Review of American Airlines flight Dallas/Fort Worth Washington in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1838
Seat 04A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:03
Take-off 29 Aug 20, 18:25
Arrival at 29 Aug 20, 22:28
AA   #49 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 419 reviews
By 674
Published on 6th October 2020

Report No: 2020-811

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new US domestic First Class mileage run series. As American Airlines does have really good Domestic First Class fares which allows me to get status points for a really good value, so I decided to do mileage runs. This series is my first mileage run series and there would be more US domestic mileage run series coming through this year and next year.

The last flight of this series would be another flight on the American Airlines 737-800 equipped with Oasis seats, but this time from Dallas Fort Worth to Washington Ronald Reagan Airport. In this report, I would also cover a brief review of the American Airlines Admirals Club in DFW Terminal A.

Here is the routing for this mileage run;

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: %85-90
Main Cabin: %80-85


After arriving from my previous flight from MIA at Terminal C, I have headed to the Skylink station to head to Terminal A.

photo img_4217

Here is the Skylink map.

For those not familiar with DFW, American Airlines is the only carrier that operates from Terminal A, B and C; they also partially operate from Terminal D and E as well. A part of Terminal D is used by foreign carriers and Sun Country Airlines and a part of Terminal E is used by other US based carriers.

photo img_4219

I have boarded the train that would take me to A gates, however, guess what happened.

photo img_4218

By the way, here is a photo of the aircraft that took me from MIA to DFW.

photo img_4220

Guess what happened, the Skylink did not stop at both of the Terminal A stops and headed to Terminal B, at that time, there was a PA voice that was talking but the volume was too low so no-one was able to hear it. At Terminal B, I boarded another Skylink that was supposed to go to Terminal A but again, the Skylink didn't stop and headed to Terminal C. While transiting at Terminal A, I've noticed that there were police officers at one of the Terminal A stops, however, I had no idea what was happening.

photo img_4221

After coming back to Terminal C, it was time to walk to Terminal A.

photo img_4222-39596

Here is the connector between Terminals A & C.

photo img_4223


photo img_4224

And, I'm finally in Terminal A. Still I wasn't able to find a reason why the Skylink was not stopping at Terminal A as everything seemed normal.

photo img_4225


After arriving at the Admirals Club I was welcomed by the front desk agent and was told that someone would meet me upstairs to get me seated. At the front desk, I have also asked the agent about the Skylink issue but she didn't have any clue as well.

photo img_4226

Only a small part of the club was open for seating during my visit, however, as the club was empty, this wasn't an issue. In addition, while seating somewhere, club agents were blocking the adjacent seats for social distancing purposes.

photo img_4232

At this club, mac'n cheese and soup was offered as hot options.

photo img_4227-18845

The fountain drink machine and the espresso machine was also working. The fountain drink machine had a QR code where passengers could fill or refill their drinks without pressing the touch-screen. At the self-serve bar, fruit was also available.

photo img_4231

The bar was also open with QR menus available at seats. Unlike some other Admirals Club's, passengers are free to move throughout the club, however, every passenger should sit and the same seat they initially sat on.

photo img_4230-79452

Here was my selection for the day.

photo img_4228

And here is the snack box content: It was the same box I received in ORD a few days ago this flight and in DCA the morning of this flight.

photo img_4229


After spending an hour in the club, I have walked to my boarding gate and at that time they were boarding Group 5 so I went to the priority lane and I was able to cut the line and board the aircraft as I was in Group 1.

photo img_4234-66836

This was the only photo that I could take of our aircraft at DFW, N850NN would be the jet operating this flight.

photo img_4233


After being welcomed by the crew at the aircraft door, I was asked for my seat number as this time they had separate meal bags for First and Main Cabin passengers. Then I headed to my seat

photo img_4274

Similar to the previous flight, this aircraft was equipped with Oasis seats. The legroom isn't the best within AA's domestic products, however, it's also not that bad.

photo img_4235

Under the armrest, a power outlet and a USB port is available.

photo img_4240

Here is the seat pocket content, identical to the previous 4 flights in this series

photo img_4239-69214

And, here is the snack bag

photo img_4236

This was what was in the First Class snack bag: Potato chips, water and a sanitizing wipe.
The Economy one had Biscoff cookies rather than the potato chips.

photo img_4238

Here is our neighbor, another American 737-800

photo img_4237

During boarding, the cabin crew was pretty strict about masks and face coverings. They warned numerous of people who did not cover their nose. After boarding was completed, we have started our push back.

photo img_4241

Some other American 737-800 parked at remote stands.

photo img_4242

And some more

photo img_4243

And here is A7-ANA, getting ready for its flight to Doha.

photo img_4244

Another American 737-800 taxiing to the runway

photo img_4245

And, this marvelous Qatar Airways A350-1000 is taking off for its flight to Doha. By the way, more Qatar Airways reports would come soon in the upcoming part of this year.

photo img_4247

And an American Airlines A319

photo img_4248

Some private jets

photo img_4250

An American A319 landing

photo img_4251

After a short taxi, we have took off towards the south.

