no inflight magazines are available again. Guess they did not replace the magazines as it was towards the end of the month.
photo 4757525770_abfe27c276_b

Here we are, parked at the gate, with sister 737s at the terminal.
photo 4756889579_6370520ba4_b

Welcome announcement by the leading steward. The flight time was announced as 1hr25min but actual flying time was only about 1hr05min.

We pushed back about 15min late due to the late arrival of the aircraft. Safety demo was shown manually also. The MH B737 crew are really well trained in doing safety demos as it was performed in a very professional manner.

Taxi to the runway. We did not taxi right to the end but started our takeoff run at probably about 3/4 of the runway.
photo 4756889875_f6ca740a5c_b


Ascending to cruising altitude of 33000ft, as announced by the pilot.
photo 4756889977_c8aa05c859_b

Leaving the Sarawak coast.
photo 4757526144_c94e61d243_b

Almost immediately after the seatbelt signs were switched off, the crew rushed down the aisle with the meal carts. 2 meal carts were used, 1 from the front row and manned by the chinese stewardess and the other from the last row and manned by a steward. The 3rd steward was shuttling in between the 2 meal carts to assist in handing out meals. Wow, they better work fast as the flying time is real short! But short-haul flights are where MH excels (due to their rigorous short-haul trainings?) and the crew managed to conduct the service in a quick and orderly way without any rushed atmosphere, and with friendly smiles and enjoy your meals too! I was also impressed that MH offered a choice of 2 mains, since Silkair would only offer a hot wrap/sandwich on a flight of similar length. Coffee/tea/juices/soft drinks were also offered but I did not see any wines on the meal cart. Not sure if they are offered too.

Crew starting lunch service.
photo 4756891055_07e689a255_b

Meal service in progress.

photo 4756891233_934e8fca24_b

The 2 meal choices were Soya sauce chicken rice and vege or Panfried fish in mustard sauce with steamed white rice and vege. Me and my friend tried both choices.

The famous MH meal boxes. Along with the main course were fresh fruits, a cup of water and chocolate delight (aka kit-kat bar).
photo 4757526412_8781a6e155_b

Main course unveiled. I had a tea and orange juice to go along.
photo 4757526802_15c39c0542_b

Panfried fish in mustard sauce, steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables. It was not bad.
photo 4757526632_0a451b8734_b

Soya sauce chicken rice and vegetables. According to my friend, this was delicious!!
photo 4756890533_1e658edde4_b

After finishing the meal, you hide the sightly leftovers.
photo 4757526908_7941da2bed_b

Using of meal boxes really enabled the service to be much faster. While clearing the meal boxes, the crew also offered another round of drinks. Impressive!!

After the meals were cleared and while descending. Another view of the smarties coloured cabin.
photo 4757523818_d908e35833_b

Speedbrakes up.
photo 4756887775_5f07016215_b

Flying into Peninsular Malaysia.
photo 4756887955_7b63e14f60_b

Final approach into Singapore. The crew worked hard clearing the cabin and had just sat down for landing when this shot was taken.
photo 4757524012_41b6732ebe_b

Landing into Changi Rwy20R about 5min late. We rolled all the way to the end of the runway before exiting and crossing the bridge to Terminal 2.

Passing the parked SQ B777s again.
photo 4756888247_94302d277b_b

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Kuching - KCH


Singapore - SIN



Considering the offer fare of only about S$95 all-in one-way, MH provided an excellent and value-for-money service! Food served for the short sector was excellent and cabin crew were as good as SQ's. I would not hesitate to fly MH again in the future on regional flights and definitely recommend them if they could maintain a consistent good standard of service delivery.

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    marathon GOLD 10137 Comments
    Wow, a choice of two hot meals in economy in a single aisle aircraft (which means 3 PAX on each side, more than in a widebody), in a flight of 1h25 nominal duration ! Quite a feat indeed. The smarties color pattern is vivid, but nevertheless looks OK to me. Thanks for this FR !
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    marathon GOLD 10137 Comments
    PS : with your flurry of archive flight reports, you managed to post FR #5000 (the number of FRs presently on line is less, because of deleted duplications, trials and errors, etc.)
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    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    What is the most impressive ? two hot meals choice for a flight of 1h05 or the fare ?

    Anyway cabin crew are really well trained to act in a fast and organized way

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