Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Auckland in Economy

Flight 3K 401
Class Economy
Seat 51K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 10:05
Take-off 04 Aug 11, 19:50
Arrival at 05 Aug 11, 09:55
3K 49 reviews
By 3985
Published on 5th October 2013
Recently, Singapore's aviation scene got more and more exciting with the assault of low cost carriers. Traditional, these budget airlines would operate only to regional destinations with their A320s/B737s in a dense layout. However, Jetstar started to lead the way with operations of mid/long haul flights out of Singapore using their A330-200 to Melbourne and Auckland, offering ultra-low fares to these 2 destinations never seen before.

Seizing the opportunity of grabbing these low low fares to Auckland just after the launch of the flights, me and a friend booked a short trip to New Zealand over the National Day holidays. Our fares came up to S$600 per person return, inclusive of 20kg baggage allowance, 2 meals inclusive of drinks each way and amenity kit on the way up. A very good deal when SQ is selling tickets for almost S$1800 each person for a flight of similar timing. Jetstar's Business Class fare was at one time during a promotion even much cheaper than Economy on SQ!! In fact our tickets could have even been cheaper at around S$550 if we can booked later due to various promotions nearer to our flight date. So lets now take a peek into the Jetstar long-haul experience!

04 August 2011
Jetstar Asia (Operated by Jetstar)
3K 401
Singapore (SIN) - Auckland (AKL)
Economy Class

Check-in for all Jetstar flights are at Changi's Terminal One. However, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia flights were handled by different handling agents (Jetstar by CIAS, Jetstar Asia by APS) and thus check-in rows for 3K and JQ flights were also different. As our flight, even though denoted as a 3K flight, was actually operated by JQ aircraft, our check-in was handled by CIAS staff along with the other JQ flights. Our flight was also code-shared with Qantas.

Check-in was efficient. Not much of a wait. According to the agent, flight was 80% full.
photo 6031839931_ca5b3b6061_b

A proper boarding pass was printed. There were codes on the boarding pass denoting the extras bought.
photo 6031839991_5a40b1c40e_b

Lets do some plane spotting! 2 Cathays were spotted. In fact within a span of 3 hrs, I saw 4 different CX aircrafts in Changi!
photo 6031840159_a071cb90f3_b

All the red tails (Air Asia, Qantas, British Airways).
photo 6031840061_fa7186fb6d_b

Another Qantas A330 arriving.
photo 6032399466_f2909571c2_b

More red tails. A Lionair B739ER this time.
photo 6032399552_ea8816128c_b

My flight to Auckland, VH-EBF. It had just arrived from Auckland and would be operating another AKL turn.
photo 6032399650_6ec473e383_b

The gatehold room for our flight was packed! It really looked like a full flight. Boarding was announced shortly after I had entered the holding area and Business Class and families with children were invited to board first. Economy boarding followed according to row numbers. Boarding was orderly as the sequence was strictly followed. A crew member was also at the entrance to the aerobridge checking boarding passes and welcoming passengers. A nice touch!

Boarding the A330-200. Was warmly welcomed by the crew. Crew were also actively helping passengers to stow their hand-luggage in overhead compartments. A good start to the long-haul budget flight I must say.
photo 6032399734_05fb5dd343_b

My seat was at 51K. Surprisingly, legroom was very generous for my 1.8m frame! Nothing like the cramped A320s. The seat pitch was advertised as 31 but I could fully stretch out my legs under the seat in front! Recline was great too! Also I guess row 51 has slightly more seat pitch at the window seats due to the curvature of the cabin. Looks like it is gonna be a comfortable ride. I swear the seats are more comfy than SQ's new economy seats, but without the techno stuffs. (Picture taken later inflight)
photo 6032401206_716a7c3bb1_b

On the armrest of the seat is the control panel for the radio channels, overhead light and call button.
photo 6031841331_2fce703cf7_b

Stuff in the seat pocket. Safety card, Jetstar magazine and a inflight guide.
photo 6031840563_d01ec8d92a_b

There were a total of 9 cabin crew onboard the A332 aircraft. 6 crew in Economy and 3 in Business. Almost all of them were Singaporeans/Malaysians. There was also a Japanese crew. Flight time was announced to be a quick 9hrs 10min. However pushback was delayed as according to the captain, the push-back truck was missing due to some miscommunication with the ground staff. We eventually pushed back about a 15min delay.
photo 6031840641_428cb636ec_b

Taxi to Rwy 20C, passing another Jetstar A330 operating a flight to Melbourne. Spot the 3rd CX plane?
photo 6032399970_58897c2a8b_b

Changi's iconic tower. And the 4th CX plane.
photo 6032400032_6a96fd7c7f_b

Takeoff from Rwy20C into the night sky.

Another kind gesture I observed from the crew: The crew members helped passengers seated at emergency exit rows to store their bags into the overhead compartments prior to takeoff as no bags can be placed on the floor. After seatbelt signs were switched off, the crew retrieved the bags from the overhead bins and returned them to the passengers! Crew then started the cabin service. First, pre-purchased amenity kits (or comfort kits as Jetstar calls them) were handed out. I hand purchased one for the flight up. The kit came in a red wrapper and consists of a blanket and a pouch.
photo 6032400146_4c94444d84_b

For S$9, you get a blanket and a pouch that contains a pair of socks, inflatable pillow, ear plugs, eye-shades and a toothbrush set. All for yours to keep!
photo 6032400280_12d7c15f7d_b

Following that, crew came down the aisle selling the portable inflight entertainment sets. Interestingly, only credit cards are accepted and no cash transactions allowed. Everything is charged in Ozzie dollars. Other than the portable IFE sets, short features, a movie and flight map were also shown on the overhead TV monitors. There were also some radio channels. However you would need to use you own earphones or purchase one fomr the crew.
photo 6031841135_3d2364e507_b

However as the portable set did not have any movies that appealed to me, I did not purchase it.
photo 6032402272_56ce915dff_b

After about 1.5hrs of flight, I started to smell food! Meal service then commenced. Hot meals, snacks and drinks were offered for purchase. However if one requires drinking water, there are 2 water fountains in the middle of the cabin with disposable cups. Crew will also gladly get for you a cup of water from the galley, free-of-charge.
photo 6031841235_5f6d506ff4_b

However as I had pre-purchased my meals, I was offered a choice of 3 meals. Beef with potatoes, sweet n sour chicken with fried rice or a vegetarian pasta.

