Review of Air Asia flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight FD 3505
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 20 Aug 11, 16:45
Arrival at 20 Aug 11, 20:00
AK 118 reviews
By 2572
Published on 5th October 2013
After all the cheap and good food, it was time to bade goodbye to Bangkok. No worries, I would be back in 2 month's time!

Flew on the last Thai Air Asia flight back to SIN, departing at 1645hrs, which is a descent timing as both Tiger and Jetstar flights depart much later and arrives in SIN after midnight (midnight = high taxi surcharges). Arrive at the airport about 1hr45min before departure and checked in at the desk. Self-check-in machines were also available but did not use them as there was no one at the counter check-in desks anyway. No wait for check-in.
photo 6069247675_5e076cd151_b

We were assigned seats 21A and B. Proceeded through immigration and security right after.

20 August 2011
Thai Air Asia
FD 3505
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore
Budget Class

Departure gate has an aerobridge and the plane was parked beside a EK A380 departing for Hong Kong.

HS-ABH being prepared for our flight. The windows at BKK were full of streaks!
photo 6069793966_d316488085_b

Thai A333 parked beside.
photo 6069794522_9f8da7e39e_b

Boarding. Crew were busier checking on the catering items rather than assisting passengers in the boarding process. Load around 60-70% full and boarding was completed rather swiftly.
photo 6069794928_9d6c8306ae_b

At the gate.
photo 6069795562_ed55a9c806_b

Seat pitch was tight as usual on a budget flight. Seat 21C was also taken up.
photo 6069250091_48be8a9ee1_b

Doors closed on time and we pushed back with safety demo.

Ethiopian B763, departing for HKG?
photo 6069250687_e9a5f245b6_b

Emirates A380 that was parked beside us. Preparing for the short hop to HKG.
photo 6069797024_992555a382_b

Taxi to the runway. Visible are 4 airlines which had pulled out of SIN (SK, LX, OS and GF).

Wing reflecting the sunlight.
photo 6069797588_d9c0796b24_b

Takeoff from Rwy19L for the 2hrs flight to SIN.

Climbing to 36000ft.
photo 6069252065_82bd23e821_b

Post takeoff announcement.

Blue skies.
photo 6069798144_463479de22_b

Really lots of stuff in the seat pocket (not including the food crumbs).
photo 6069801104_af5822bc42_b

Meal service started. A set of crew first handed out pre-ordered meals while another set followed behind with the sales cart.
photo 6069252681_65c1b87d0d_b

We had pre-ordered a meal each for 120Baht including a cup of water.
photo 6069799126_d9d90d80d1_b

Chicken satay. 5 big sticks but did not taste that great. Probably because it was catered in Thailand instead of Malaysia? And where are the rice cakes??
photo 6069799988_503d10da5a_b

Green curry chicken with rice. A much better option.
photo 6069254495_5bd5f86fef_b

We also tried the monthly special, Grilled chicken with sticky rice, for 160Baht (comes with a can of root beer). Tasted ok.
photo 6069800700_847e0636b5_b

After dinner and gazing out the window.
photo 6069255257_a5691e939e_b

Cabin view.
photo 6069801536_cf691464dc_b

Seeing that the last 2 rows of the plane was empty, we shifted to the rear. However, the legroom on row 29 on FD's A320 was equally horrible as on Jetstar! Notice: AVOID THE LAST FEW ROWS ON ALL BUDGET AIRLINE A320s!
photo 6069801814_a9f3a0a3f6_b

photo 6069256061_60564cfb91_b

Soon started descent. Interesting to note, even though descent has started (20min to landing), the crew still served a passenger a hot meal when he requested to purchase one! 15min to touchdown, another pax requested to purchase a coffee and the crew also served her! On any other Singapore based airline, all the crew would have prepared the cabin for landing and strapped up in their jumpseats by this time.

Approach over Batam.
photo 6069802648_a249a6dc5a_b

Pilots only announced for the crew to be strapped for landing when the gears are down, which was less than 5mins to touchdown?

Along East Coast beach.
photo 6069256923_37480862ce_b

Landed on Rwy02L 10minutes early.

Parked beside another Jetstar-Valuair plane.
photo 6069803156_07fdfbbee1_b

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Air Asia

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



On time, no delays, reasonable prices for onboard meals. Overall a comfortable flight on Thai Air Asia.

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