Review of KLM flight Bangkok Taipei in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL 877
Class Economy
Seat 62K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 30 Oct 11, 16:00
Arrival at 30 Oct 11, 21:00
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Published on 5th October 2013
The 2nd sector will be on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Bangkok to Taipei. KLM operates the AMS-BKK-TPE sector daily and as a fifth freedom carrier, it offers great fares on the BKK-TPE sector. My one-way BKK-TPE fare was only 6,170baht, which is almost half the price of TG, BR and CI. A return fare was even cheaper at 9,000baht in economy and less than 13,000baht in Business, which is cheaper than the other airlines' economy class fares!

Due to the flooding mentioned earlier, I changed our KLM flights to depart on the day we reached BKK. Surprisingly, no change fees were required even though I had booked the lowest tier fare.

Our transit stop was initially scheduled to be 2hr45min but due to the delay in arrival on the Tiger flight, the transit stop was shortened to slightly more than 2hrs. Our scheduled departure time was 1340hrs. Check in was done for the KLM flight swiftly as there were hardly any passengers at the counters. According to the check-in agent, the flight was relatively empty, which I heard is the norm on the BKK-TPE sector.

30 October 2011
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KL 877
Bangkok (BKK) - Taipei (TPE)
PH-BFH 'City of Hong Kong'
Economy Class

Boarding pass for the flight.
photo 6319091340_22295915aa_b

After grabbing a quick lunch, we went through immigration and proceeded to the gate for boarding. Also did some plane spotting. However BKK is not too photo-friendly as many of the glass windows were filthy. Some of the more decent photos I took:

Republic of Singapore Air Force C130 sending humanitarian aid to BKK. 2 of these planes arrived!
photo 6319092120_c28d4e7e23_b

Garuda B737-800NG
photo 6319092504_e9d542578f_b

PH-BFH which will ferry us to TPE. It has been a long time since I last flew a B747! The plane is still in its KLM Asia livery.
photo 6319091688_3e4c1be856_b

However just before the scheduled departure time, a dreaded announcement was made. The flight would be delayed due to a technical problem with the aircraft. We were told that we would be updated on the situation in 30min. Business class passengers were invited to proceed back to the lounge. 30min later, the ground staff made another announcement that all of us would be given a 250baht meal voucher for any food outlets in the airport and we would to return to the gate at 1500hrs for further updates. In fairness, KLM ground staff has handled the situation pretty well and I used the voucher to relax at coffee joint with coffee and ice-cream. At 1500hrs, we proceeded back to the gate where the ground staff updated us again that the flight would be departing at 1600hrs.

Rescheduled departure timing.
photo 6319092822_b391949b3b_b

Drinks and cake were offered at the boarding gate. Finally we boarded the B747-400 just before 1600hrs. Was welcomed at the door by the crew and directed to the seat. My seat was at 62K, just before the 2-seaters at the rear.

At the gate
photo 6319093562_23333484fa_b

Seat pitch is pretty tight at 31 but at least my legs can extend under the seat in front. PTVs at every seat as this plane was refurbished recently.
photo 6318573157_6006bcdc4c_b

Another view of the seat pitch. If you notice, all seats had the airsick bags placed in a position with the KLM logo facing outwards.
photo 6319093978_bdc73e85e9_b

Items in the seat pocket. Holland Herald inflight magazine, safety card and airsick bag.
photo 6319093820_72b7286fca_b

Shortly before boarding is completed, the crew came down the aisles with a stack of cups and a bottle of mineral water, offering pre-takeoff water to us lowly economy passengers. Nice gesture by the crew, but not sure if this is the norm on KLM.
photo 6319093368_c76536ec7f_b

The plastic cups used by KLM have a lovely design on them.
photo 6319093118_346559bc6c_b

A CX B773 pushing back.
photo 6319094310_2955f67a48_b

The IFE system contains a comprehensive list of the food and beverages offered onboard even though no menus were given out. As you can see, KLM only serves branded drinking water onboard. No airplane tap water was served throughout the flight!
photo 6319094570_76ab96d8aa_b

After all passengers had boarded, we still had a bit of wait due to ATC controls. According to the pilot, our delay was due to a faulty wheel brake which required replacement. He also apologized for the delay. Flight time was estimated to be 3hrs. I must say it would be even very tiring for the crew as they would be operating BKK-TPE-BKK sectors and with the delay, it would be almost a 12hrs shift for them!

Finally we pushed back with the safety video playing. To be frank, the safety video is rather boring.

