Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 410
Class Economy
Seat 70A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 27 Oct 10, 20:50
Arrival at 27 Oct 10, 22:15
TG   #46 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
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Published on 30th September 2013
I decided to take a trip in Oct to Seoul to experience its autumn season. Was searching the web for some decent fares when I decided to do a weird booking, one-way SIN-BKK-ICN on TG for S$398 and redeeming 19125 Krisflyer miles + S$70 taxes for one-way ICN-SIN on SQ. Great to compare how the 2 airlines fare!

27 October 2010
Thai Airways
TG 410
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class

I was initially disappointed when both my TG flights were scheduled to be on B772s but TG being TG, my SIN-BKK sector got TGed to a bigger B773 with retrofitted interiors due to overbooking. Finally having a chance to try the newly retrofitted aircraft!

On the day of departure, I arrived at Changi Terminal 1 slightly more than 2hrs before departure and already the queues for check-in were already long despite TG opening 7 counters for check-in. Luckily I had done an online check-in earlier and was able to bypass the long lines. T1 departure hall was still in major renovation but the transit area has more or less been done up. Immigration queues were long (as usual for T1) but I was able to bypass using the automated clearance system.

T1 transit area. Still able to see some hoardings.
photo 5153138595_ed7e5c9daf_b

Decorative plants.
photo 5153745974_901ac8a301_b

Duty-free shopping
photo 5153746070_447edf5a1d_b

Budget carriers (Air Asia and Jetstar) at T1.
photo 5153138483_74546c59b8_b

However the purpose of me checking in so early is to visit the Green Market at Terminal 2, a new concept lounge by Plaza Premium Lounge.

The Green Market was just a short skytrain ride away at Terminal 2, beside the airline lounges.
photo 5153138649_2d8b780e1f_b

There is a all-u-can-eat salad and appetizer buffet, with a choice of set meal or ala carte menu. The food are Japanese oriented.
photo 5153138757_dd35ce190c_b

A set meal was provided free, compliments of my credit card. Firstly, I had some appetizers from the buffet. It was not bad. A welcome drink was also offered.
photo 5153138865_0eee49d487_b

Followed with a choice of main courses. I had a beef fried rice. Should have gone with the tempura as it looked more appetising. However the fried rice it was not bad. Meal ended with a dessert from the buffet. Overall it is a nice place to grab a bite before/in between flights.
photo 5153138989_86b1f6094f_b

After the meal, I headed back to Terminal 1 to my gate at C25, which was right at the end of the pier.

FIDS. More than half the flights shown on the screens are operated by budget airlines. And for the first time, my flight is indeed being boarded when Boarding is displayed on the screens.
photo 5153139389_0a0ae6b3a4_b

My plane, HS-TKA, TG's 1st B777-300 and retrofitted with new cabin but still bearing the old colours. I was one of the last passengers to board.
photo 5153746294_3dd93907cd_b

Boarded the plane and were greeted with Thai wais by the crew at the door as well as along the cabin. Most passengers were already seated. I sat at 70A beside 2 middle-aged Thai ladies. A pillow was already on the seat.

photo 5153139767_5e3977bb8c_b

Customary legroom shot. IFE was touchscreen and seat pitch was fantastic!!
photo 5153139569_93b06619ab_b

All the stuff in the seat pocket.
photo 5153140079_7d292f1dd1_b

The flight was very full (no wonder TG needed to upgrade to a B773) but we managed to push back on time.

Pushback with safety video playing.

I just love TG's safety video, soothing and well presented. Really one of the best out there.

We had a really long taxi to Rwy02C. Passing T3 with SQ's A380 aircrafts.

photo 5153746632_605dc787a3_b

Crossing the highway.

Holding short at Rwy02C after almost 20min of taxi.
photo 5153746698_861466ac59_b


Climbing into the night sky.
photo 5153746744_aa31f3de22_b

We are on our way. The seat pitch is so good I can even cross my legs!
photo 5153140185_c422779571_b

After the seatbelt signs are switched off, the crew first came through the aisle with hot towels, sadly not the SQ thick cotton type, but definitely an improvement over the wet refreshment towel packets that they used to distribute. However I was wondering why did they not give out earphones for the IFE initially but it was till towards the end of the flight when my seatmates took out their earphones that I realised that the crew had given out the earphones before I had boarded the plane. Immigration forms were also given out at this time.

Then the crew prepared for the dinner service. First, full bar carts were pushed out by the crew and parked at the rear of the plane and following that, meal carts were then pushed out too. 2 crew were manning each aisle, 1 to distribute meals and the other to serve drinks from the bar cart. The whole service procedure was very organised and swift. There were a choice of 2 main courses tonight, Prawn curry with rice or Stir-fried beef with rice. I chose the prawn curry.

Meal tray.
photo 5153747042_b63b75ef4d_b

Main course unveiled. With the main course were a salad with dressing, roll and butter and apple crumble for dessert.
photo 5153747196_a8ecd23653_b

Prawn curry with rice. TG's catering did not disappoint again. It was very good! I wiped out all of it! The food was catered from BKK though, thus explaining the high quality.
photo 5153747274_ce545d5b44_b

Salad with sesame dressing, roll and butter.
photo 5153141861_124f2ca84a_b

Apple crumble. It was great as well.
photo 5153748672_d3c5681191_b

Stewardess conducting bar cart service after distribution of meals. A full range of drinks were available, including liquors and wines. TG definitely do not scrimp on alcohols and drinks! Such liquors would only be on request if one would to fly on SQ to BKK.
photo 5153747460_ae57ea03a2_b

And best of all, you get the whole can instead of just a plastic cup full!!
photo 5153747372_75aa1aa1e1_b

I finished almost everything!
photo 5153748286_d747ec4b3b_b

And the service was so fast that we still had more than an hour to go! I was so impressed that TG could serve a full flight in less than 20min! Try beating that, SQ.
photo 5153140847_d5b0d73832_b

An elaborate coffee/tea trolley service was also conducted after that, with drinks and wine top-ups also offered. I had a tea. Milk was poured directly from a milk pot instead of using creamer, really business class like!

After meal service.

Crew coming round to collect the trays and offering a 3rd round of drinks!
photo 5153748460_f7f18c7810_b

I had a quick peek at the lavatory. The tap is sensor operated!
photo 5153747676_9c469318e8_b

Not much amenities other than this perfume.
photo 5153747762_a10082e71b_b

One more cabin view.
photo 5153141111_48daf2cfbb_b

I whiled the time away viewing the flight map since the flight is too short to complete a movie. Yes, on-demand movies are available on this flight but selection is definitely less than SQ. Also I did not bother the crew for a pair of earphones. Soon we started our descent into BKK.

The crew prepared the cabin for landing, following which the female crew went and change out of their traditional thai uniforms into their ground uniforms.

Approaching BKK
photo 5153141187_7b48173eca_b

Landing at Rwy01L, with nice landing music in the background.

Welcome to Bangkok. We landed approximately on schedule and taxied to the gate.

photo 5153748360_9aaf38744e_b

Last looks at the comfortable colourful seats.
photo 5153748026_9b2378b9a7_b

photo 5153748110_ee33dd676e_b

Proceeding to transit security for my onward flight.
photo 5153748208_418f980d77_b

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



I am very impressed with TG as they proved that full service can still be accomplished on such short sectors. TG excels in the meals and beverages department on short flights when other airlines are cutting costs on similar length flights. However, it could be that TG had also staffed more crew on their planes as there were 4 crew per economy cabin, which is quite a high crew to pax ratio in economy.

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