Review of Air Philippines flight Caticlan (Boracay) Manila in Economy

Airline Air Philippines
Flight 2P 56
Class Economy
Seat 14B
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 01 May 11, 11:50
Arrival at 01 May 11, 13:00
2P 1 reviews
By 2729
Published on 3rd October 2013
After 3 wonderful nights in Boracay, we again had to hop onto another flight to Manila. I had booked on Airphil Express (a wholly owned subsidiary of Philippine Airlines) as it offered the cheapest fares from Caticlan to Manila. However it was still not cheap at about S$120 per person. Also, the airline has also changed by earlier booked flight departing at 1pm to an earlier flight at 1150am without seeking my consensus! To make things more absurd, my original booked flight at 1pm is still operating!! But I am too lazy to complain though… To note, it seems that airfares out of Caticlan are significantly higher than from Manila to Caticlan. I can only guess that it is due to the props unable to carry full load of pax to depart from Caticlan due to the short runway. Therefore, they might have to charge more for the return flight to offset the empty seats. Some travellers would also fly back to Manila via Kalibo (a 90min bus ride from Caticlan) as it is much cheaper than from Caticlan,

After a short boat ride across to Caticlan and a 5min van ride to the airport, we arrived at the terminal building about 1.5hrs before departure. A new departure hall has been built to replace the old one and we would be checking in from the new hall. There are also plans to extend the runway of Caticlan to enable A320s to land.

New Terminal building
photo 5698125565_af60e7ef42_b

Check-in counters. One check-in counter was allocated for each of the 3 airlines (Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express and SEAir) flying to Caticlan. Cebu Pacific operates the most flights, with more than 10 flights a day departing from Caticlan! Fyi, Caticlan airport only has daytime operations and therefore no flights would operate in/out during the night.
photo 5698698440_19fee52250_b

Got my boarding pass. A proper boarding pass is used!! As usual, only 10kg check-in luggage allowed and passengers would need to be weighed individually. Just stand on the weighing scale used to weigh luggage during check-in!!
photo 5698125703_f5f8c9be41_b

After check-in, we proceeded to one of the cafes opposite the terminal building to grab a drink before proceeding to the departure gate area. A terminal fee of 20 pesos has to be paid (much lower than the 200 pesos for domestic flights at NAIA). The waiting area is open-air with rows of seats, a cafe and a souvenir shop.
photo 5698698750_d2f609a768_b

A portion of the runway could be seen from the waiting area. Some plane-spotting could be done, even though there is not much variety. Throughout my half hour wait, a SEAir Do328 departed while 2 5J ATR72s landed/departed.

SEAir Do328 taxiing to end of runway foe departure.
photo 5698698612_579b29bf10_b

5J ATR72 taxi for departure
photo 5698698816_a62322e7ae_b

Our flight was slightly delayed due to the late arrival of aircraft. Boarding process only started at 1145hrs. We had to walk out onto the tarmac and to the aircraft parked near the arrival shed.
photo 5698126175_7e77526c94_b

A 5J ATR72 taking off
photo 5698698884_8b6f14b833_b

01 May 2011
Airphil Express
2P 56
Caticlan (MPH) - Manila (MNL)
Dash 8 Q300
Budget Class

The albino Airphil Express Dash 8 Q300 that would fly me back to Manila. Not sure why the plane was not repainted in 2P's livery though.
photo 5698126247_f5550e6f09_b

Boarding the plane. My first time on a Dash 8.
photo 5698126323_693060e304_b

Boarded the 58-seater prop. Welcomed by a cheerful crew member in 2P's orange-coloured polo-tee and beige shorts. Really casual uniform!! A male and a female crew on this flight. The seats are upholstered in blue.
photo 5698699106_dfa933f28c_b

Boarding in progress. The flight was about 80% full (even though it was sold out on the net). Weight restrictions perhaps?
photo 5698699178_867501cb38_b

Seat pitch was surprisingly good.
photo 5698126557_db22704e31_b

In the seat pocket were a safety card..
photo 5698126627_e312864f56_b

.. and the inflight magazine.
photo 5698699412_65c7520b10_b

Parked at the tarmac. Boarding was completed within 10mins and engines were started. The flight time was announced to be 50min.
photo 5698699472_c65ac9220a_b

Manual safety demo was performed by the female crew with voice-recorded instructions.

We immediately proceed to taxi to Rwy06. Passed a decommissioned Yak aircraft which had overran the runway some time ago.
photo 5698126809_32e786c982_b

Turning onto the runway and backtracking to the end.
photo 5698699586_da66d36c04_b

Backtracking down the runway and making a u-turn at the end. Note the public road at the end of the runway with no fence between it and the runway. All traffic across the road at the end of the runway is also stopped by guards at the gantry posts beside the runway.

As mentioned that the runway is very short at only 900m, the plane then actually reversed right to the end of the runway to maximize the available takeoff length! Every meter counts!!

Then brakes were locked, engines spooled to full throttle, brakes released and we blasted down the runway fighter-jet style and being pushed back into our seats!! Awesome!! Island of Boracay can also be seen after takeoff.

Bye, Boracay!
photo 5698699646_d74ebf4efd_b

Another island above Boracay.
photo 5698127015_84e5021e78_b

More beautiful scenery during ascend. It was another beautiful day for flying.
photo 5698127111_f2ee6e91dc_b

After seatbelt signs were off, a crew member went down the aisle with a BOB menu card offering BOB service, but no takers for any food or drinks on this flight. Then the 2 crew disappeared into the galley behind to have their meals. No other service or entertainment on this flight.

Cabin view.
photo 5698127189_03100378c7_b

photo 5698700024_65d35df2c9_b

Cabin view again.
photo 5698127413_076ff6dd1f_b

Very soon, the pilot came onto the intercom with some flight information and announced our approach into Manila.

Start of descend into Manila.
photo 5698127491_9e7e0e9726_b

The crew then reappeared from the galley and prepared the aircraft for landing. Approaching the southern suburbs of Manila.
photo 5698700272_5cafa6e04c_b

As there were some arrival traffic, we had to fly out to sea and stay in a holding pattern for a while.
photo 5698700340_ff95ce0fa3_b

After circling for a few minutes, we resumed our approach. Gears down!
photo 5698700402_66590fdafd_b

Final approach into Manila.
photo 5698127763_a3b169e122_b

The approach was a bit bumpy and landing was rough. Probably due to strong winds.

We parked at a remote stand at T3 and disembarked. Ferried by bus to the terminal building.
photo 5698127831_a90017f975_b

Last look at the albino Q300.
photo 5698700592_f95e038872_b

Another Airphil Express Q400.
photo 5698700660_999a399e51_b

Airphil Express A320
photo 5698700728_6828bc5bd5_b

Cebu Pacific A319
photo 5698700798_1ffab83b2a_b

Very empty baggage reclaim area of Terminal 3. Half of it was closed off.
photo 5698700858_99ce439a13_b

Airphil Express baggage belt.
photo 5698128223_9590afb198_b

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Airphil Express is just like any other budget airline, bringing you from one destination to another and thats it. Nothing much to comment about (other than the rescheduling of my original booked flight). 2 nights in Manila before my first SQ business class experience!

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