Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Seoul in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 656
Class Economy
Seat 61A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 05:10
Take-off 27 Oct 10, 23:50
Arrival at 28 Oct 10, 07:00
TG   #23 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 381 reviews
By 7712
Published on 30th September 2013
Transit stop at Bangkok was scheduled to be 1hr 20min but after disembarkation and going through security, it was only 15 more min before my next flight started boarding. The boarding gate was at C3. There was another TG flight to ICN departing just 25min before my flight!

Gate C3
photo 5153760842_137bf5c2d6_b

27 October 2010
Thai Airways
TG 656
Bangkok (BKK) - Incheon (ICN)
Economy Class

This flight was scheduled to be on a B777-200. Sadly I was not TGed with a newer aircraft and was stuck with TG's oldest B777-200. No PTVs either on this sector. However I was planning to take a nap on this sector so no worries. Boarding began about 30min before STD in an orderly manner from rear to front of plane. I was one of the first pax to board and was greeted with a wai again at the door. Even though this plane is almost 15 yrs old, the age was not evident by the well maintained cabin. Crew were a mixture of Thais and Koreans.

Seats with rolled up blankets and pillows.
photo 5153154555_2b328783c3_b

6 seats were reserved for crew rest.
photo 5153760994_d9ae5e8eb1_b

Boarding in progress. Sadly, no PTVs. Flight was only about 70% full.
photo 5153154709_e745d17515_b

Seat 61A. Seat pitch was good as usual.
photo 5153761140_00f9002e76_b

At the gate.
photo 5153761240_afb5c61257_b

Mags in seat pocket.
photo 5153155057_4d7445bde0_b

Earphones are distributed and for yours to take home.
photo 5153155121_333e98edbd_b

We pushed back on time.

Taxi to Rwy01R.

Takeoff for our 4hr50min flight to ICN.

Into the night skies again.
photo 5153761312_0aa3f0a892_b

Cabin view shortly after takeoff.
photo 5153763310_f183b0db1f_b

Shortly after takeoff, the crew immediately started a snack service. On offer was a slice of cake and a choice of water/juices.
photo 5153155225_39c0f23fcb_b

I ordered seafood meal for this sector. But where is the seafood in the cake? LOL.
photo 5153761558_efb9cc13d5_b

During the snack service, short features were also shown on the main and overhead screens. Nothing interesting to watch though. Unfortunately, the rest of the audio channels other than the mainscreen audio, apparently did not work. Shortly after the trash were cleared, lights were dimmed to enable passengers to sleep. According to my friend who flew SQ602 from SIN-ICN, no post takeoff refreshments were served!! Instead, only a pack of nuts and a round of juice was given out and breakfast was served before arrival. I dozed in and out for about an hour, coupled with the empty seat beside me, it made a rather comfortable ride.

About 1hr 40min before arrival, lights were switched on and the crew came around with hot thin towels, similar to the ones given out on the previous flight. A round of juices were also offered. Following this, breakfast was served. As I had pre-booked a seafood meal, I was served first.

Crew serving breakfast.
photo 5153762120_f1bd2c0279_b

Seafood meal tray
photo 5153155327_a7b6014771_b

Seafood breakfast revealed!
photo 5153761792_fcc815e426_b

Grilled seafood skewer (2 prawns, 2 squids, fish, peppers) with mash potatoes, grilled tomato and peas. The seafood skewer was fantastic! One the the best breakfasts ever had on a plane and certainly business class quality! Bangkok catering certainly did not disappoint.
photo 5153155515_e31400ec81_b

Yogurt, drinking water, roll and croissant. The croissant was great too! And kudos to the crew for coming around 3 times(!!) to offer additional rolls and croissants. I really suspect they have a bakery onboard!
photo 5153761970_45284fab12_b

Butter, jam, fresh fruits.
photo 5153762046_a27f08085f_b

Some coffee to perk myself up.
photo 5153762254_cbb7874110_b

Additional coffee/tea were also offered before trays were cleared.
photo 5153762398_67a6e2c6bb_b

Crew at work

Another view of the cabin after breakfast service.
photo 5153155941_0fe98f7612_b

We started to descend into Incheon about 30min before arrival.

Approaching Incheon
photo 5153156119_4e42bdb2d1_b

Sunrise over Korea.
photo 5153762512_4b512ee65a_b

Approaching into Seoul Incheon. Don't SQ flyers miss the landing music?

Landing soon..
photo 5153156229_0c600183a7_b

We landed about 10min early. A MH A333 just landed before us.

Welcome to KE..
photo 5153762626_7b221cd768_b

…and OZ land.
photo 5153762674_50782790b5_b

Parked at the midfield concourse Gate 125. 5 days later, I would also be departing from this gate.
photo 5153762744_3ef504244f_b

Our plane during disembarkation.
photo 5153156481_b40d1ceb46_b

Another view of HS-TJA.
photo 5153156549_7a011b508d_b

CX B777-300 beside us
photo 5153762914_78f2d51357_b

HS-TKB, which arrived 20min before us. This plane would have the retrofitted interior.
photo 5153156657_7cf974803c_b

More KEs and view of the concourse from the main terminal.
photo 5153763202_368a07a7ef_b

Lots of OZs at the main terminal too.
photo 5153156967_8c7f69a6cc_b

As we had parked at the concourse, passengers had to take the shuttle train to the main terminal for immigration clearance and collection of luggage. Somewhat similar to KLIA. Immigration was efficient and my luggage was already circling on the baggage belt when I reached it. After customs, I explored the airport terminal for a moment while waiting for my friend's SQ flight to land.

Nice landside viewing gallery.
photo 5153156731_f335a9c494_b

Beautiful terminal!
photo 5153156817_e8e316efa8_b

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Seoul - ICN



Overall, TG did quite a great job. They do excel in the food and beverage department and seats are much more comfortable than average. Service is also rather good and efficient (I counted a total of 13 cabin crew on the B772, with 9-10 in economy class. SQ only has 11 crew on a similar configured B772 with 7 of them in economy). However onboard amenities are a bit lacking (no amenity kits or amenities in lavatories) and IFE is a hit or miss depending on the aircraft you get. But for the price paid, TG is certainly value-for-money.

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