Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Auckland Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K 402
Class Economy
Seat 51A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 11:05
Take-off 09 Aug 11, 11:25
Arrival at 09 Aug 11, 18:30
3K 47 reviews
By 3688
Published on 5th October 2013
After a short but relaxing stay in NZ for 4 nights, it was time to return home from the weekend break. The flight back is scheduled to depart at 1125hrs and we reached the airport 2hrs prior to departure.

Jetstar's check-in counters in the International terminal was located near the far end, just a few counters beside SQ's which also had a flight back to SIN 1hr after us. Already at 2hrs before departure, the check-in queue for Jetstar was already very long and snaked for a few loops. Only 4 counters were opened to process the passengers, including 1 for Business Class.
photo 6034840169_35a580dc22_b

By contrast, SQ had 8 counters at the far end opened for check-in with barely a trickle of passengers. Most of the time, their queue was empty with the check-in agents chatting among themselves. Has SQ's business so greatly affected by Jetstar's entry into the NZ market?
photo 6034840255_d24814880b_b

We waited for nearly an hour before reaching the front of the snaking queue!! And there was still a long queue stretching almost till the terminal entrance 1hr before departure!!
photo 6034840343_b006b97c56_b

I asked the check-in agent how the load for the flight was and she said that it was almost fully booked today! Apparently there were a lot of transit passengers connecting to Jetstar Asia and Qantas flights out of SIN. Transit passengers were also given an information card detailing how to transfer in Changi. Just as we were checking in, a fifth counter was opened to handle the large number of passengers. Guess they realised they would not be able to close the flight in time with still so many pax yet to be checked in.

After check-in was done, we went through immigration and security and it was again a very long wait. The security screening line was very long and the wait was almost 30min! When through all these, it was already 25min left to departure. I wondered how we would depart on time since check-in was still not completed yet. True enough, our departure time was pushed back to 1145hrs on the departure screen.

My boarding pass. Upon boarding, Jetstar would always return the bigger portion as it states the services purchased.
photo 6034840677_7f85a27731_b

Auckland airport departure hall.
photo 6035392012_d5d6317036_b

Flight display monitor. Best thing was shortly after this photo was taken, the display showed Gate Closed, causing a panic with passengers who has just cleared security.
photo 6035392168_245fe7b394_b

Air New Zealand B744, a rarity nowadays.
photo 6034840645_729a91e628_b

VH-EBE which would fly me back to SIN.
photo 6035392098_c08128b32c_b

09 August 2011
Jetstar Asia (Operated by Jetstar)
3K 402
Auckland (AKL) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Boarding the plane. This time, we do have a push-back truck. Again, a crew member was at the entrance of the aerobridge welcoming passengers.
photo 6035392404_e4fa3cac0c_b

Boarding in process. We had to wait for the rest of the other passengers to board due to the slow check-in procedure. Jetstar should opened 1 or 2 more counters. 4 counters are definitely not enough for the heavy load today!
photo 6035392470_3c6d5b8f6e_b

We eventually pushed back 30min later than scheduled. Flight time was estimated to be a long 10hrs40min due to strong headwinds. 2 of the crew members serving the aft section of the plane where I was seated was also on my flight up! This was their second trip to Auckland within 6 days! Real packed roster they have! On this flight, apparently the video system broke down as nothing was shown on the screens, including the safety demo. On the way up, the QF-ish safety demo was shown the the screens together with the crew performing the demo manually, just like on QF. No movies/films and flight map was shown throughout the flight too.

Pushback and safety demo.

Starting our taxi to Rwy23L. QF A330 and SQ 773ER at the gates.
photo 6034840889_8812c9d02e_b

Qantas B738 in a special livery.
photo 6035392600_49b4cc43c3_b

Thai B772ER. Also saw a MH B772ER and a CX A340 during taxi.
photo 6035392676_70406ee310_b

Taxi to Rwy23L.


We took off towards the sea and quickly entered the clouds. Nothing much could be seen except the clouds and the Tasman sea.

Flying over a rainbow!
photo 6035392730_ab2d26b0a6_b

My inflight entertainment, ipad2 with Glee episodes. Note the generous recline of the seats.
photo 6035392812_8a0035670e_b

Same service procedures again. Amenity kits, portable IFE sets and then meal service. Crew again were friendly.
photo 6035392876_d93ca5950a_b

3 choices again. Lamb, chicken or vegetarian noodles dish. I had the lamb stew with pumpkin mash and vegetables. Again portion was very big and taste was good.
photo 6035392954_759da99939_b

The other choice was Stir-fried chicken with fried rice and vegetables. The rice was kinda tasteless but chicken were delicious. Huge portion too.
photo 6035393020_d3c1fbb2ac_b

Again orange juice and hot chocolate for drinks. I just luv Jetstar's hot chocolate!
photo 6035393092_6820e2eab1_b

After lunch, nothing much else to do. So on the way to the lav, I took some shots. Here is how Jetstar conceals its crew rest seats, away from the prying eyes of other passengers.
photo 6034841565_bb5cfe26f8_b

A lavatory shot again. Lavs were kept clean throughout the flight. I observed that crew will regularly clean the lavs (at least 4-5 times on the 10hrs flight). One of the cabin crew was even wiping the mirrors clean!
photo 6035393218_2775b95570_b

Water dispenser with disposable cups. 2 of these in the middle of the cabin, so nobody will go thirsty on the long flight. As usual, one can also go to the galley and request the crew to fill up any bottle with drinking water. No extra charges apply, haha.
photo 6034841963_e927eb6af5_b

The mid-cabin view. It was definitely a very full flight!
photo 6035393584_77ab3d8a07_b

Over the Australian desert.
photo 6035393282_481ab1371b_b

Another window view.
photo 6034841849_a8960d8ed9_b

Leaving the Australian coast.
photo 6034841893_df2880fbba_b

The crew also conducted a round of snacks/drinks service (for purchase of course) mid-flight. About 1.5hrs before landing, a light meal was served. 2 choices offered again.

I had the Butter chicken with rice. Nice and filling.
photo 6034842127_1119db657a_b

The other choice was the Vegetarian Tortellini. Also quite tasty.
photo 6035393730_f0f7a084ea_b

Can't resist a final cup of hot chocolate before landing.
photo 6035393780_ef86ac029a_b

Descending into Singapore. Speedbrakes up.
photo 6035393832_553ec43ec8_b

Overflying Riau islands during sunset.
photo 6035393884_05227f101a_b

Final approach over the busy harbour.
photo 6035393922_b769ed8d7a_b

Landing in Changi Rwy02L. Touchdown was not as smooth as the previous flight but still one of the better landings.

We eventually landed about 30min late. Well, the cabin crew did apologised for the delay. During the taxi to the gate, some interesting planes were spotted. An Air Niugini B763.
photo 6035393992_5b29ced160_b

China Airlines B738.
photo 6034842533_cd8cb2db28_b

Last look at the comfortable seats during disembarkation.
photo 6034842617_0c706ef16b_b

Other then the usual thanks by the rest of the cabin crew during the disembarkation process, a crew member was also at the end of the aerobridge leading into the arrival hall bidding passengers farewell. What a nice gesture! Changi's Terminal 1 is really Jetstar-ised.
photo 6035394198_c4fdb02ea8_b

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu8.5

Auckland - AKL


Singapore - SIN



Again a nice flight with Jetstar long-haul. Would I fly them again? Certainly if their prices remain much lower than the competition. I am definitely awaiting the new long-haul routes that Jetstar will be announcing by the end of the month. Hope you readers will now have an idea of the Jetstar long-haul product. Probably it might entice some of you to try flying budget for long-haul?

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