Review of Qantas flight Singapore Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 6
Class Economy
Seat 53K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 27 Nov 11, 19:45
Arrival at 28 Nov 11, 06:10
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Published on 6th October 2013
In late 2011, I need to travel to Canberra for 11 days on a working trip. As my company has the policy of flying with the cheapest full-service carrier available, I was booked on Qantas for the trip. Over the weekend, I had also booked myself a short trip to Sydney. Overall, I would be flying Qantas on 6 sectors! How exciting can that be… On the bright side, I had booked on 5 different aircraft types, from the prop to the whale (Dash 8-Q400, B734, B738, B744 and A380) and as I had not flown QF internationally before, it would definitely be an experience. This report would be picture extensive, as per my previous reports.

27 November 2011
QF 6
Singapore (SIN) - Sydney (SYD)
VH-OJA (QF's First B744)
Economy Class

I had done online check-in 24hrs before and had grabbed myself a window seat in the mid-section of the plane. The plane was almost all sold out and on check-in, the middle seat was still vacent. Crossing my fingers it would be remain vacant! True enough (unfortunately), it was 100% full in economy when I enquired with the check-in agent at the baggage drop at Terminal 1. OMG, I am gonna get stuck at the window seat for the 7hrs flight…

Got a proper boarding pass at the bag drop counter. Was also issued with the boarding pass to Canberra. However bags needed to be retrieved at Sydney for customs clearance and re-checked in to Canberra.
photo 6490267643_2a4bf896f5_b

Proceeded through immigration to the departure hall. The plane had already arrived from Frankfurt. It would be operated by Qantas's first B747-400! That is a 22 year old plane!
photo 6490258535_7cff609d7e_b

More plane-spotting. It was kinda boring with Jetstars and more Jetstars.
photo 6490258811_2668ee32c6_b

Seeing stars by now.
photo 6490258687_4ecaec46c6_b

Departing from Gate C15. Boarding has already commenced but there was still a long queue clearing security. Boarding the legendary B747 again!
photo 6490259181_2e55d9a6c7_b

Welcomed by the crew and directed to the correct aisle. Almost all the crew today were experienced guys (only saw 2 ladies). However most were friendly and professional with the exception of 1 or 2 crew who did not really smile much.

Boarding in progress and passengers settling in. It was a horribly full flight! Guess it doesn't help much with the A380 operating the morning departure to Sydney instead. The seats are not re-upholstered in red covers yet. Unlike my previous flight a few yrs back where the seats were in red.
photo 6490259325_6a30f7570f_b

Seat width and pitch are really tight! It was going to be real torture…Thank goodness I can stretch my legs under the seat in front.
photo 6490259461_d93d8aa8c9_b

At the gate. Slightly delayed due to a no-show pax whose baggage needed to be off-loaded. Flight time was announced to be 7hrs.
photo 6490259595_e195687208_b

On each seat was placed a blanket, large pillow, amenity kit and headset.
photo 6490259741_319ea44827_b

Unlike SQ, QF offers toothbrush set and an eyeshade in its amenity kit.
photo 6490259861_cca6688126_b

Stuff in seat-pocket. My seat was missing the inflight magazine.
photo 6490261799_6313766b55_b

As we were still waiting, the crew distributed menu cards. However no hot towels offered, haha. Interestingly, most of the crew on this flight were bilingual (seen from the national flags on their name-tags), probably due to the many code-shares. The 2 crew members serving my aisle can speak Spanish and French too! All announcements were also made in English and German.

Nice menu card. At least QF has not got rid of this.
photo 6490259993_47ee57dd2a_b

Lets look at the menu. There is also an interesting time-line of the services provided during the journey of the flight.
photo 6490260113_cfd0e3699d_b



Mediterranean Summer Salad

Choice of
Braised Chicken in Tomato and Olive Sauce with
Polenta and Beans
Kung Po Style Pork Stir Fried with Fragrant Rice
and Greens

Soya Bean Pudding with Lychee

Grinders Coffee Dilmah Tea
Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Fresh fruit will be served throughout your flight


Orange Juice
Strawberry Yoghurt
Pain au Raisin
Grinders Coffee Dilmah Tea

The beverage menu is eye-boggling!!
photo 6490260229_fc0531f7f3_b

Finally we are good to go. Safety demo was done both through video and manual demonstration by the crew. Lights were slightly dimmed (QF does not fully dim cabin lights for takeoff/landing). Had a rather long taxi to Rwy02C for takeoff.