Starting our taxi to Rwy01R.
photo 6319094798_cc8e07b80c_b

We had quite a long taxi to the runway as we were number 5 for takeoff abd only 1 runway was in use at that time for both takeoffs and landings. By the time we reached the end of the runway, it was already nearing 1700hrs.
photo 6319095008_d69172fbc1_b

Take off from Rwy01R. You can see the floodings towards the north of the airport shortly after takeoff.

Flooded plains.
photo 6318574361_ca9fd5e05a_b

More flooded fields.
photo 6319095550_807974729c_b

Partially submerged houses.
photo 6319095820_2bab19ef08_b

Flight info shortly after takeoff.
photo 6318575269_1a9f0f186b_b

Post-takeoff announcement by the crew.

Headphones were distributed shortly after seatbelt signs were switched off. They were the clip-on-ear type and were for yours to keep. The 2-pinned prone sets can be adjusted to 1-pinned! IFE control was at the side of the armrest, similar to SQ's older fleet.
photo 6319096432_aeabbbaba0_b

After distributing headsets, crew came down the aisle with hot towels! I thought hot towel service only existed on Asian/Middle Eastern carriers! The towels may not be the thick cotton type used by SQ but they were still relatively thick disposable very hot towels. And the towels were lavender scented too!
photo 6318575823_b066ce8555_b

Unfortunately, shortly after takeoff, the interactive portion of the IFE crashed and we were all unable to access the AVOD system. Only channel that could be seen on the PTVs were the flight info/map. Video channels hanged and audio channels were not working too. The crew tried to reset the system but to no avail.

Cabin view. PTVs were either stuck on the Interactive mode welcome page or video mode. Quite an empty cabin too. The whole plane seemed around 50% full at most.
photo 6318576061_480cf7d5ff_b

Cruising at a high 41,000ft.
photo 6319097100_9a1bac528b_b

photo 6318576689_8b384a8501_b

About an hour after takeoff, the friendly KLM crew started the meal service. On this flight, the crew were all with smiles while conducting their service. The left aisle was served first by 2 crew (one to hand out meal trays while the other to serve drinks) followed be the right aisle. Another crew would be heating/preparing the meals in the galley and assisting in the service later on. Only 3 crew were serving each section of the cabin.
photo 6318576475_a6cc391f38_b

There were 2 choices of meals: Chicken with noodles or a vegetarian stir-fry with rice. I chose the chicken. The meal tray was very colourful! On the tray was a salad, main, fruits, warm roll, butter and plastic cutlery. Interestingly, the warm roll, which was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, was already sliced into half for easy spread of butter. The plastic cutlery were also the best quality of disposable cutlery I have ever come across.
photo 6318577007_769c71fe7f_b

Appetizer: Thai salad
photo 6319098224_6d2a56a928_b

Main Course: Chicken with noodles and vegetables. It was delicious! BKK catering certainly did not disappoint.
photo 6318577905_3a926c2284_b

Fresh fruits. With papaya, melon, pineapple and grapes.
photo 6318577659_6e2a1c2859_b

For drinks, the whole bar selection is available. I had a chilean white wine and an apple juice, all served with a pleasant smile. The wines were served in bottles.
photo 6318577199_c20d231638_b

After the meal service, crew came out with a cart offering coffee/tea and after-meal liquors. I had a Delicious hot tea and Amarula Cream (a South African version of Baileys).
photo 6319098970_2ba1c0dc39_b

After the meal service, there was nothing much else to do as the IFE system was down. I visited the lavatory, but nothing interesting with in there with the bare minimum amenities. At least I had the flight map/info to past the time.

Cabin view towards the rear.
photo 6318578511_4231b292af_b

I had also ordered a KLM B744 model for 9.90euros to be delivered during the flight. It was promptly delivered by the crew after the meal service.
photo 6319099632_12c031d01a_b

Soon we were nearing Taipei and started our descent. Crew also came round with a round of juice/water just before our descend.
photo 6318579205_070709d2eb_b

Our arrival was slightly delayed as were were put in a holding pattern due to heavy traffic (again!). We circled twice before commencing our final approach.

Approaching TPE.
photo 6319100218_802e6cfdf2_b

Landing in Taipei Taoyuan Rwy05R. Taoyuan is the main International airport of Taipei 3hrs late.

Parked at Terminal 2 beside a JAL B737-800
photo 6319100356_befa9d1f79_b

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Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Taipei - TPE



Overall, other than the unfortunate technical delay and the IFE system crash, it was quite a nice flight on KLM. Crew were friendly and delivered the service with smiles, meals were good, drinks were plenty. However their service recovery (both for the delay and the IFE crash) could be better. Even though KLM may not be there yet with the 5-star asian/ME carriers, they are still a rather decent airline to fly on.

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