I had the beef with potatoes, carrots and beans. Beef was tender. Nice meal and the portion was huge!!
photo 6032400684_3d33225cab_b

My friend had the sweet n sour chicken with fried rice. I tried some, not bad! And portion was big too! The meal portions are definitely much bigger than SQ economy main courses. And the plastic disposable casseroles do not warp after heating, unlike SQ's current ones.
photo 6031841487_c3f6bb5af2_b

However, apparently Jetstar did some cost cutting as no starter, bun and dessert were handed out now. These items used to come in a meal box. The inflight magazine also still stated that hot meals will be accompanied with a sweet treat. However when I asked the crew, he was apologetic that there were no dessert with the meals now but they did offer it previously. Along with my meal, I was offered a choice of a hot and cold drink. I had a 350ml bottle of orange juice and a big cup of hot chocolate. First time I had a hot chocolate on a flight!
photo 6031841631_b082098e36_b

After meal service was completed and cleared, cabin was dimmed for everyone to rest. However, crew still responded to any call buttons swiftly without delay in the middle of the night. I witnessed a passenger pressed a call button to request for a cup of water and a crew appeared at his seat within seconds!

Overflying Bali at night.
photo 6031841681_1def99284d_b

With the aid of the comfortable seat (with adjustable headrests that are actually not flimsy) and recline, I achieved about 4hrs of sleep, waking up when we were nearing Brisbane. An hour later, the sun started to rise.
photo 6031841737_eeca734bda_b

Passengers starting to wake and admiring the sunrise.
photo 6031841801_206af92e7b_b

About 1.5hrs before arrival, breakfast (a light meal) was served. We had 2 choices: Scrambled eggs with bacon or Frittata with vegetables. I had an orange juice again and a hot coffee with the meal. Notice how the milk and sugar were placed in a cute little box.
photo 6032401318_0fc3996f17_b

Frittata with mushroom and vegetables. Portion for light meal was slightly smaller than the earlier dinner. Comparable to SQ's economy main course portion.
photo 6031842137_4c77903237_b

Scrambled eggs with potatoes and bacon.
photo 6032401518_e2f5c4e558_b

Visit to the toilet after breakfast. Surprisingly, the lavs were still very clean towards the end of the flight. The crew must have cleaned them quite frequently during the entire flight. Thick paper towels, tissues, soap and toilet seat covers were available in the lav. Lavatory design is also very modern with hollywood-style lightings on the mirrors.
photo 6032401598_200ef2bb68_b

View of cabin. We are approaching New Zealand soon!
photo 6031842417_95c4e6900b_b

Blue skies.
photo 6032401722_70e6593c6a_b

Before our descent, the pilot came on to give us some arrival information. Surprisingly, an arrival video was also shown!

Auckland city in sight.
photo 6032401794_85cd1b74ff_b

Descending through cloudy skies.

Turning into finals, flaps lowered.

Touching down soon…
photo 6032401888_3b2dba1d2a_b

And I had one of the smoothest landing ever on a plane! Barely a bump on touchdown. Impressed!! Arrival into Auckland Rwy23L.

We had an on-time arrival due to the strong tailwinds. Disembarking the aircraft, I took a shot of the Business Class seats. Business Class was apparently also quite full. Good business for Jetstar!
photo 6032401982_12aabc10ef_b

VH-EBF after disembarked.
photo 6032402080_15f53447a0_b

Parked beside a NZ B772.
photo 6032402156_3ca898da88_b

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu8.5

Singapore - SIN


Auckland - AKL



What should I say? I more than survived a long-haul budget flight! Jetstar has certainly exceeded my expectations for the flight. In fact, I was quite impressed with the service of its crew members who were all friendly and nice. Meals were excellent in quantity and quality but I do hope that they would bring back the starter and chocolate dessert. Seats were comfortable and toilets were kept clean throughout. All in all, impressive for the price paid! With rumours that Jetstar would be basing 5 A330s in SIN, it is no wonder SQ would want to start their own long-haul LCC to defend its own turf.

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  • Comment 89195 by
    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    At S$600 for a round trip, the quality/price ratio was impressive, but that was a promotional fare. I checked the lowest fares in early December (i.e. two months from today, not yet in the Christmas break) and that came up to S$958, all goodies excluded. At that price, it remains a very good deal for a decent comfort on board, even though the food comes extra. Thanks for this detailed FR !
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    Yoke 416 Comments
    Excellent report as always ! A pleasure to read.

    Keep them coming !
  • Comment 89236 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks for this good FR :)

  • Comment 89250 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    Thanks for the report! I've contemplated flying Jetstar to SYD where they also use the A330 but I thought space would be too cramped for a 8hr flight... which actually is not, I'm also 1.8m in height and the space looks good indeed !
    How much was the amenities kit ? It looks very complete.
  • Comment 157536 by
    tn92 173 Comments
    Stumbled upon this report a few years' down the road, and it is such a pity 3K no longer operates this flight! It looked like a pretty good experience but I think such a long-haul route was just not sustainable for LCCs like 3K (even if they got JQ to fly it for them). Oh well, thanks for sharing! (:

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