Review of Japan Airlines flight Tokyo Kushiro in Economy

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL 545
Class Economy
Seat 19K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 02 Feb 20, 17:45
Arrival at 02 Feb 20, 19:25
JL   #6 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 152 reviews
By GOLD 713
Published on 9th November 2020


Hello everyone and welcome back to my Japanese trip I did in early 2020 just before the sanitary crisis forced airlines to cease most of their flights.

Unlike my previous stay, I'm not starting from Tokyo the capital city, but on Hokkaidō island, under the snow. We will come back to the main island and its capital cities in the second part ; right now, we're heading to Kushiro airport (KUH).

By the way, this shall be an exclusive review because there aren't no review about this route already published on this website.

If some of you are interested for some facts or Japanese geography, you just need to open the window down below…

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our route

If you need a reminder, here's our route.


the online check-in (olci)

Although the booking number was in the name of AF, it was impossible to select the seat on this flight. Until the 23rd of January, one week before the flght departure. When I can finally see the remaining vacant seats, all window seats were taken except one, 39K. Not the best one because of lavatories right behind it and the fact it's located at the rear of the aircraft but I won't have to pay an extra.

photo seatmap-jl-545-avant-olci-2-85754

Then a few days later, I saw window seats on the front that got vacant since. My seat become then 19K.

Despite the seat 18A was the most in the front, it's a trap : although it's located at the window, it's the only one of all the aircraft that don't have a window!! Japan Airlines and Seatguru's seatmaps on their websites are unanimous, unlike AF…

photo choix-du-siege-j-4-18a-91172photo seatmap-jl-545-jlphoto 20200202_093835-18a

The transit in tokyo

Previously, I let you at the international terminal's exit, alognside Miraitowa and Someity, the Olympic and Paralympic Games's mascots.

photo 20200202_042120-miraitowa-et-someity

Once the group is gathered, we're setting out to domestic 1 terminal, exclusive for Japan Airlines (domestic terminal 2 is dedicated to ANA).

Since Kushiro is located in Hokkaidō island, our flight's check-in desk is in North Wing.

photo 20200202_050215-aile-nord-94370

The inside. There were still Christmas decorations back then…

photo 20200202_050305-interieur-75183

Our flight's check-in area.

photo 20200202_050637-check-in-68195

My Boarding Pass, looking more like a cash receipt than a real one. Today, we're boarding at gate 21. The airside is quite crowded.

photo 20200202_084123-bp-74724photo 20200202_083245-planphoto 20200202_085036-airside-12449

Since we have time before boarding, let's make pictures of the aircrafts.


Our aircraft for Kushiro is JA-316J. At the same time, JAL's 4th A350 is on its way to its next destination. It wore a special anniversary livery.

photo 20200202_090914-4eme-a350photo ci-ja-316j-anglaise

Boarding started. Prioirties were perfectly respected. Passengers with an assistance, families travelling with young children and pregnant women were called before frequent travellers.

I'm boarding via a blind jetbridge. Fuselage and door moments.

photo 20200202_093428-embarqumentphoto 20200202_093504-fuselagephoto 20200202_093456-porte

We're passing by the Business class, in a 2-3 configuration. This configuration also counts Economy's first row before we get a 3-3 configuration.

photo 20200202_093521-businessphoto 20200202_093523-frontiere-53613

My seat, 19K. It could have two windows instead of one.

photo 20200202_093544-mon-siege

the legroom is very satisfying.

photo espace-economy-corrige

The safety card.

photo 20200202_093937-safety-cardphoto 20200202_093944-safety-card

The waste bag.

photo 20200202_094439-vomito-bag

You can have Wi-Fi onboard, but I won't give it a try.

photo 20200202_094001-wi-fi-jal

the PSU lamps.

photo 20200202_094924-psu

Our neighbor is a Skymark Airlines 737-800 wearing a special livery "B.League", the Japanese's basketball league.

photo 20200202_094612-voisin

We're ready to leave. Because the Covid-19's pandemic was there, all flight attendants wore a mask.

photo 20200202_095019-masques

We pushed back at 5.50 P.M. The JAL safety video started on the monitors. Those same screens showed advertisements for the rest of the flight.

photo 20200202_095229-safety-video

A few photos of the outside during taxiing and take-off. I didn't take a lot during this flight because of the night.

during the flight

The inflight catering is a simple drink. And I chose a green tea.

photo 20200202_103308_lls-the-vert

Kanpai !!

photo 20200202_104254_lls-sante

Flight attendants passed again for a refuel but due to a stomachache, I declined the offer.

The arrival at Kushiro airport

The descent has started. Last moments inflight.

photo 20200202_103716_lls-approche

We landed full brakes at 7.25 P.M. Our aircraft was the only one of the entire airport.

photo 20200202_112655_lls-kuh-by-night

Everybody inside is up…

photo 20200202_113023_lls-danette

…while everybody outside is getting to work.

photo 20200202_113249_lls-dechargement

Disembarkment via the Business Class, which I could test the legroom. In any case, the legroom is rather comfortable in this aircraft.

photo 20200202_113431_lls-cabine-businessphoto 20200202_113423_lls-pitch-business

A last shot of our aircraft before it heads back to Tokyo Haneda (HND).

photo 20200202_113640_lls-notre-avion-11662

A few pictures of KUH airside before we went to the lower floor to reach the baggage claim.

photo 20200202_113720_lls-kuh-airside-49603photo 20200202_113742_lls-airside-85080photo 20200202_113755_lls-vers-le-tapis-bagage

The baggage claim isn't very big but it has two conveyor belts.

photo 20200202_113836_lls-tapis-bagages-63439photo 20200202_113933_lls-tapis-bagages

Although it's 7 P.M, all landside shops are closed.

photo 20200202_114902_lls-landside

The airport has a few local decorations…

photo 20200202_120236_lls-dehorsphoto 20200202_120221_lls-kuh-dehors

… but the most important is this one inside that shows Japanese cranes, that are used to live in Tsurui village (鶴居村), Akan District in Kushiro subprefecture during winter. By the way, it's in this same village where my hotel is.

photo 20200202_114721_lls-modele-reduit-grue

It is right beside this van this review has come to an end. I thank you for reading me and I hope you enjoyed it. If that's the case, don't forget to put like and a comment down below, I will be very happy. As for my part, I wish you all safe flights until this Japanese trip's next review. This one will also have tourisitc photos included.

photo 20200202_120431_lls-notre-voiture-74264

Our flight's replay

photo replay-du-decollage-jl545photo replay-de-vol-jl-545photo replay-de-latterrissage-jl545
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Tokyo - HND


Kushiro - KUH



Between a French domestic flight I'm used to and this Japanese domestic one, there aren't many differences at all ; it's just a flight from some place to reach another place in complete safety. Despite the flight's date was in February 2020, JL's cabin crew already took sanitary measures unlike the western carriers at the same moment. And that is a good point.

HND: Excellent. Very vast, with a lot of shops open while covid-19 began to make thousands of victims. The connection on the other hand was very very long.

KUH: Excellent as well. However it was difficult to give a proper grade on "Services" category, because most of the shops were closed when I arrived. So please consider this mark as not graded.



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