Passing a Cathay B773 at Terminal 1.
photo 6490260361_3b233a69a7_b

And Lufthansa's A380 at Terminal 2!
photo 6490260461_fe0f2350ce_b

Took off! Surprisingly no queues for takeoff. No video though as it was very dark. We made a right turn over Tekong and was on our way to Sydney.
photo 6490260567_26335f071f_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, the crew sprang into action. First up, distribution of bottled water to all passengers.
photo 6490260715_1d90b55fb5_b

No nuts/bar service though. Dinner was served less than an hour after takeoff. Some crew wore aprons while others changed into the service uniform (mandarin collar black shirt). I chose the pork with rice. Also had a Bundaberg Ginger Beer and a Jacobc Creek Sparkling Wine.
photo 6490260863_6deb4cb4c2_b

Salad and main course. Boring salad. Pork consisted of only very few minute pieces. Vegetables were overcooked. It was just very average.
photo 6490260991_fc9f006949_b

Pudding and chocolate. The pudding tasted kinda disgusting! A very under-whelming meal overall…
photo 6490261125_ce8da84fff_b

While the meal trays were cleared. crew offered either peppermint tea or hot chocolate. I had the Cadbury hot chocolate. It was served with a marshmallow! Perfect bedtime drink!
photo 6490261239_c8513f4fef_b

Everything was cleared less than 2hrs after takeoff and lights were dimmed.
photo 6490261391_822aba7779_b

Visited the lavatory but no amenities in there other than the necessities, so no photos taken. I watched a movie and tried to get some sleep. But it was quite impossible in the cramped seats and I ended up half-awake most of the time.

Slightly less than 2hrs to landing, lights were turned back on the a light breakfast was served. The raisin pastry was served warm and quite nice. A nice change from SQ's muffin and roll.
photo 6490261601_41e67186da_b

The entire flight was relatively smooth. Even when there were slight turbulences (which felt strong enough for SQ pilots to turn on the seatbelt signs), the seatbelt signs were never once turned on. Apparently Qantas pilots are much less trigger-happy with the signs.

photo 6490261913_ed855e9b86_b

Cabin after breakfast.
photo 6490262051_2fc79f6115_b

Starting our descent into Sydney. Headsets were never collected and we were free to use them from boarding till landing! Entertainment system were also switched on shortly after boarding with announcements that we can start using the IFE till we were parked at the gate on arrival! So what is the safety issue here, SQ?
photo 6490262201_e745cf409f_b

Speedbrakes up. Leaving the coast before making a turn to line up with the runway.
photo 6490262349_04e77697b1_b

Flaps down.
photo 6490262491_eab625b471_b

Rising sun over the sea. Pardon for the badly-scratched window.
photo 6490262623_a16cae6258_b

Landing soon on Rwy34L.
photo 6490262757_9f759ecfd8_b

Smooth landing into Sydney. No thrust reversers used.

Taxi to gate.
photo 6490262867_e44d278293_b

Parked at the gate.
photo 6490263005_a376561421_b

photo 6490263191_4d966b3d70_b

Cleared immigration, retrieved my check-in bags and cleared customs and proceeded to the Domestic Transfer counters to drop my bags for the next flight. Took the complimentary Qantas transfer bus to the domestic terminal. The bus went across the tarmac straight to the T3, Qantas's main domestic terminal.

Air Austral B773ER
photo 6490263305_24c449a114_b

Qantas B744
photo 6490263455_c0e6fd82eb_b

Passing the Qantas Hangars while on the transfer bus.

QF B744ER with F1 Livery
photo 6490263621_61ac73df45_b

Another QF B744ER, in Wunala Dreaming Livery
photo 6490263791_67f6e65929_b

Reaching Qantas Land, aka Terminal 3.
photo 6490263943_4c1c6056be_b

QF B738
photo 6490264061_35b87ca476_b

photo 6490264441_d53762a77a_b

Saw a Qantas Heritage Museum on the upper level of the Terminal. Being the aviation enthusiast, of course I paid a visit since I still have some time till my next flight. Entry is free but it is opened only during weekdays working hours.

Lots of Qantas models on display.
photo 6490264247_1783e19508_b

Old vs New
photo 6490264581_192194aaa4_b

The various Qantas uniforms through the years.
photo 6490264737_cbcc0c94d0_b

Interesting exhibits!
photo 6490264971_6daa97fc64_b

I want that bag!
photo 6490265147_1813c6051f_b

The heritage museum also had a great view of the tarmac and runways! A QF B763 preparing for the next domestic flight.
photo 6490265299_6ef8a9f6fc_b

More QFs and Jetstars.
photo 6490265459_0e3155d5cd_b
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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Sydney - SYD



My first international flight on Qantas and would I do it again? Probably not long-haul on the B744 as it is really too cramped for me! Coupled with the big recline angle, it was really claustrophobic when the person in front fully reclines. The meals on this sector were probably average (dinner was bad, breakfast was ok) but hot chocolate was great! No complaints regarding the service either. We will see how the return flight on the A380 compares.

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