Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Paris in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 334
Class Economy
Seat 73K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 14:05
Take-off 31 Jan 11, 23:55
Arrival at 01 Feb 11, 07:00
SQ   #7 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By 5530
Published on 1st October 2013
I made a working trip to Paris over the Chinese New Year period in 2011. Flew there on SQ, which was actually cheaper than Air France! After being disappointed with the meals on SQ on my previous trip to Cape Town, this will be the flight to see if SQ can redeem itself.

On the day of departure, I checked in at Terminal 3. I had initially booked a seat on the upper deck with an empty seat beside. Upon arrival to check-in my luggage, I asked the agent if the seat beside me is still empty but after he checked his system, he was apologetic that the seat beside my original selected seat had been taken. However he was kind enough to assign another 2 seater row to me with the seat beside empty! Kudos to the check-in agent! Also the load was only 150/399 in economy today (and barely a handful in Biz).

31 January 2011
Singapore Airlines
SQ 334
Singapore (SIN) - Paris CDG (CDG)
Economy Class

First some spotting to be done in T3. Boring stuff, all SQ planes.

B777-300 9V-SYB
photo 5445422826_96819b5f79_b

A330-300 and more SQ planes behind.
photo 5444821865_4f92de27f3_b

Inside T3
photo 5445425354_3e3e51d993_b

Departure from Gate A4. SQ322 to London was almost near departure time with all pax boarded and the screens still showed Gate Open.
photo 5445424538_6da16d3944_b

Boarding upper deck.
photo 5444824409_db20fc9952_b

My first Upper Deck boarding pass stub.
photo 5444846253_8ca0aeb2c9_b

View across. It was very empty in upper deck! I can see from my seat that Business was extremely empty too!
photo 5445426996_f57e106299_b

Side compartment which refuses to close.
photo 5444825749_7b24c39c6c_b

Leg room was reasonable, but still not as good as the 772ERs.
photo 5444826479_794e1bc8c3_b

At the gate.
photo 5444827219_fa9b43cfab_b

Same procedures: Hot towels, safety video. Flight time announced to be 13hrs.

Pushed back on time and taxied to Rwy 02L.
photo 5444827411_34efbbbd8a_b


Menus, headphones and amenity kits distributed. Relaxing in my 2 seats shortly after takeoff.
photo 5445430180_2ec792a3da_b

Water, beer and juices were distributed with peanuts. No full bar service but ok for evening flight.
photo 5444828861_86dbbc677a_b

Supper was then served on this prestigious flight to Paris instead of a wrap. Service was fast due to the light load.


Pasta and tuna salad

main Courses
Pan roasted chicken breast with mushroom sauce,
sauteed green beans and smashed olive potatoes


Stirfried fish fillet with celery in garlic sauce,
chinese vegetables and steamed rice

Cheese and crackers

Chocolate delight

from the bakery
Roll and butter

hot beverages
Coffee - Tea

Tray set-up.
photo 5445431982_5bc57ab77d_b

Main course unveiled. I had the roasted chicken breast.
photo 5444830869_4e903641bd_b

Pasta and tuna salad was ok.
photo 5445433682_269def6ded_b

Chicken was not bad. It even came in a large-sized casserole. Apparently SQ has 2 sizes of casseroles in economy.
photo 5445434530_e41158b6f3_b

Cheese and crackers.
photo 5444834165_d6ff1ca22f_b

Hard-rock bun and chocolate delight aka Snickers bar.
photo 5444833493_2da19f0512_b

All in all, the meal was satisfying and definitely miles better than what was served on my flight to Cape Town. Service was quite robotic though on this flight even with the light load.

Visit to the loo after supper.
photo 5444834565_3a1cdcf3df_b

I basically crashed out after supper and missed the mid-flight snack service. Similar snacks were served as on the flight to Cape Town.


Fancy a snack in between your meals?
Simply take your pick from our range of delectable snacks
when our cabin crew comes around during snack service.

Savoury sandwich
Vegetarian sandwich

Roasted peanuts
Granola cereal bar
Ferrero Rocher chocolate bar
Lay's potato chips

Had almost 7hrs of sleep and about 2.5hrs before landing, lights were turned on, hot towels given and breakfast was served.


Fruit appetizer

light starter
Fruit yoghurt

wholesome beginnings
Fried noodles with char siew style roast pork,
vegetables and mushroom


Omelette with chicken sausage, glaced tomato
and hash brown

from the bakery
Assorted breakfast rolls
Butter - Fruit preserve

hot beverages
Coffee - Tea

As can be seen, the main courses were similar to the Cape Town flight but yoghurt and a muffin was included for breakfast too. What a difference in standards.

Meal tray.
photo 5444835237_52e9910075_b

Fruits, muffin and hard-rock bun.
photo 5445437832_cabf39c90f_b

Same char siew noodles as I had before. Still tasted as good.
photo 5445438522_dac504f2d8_b

Upper deck after breakfast.
photo 5444836947_9a6297b751_b

Going down the stairs..
photo 5444837971_d54bf84028_b

To lower deck economy cabin.
photo 5445439588_2a9b92b5ce_b

We arrived in the darkness about 30mins early. Used the whole runway to stop. Welcome to Paris! The temperature is -4 degrees celsius :5eek:

Taxi to the gate.
photo 5444838335_2483c6e24a_b

Crossing roads.
photo 5444838783_3cf1ac4f6d_b

Video of taxi.

Parked at the gate after quite a long taxi.
photo 5444839381_0c761231ec_b

Disembarkation was fast as there were not many J class pax ahead.

My seats after 13hrs.
photo 5444840051_48d28dd459_b

Passing the unused Business class seats.
photo 5444840623_79214401dd_b

Business class again.
photo 5444841431_33aa8f477e_b

Last look at 9V-SKG.
photo 5445444680_a99813b500_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Paris - CDG



Overall a pleasant flight but I slept mostly throughout so can't comment much. But the meals served were definitely much better and more substantial than my previous flight to Cape Town!

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