photo img_4252

We're in the air

photo img_4253

We're gaining altitude

photo img_4254

The last shots of DFW for the day

photo img_4255photo img_4256

Downtown Dallas

photo img_4257

And Dallas Love Field

photo img_4258

Like the previous two flights, this aircraft was equipped with the Viasat mobile IFE and Wi-Fi system

photo img_4259

Apple Music and live TV was available on this flight

photo img_4260

Here are the Wi-Fi options for this flight

photo img_4261

Live TV options

photo img_4262

Although the Project Oasis seats don't have a phone/tablet holder in the rear part of the front seat, the tray table had a feature that served as a phone/tablet holder. 

photo img_4263

Shortly after takeoff, the cabin crew started the meal and beverage service for First Class passengers. This time I've opted for the fruit&cheese plate option. There were two kinds of cheese, some grapes, a honeycomb bar, some cream crackers in the box.

photo img_4264-30523

As a drink, I've opted for a glass of red wine. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all beverages are served in plastic cups rather than actual glassware.

photo img_4265

On this flight, similar to the previous flights in this series, the lavatory was clean.

photo img_4266-93705photo img_4267-70996

During the rest of the flight, I have slept a bit; however, I noticed that the crew was offering drink refills and trash collection during the flight

photo img_4268

Alexandria, VA before landing

photo img_4269

And we had landed at DCA ahead of schedule. After 14 hours, I was back in the DC area.

photo img_4270

After a short taxi, we were going to park at gate 25 at Terminal B/C.

photo img_4271photo img_4272

And while the captain was parking, this American A319 was visible.

photo img_4273


And here is a last shot of the aircraft that operated this flight.

photo img_4275

My journey that started in Terminal C Gate 37 had came to an end at Terminal B/C Gate 25.

photo img_4276

And after a short walk, I was in the National Hall and I headed to the metro exit.

photo img_4277

Arrivals FIDS

photo img_4278

2 days after the flight, I have received an e-mail from American Airlines about my flight which asked me to fill out an online questionnaire. During my spare time, I did fill the form out.

photo ekran-resmi-2020-08-31-123002

So, this series have came to an end.
I hope you enjoyed the series. More US domestic mileage run series would come in the near future.
Thanks for reading and hope you to see in another report. 

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

American Airlines Admirals Club - A


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW


Washington - DCA



To conclude this series, I could tell that all the 5 flights were enjoyable. In all flights, the seats were comfortable, with decent legroom, and most importantly the seats were clean. The crews were good and they all tried to do their best in terms of passenger interaction and service. Also, I would like to mention that American has a great mobile IFE offering and IMO, they are the best between the US3 in terms of entertainment.

If I concentrate on post-COVID stuff, still American is my personal leader in the US as they still offer a decent service with refreshments and full drink service on longer flights while others serve snacks and limited beverages. They also offer priority boarding for First Class and status passengers rather than a back-to-front boarding method which could cause the overhead lockers to be full until passengers seated in the forward cabin board the aircraft. Plus, their club offerings are better than the clubs of other 3 US airlines that operate a club at the moment. The main reason I chose to fly American Airlines was the fact that they were part of the oneworld alliance and the mileage/cash rate was pretty good for this mileage run; however, I really appreciate that instead of advertising stuff like "teaming with known brands like Purell or Clorox", American focused on the passenger experience by still maintaining a decent service and a clean cabin. Obviously, the service levels are too weak compared to the carriers in Europe and Asia; but still, they are the one that offers the best soft-product ( within non-premium routes ) in the USA at the moment.

Information on the route Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Washington (DCA)


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  • Comment 565036 by
    lagentsecret 12311 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The loop is completed : I couldn't imagine that you could find a good fare for a DCA-DCA routing

    Another decent lounge offer (for an US lounge) especially during these covid times

    On board the same rather confortable seat

    The meal is not really appetizing(at least to me because I don't like cheese at all !)

    The beverage offer is good with a full drink service

    Another flight with good crews

    All in all AA is above the other US companies

    See you soon and thanks again for this interesting serie

    • Comment 565046 by
      ISTFlyer AUTHOR 372 Comments

      Hi lagentsecret and thanks for stopping by,

      The loop is completed : I couldn't imagine that you could find a good fare for a DCA-DCA routing

      - It's actually a DCA-RDU r/t routing rather than a DCA-DCA fare.
      Another decent lounge offer (for an US lounge) especially during these covid times

      - Definitely agree, I have visited a club of another airline ( report coming soon ) and you would probably notice the huge difference.
      On board the same rather confortable seat

      - Indeed
      The meal is not really appetizing(at least to me because I don't like cheese at all !)

      - After eating that much on that day, I chose the soft option. The sandwich option was still available.
      The beverage offer is good with a full drink service. Another flight with good crews. All in all AA is above the other US companies.

      - Agree with all of the statements above.
      See you soon and thanks again for this interesting serie

      - The next report is almost ready, so I hope to see you over there. Thanks again for your comment.

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