Review of Qantas flight Sydney Canberra in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 787
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 28 Nov 11, 08:20
Arrival at 28 Nov 11, 09:15
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Published on 7th October 2013
Air Austral B773ER taking off.
photo 6491710881_50bbbbb58f_b

Boarding gates.
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The transit in Sydney was 2hrs. Plenty of time to do the transfer between the 2 flights. My flight to Canberra would be departing from Gate 9. At every gate, there were newspaper racks offering the day's publication for free to all Qantas passengers. A very nice gesture!
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28 November 2011
QF 787
Sydney (SYD) - Canberra (CBR)
Economy Class

Operating today's short hop to the capital is VH-TJZ, a 15 years old B734. Certainly younger than the B744 I flew in on.
photo 6491706733_3eb1baccd9_b

Boarding was announced 15min prior to STD and passengers trooped onboard. Headsets were also available at the gate. Wow, even inflight entertainment is offered for such a short flight! Was welcomed at the door by name and directed down the aisle to my window seat near the aft of the baby boeing. 4 cabin crew would be looking after us on this flight.

At the gate. The B744 beside would be operating to Perth.
photo 6491707237_2214486f95_b

Boarding. Most pax were business travellers who frequent this route i guess, making the boarding very swift and fuss-free.
photo 6491707355_f16ed1f128_b

Seat pitch is acceptable for such a short flight.
photo 6491707569_09e2af7107_b

The middle seat remained empty. Yeah, more room to stretch out!
photo 6491707983_1c64f89dac_b

Inflight magazine and safety card in the seat pocket.
photo 6491707715_b77462658f_b

Long time not seen dial-type IFE controls! Radio channels were already playing during boarding.
photo 6491707851_c2c71b9cf8_b

Doors were closed on time and we pushed back. However there was a slight delay due to morning congestion and a further delay due to a long taxi to the runway. No wonder QF padded their Canberra Cityflyer flights at 55min when the actual flight time is at most 30min. Again safety demo was shown both on video and manually.

The F1 plane out of the hangar.
photo 6491708101_7502b98942_b

SQ A380 being towed to the remote stand.
photo 6491708201_75d7fb4b31_b

Looong taxi to Rwy34R. For those who knows the layout of SYD, it meant taxiing for almost 5km! Passing a newly painted Virgin Australia B738. LAN A340 just landed in the background.
photo 6491708363_b83d683bb4_b

Rex Beech 340
photo 6491708471_4de49af2bd_b

Jetstar A320. I think I saw more Jetstars in SIN than in SYD!
photo 6491708583_d0b1bf3678_b

The taxi was so long that the pilot used the taxi time to gave his announcement.

Delta B772LR landing on Rwy34L.
photo 6491708701_201d3c6c6f_b

Finally we took off from Rwy34R!

Blue skies and sea.
photo 6491710549_c6a2d470d3_b

Making a right turn back inland.
photo 6491708775_931fdcec78_b

At this time, seatbelt signs were switched off. Crew immediately started the morning refreshment service. 2 male crew were in charge of economy while the female CSM and another guy were in Business. Morning news was also shown on the overhead CRT monitors. Service was from the front to the rear and was very fast but polite.
photo 6491708911_c18a0ea876_b

Spot SYD!
photo 6491709011_833b9a501a_b

Sydney city in the distance.
photo 6491709163_621eabb4b3_b

We flew along the coast to Wollongong.
photo 6491710639_d33b20fab2_b

Overflying Wollongong.
photo 6491709385_688a0a712f_b

For morning snack, we were offered a breakfast bar and a choice of juice or water. I had the juice, which came in a 250ml bottle. More than sufficient for this very short flight! SQ/MI could learn from this on their SIN-KUL flights. There was also a waste bag and a napkin.
photo 6491709531_edd4e62c03_b

Great weather and nice scenery!
photo 6491709693_b8e4042bc6_b

Very soon, we were starting our descent into Canberra, barely 15mins after takeoff!
photo 6491709805_469326a47d_b

Making some turns.
photo 6491710769_c980e9a512_b

Flaps down.
photo 6491709917_f05b47e34d_b

Another turn to short finals. See the runway in the distance?
photo 6491710025_565e46f8de_b

Rough landing into Rwy35, probably due to strong crosswinds. The engines were spooling up and down throughout the approach.

DJ's new ATR72. Expansion works were going on at the terminal.
photo 6491710137_76c7d76352_b

At the Qantas side of the terminal.
photo 6491710253_3213b578a5_b

Parked at the gate, beside a B738.
photo 6491710363_1a9c7056c4_b

photo 6491710485_1f707f9fca_b

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Cabin crew8.5

Sydney - SYD


Canberra - CBR



It was a very pleasant and short flight on Qantas, just barely enough time to serve a snack and drink but the crew made it happen so effortlessly. Guess they are all well-trained on this very short (even shorter than SIN-KUL) sector. Was also impressed at the availability of free newspapers prior to boarding and inflight entertainment! Qantas really do perform well on the short domestic hops!

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