Review of Qantas flight Sydney Canberra in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 805
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 04 Dec 11, 17:55
Arrival at 04 Dec 11, 18:50
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Published on 7th October 2013
A night in Sydney and it was time to return to Canberra. I had booked an the evening flight back to Canberra and it would be operated by a B738, another aircraft type for me in the Qantas fleet. This flight would also proved to be the most impressive of all sectors!

Took the really overpriced train (A$15 for a 10min ride!) to the domestic terminals from Central station. Qantas domestic, which operates from Terminal 3, is linked direct from the train station. Went up to the terminal and printed my boarding pass using self-check in counters.

Qantas's first aircraft, now resting within T3 departure hall.
photo 6515720741_575bfbe9dc_b

Qantas Terminal 3.
photo 6515720937_b5cd309b64_b

Wait through security with no fuss and into the gates area. Quite a busy evening today!
photo 6515721209_5817353dc6_b

Flight would be departing from Gate 8, but the plane had not arrived.
photo 6515721059_0775b85650_b

Lets do some spotting then. Qantas B763 preparing for a flight.
photo 6515725399_0fd3248d7d_b

Yes, I am in Qantasland.
photo 6515725793_b93579dc90_b

Spotted a gem! CX Cargo B748F!!!
photo 6515721347_65cb8ea84c_b

JQ A320 holding for takeoff.
photo 6515725667_c403d399f9_b

QFLink Q400 landing.
photo 6515725525_40b631b406_b

DJ B738 taxiing for departure.
photo 6515722035_260099c557_b

QF B738 in Optus livery!
photo 6515721639_c71ee10626_b

Another B763 towed to the gate.
photo 6515721929_f5699fd4e4_b

The plane operating my flight also being towed to the gate.
photo 6515721503_13c8b1c258_b

MY baby boeing, VH-VXG at the gate. Big brothers A380 and A330 parked behind on the remote stands.
photo 6515721789_f216952b80_b

04 December 2011
QF 805
Sydney (SYD) - Canberra (CBR)
Economy Class

Boarding started as scheduled and again I was welcomed by name at the door. Headsets were also available at the gate for yours to take.

Business Class seats.
photo 6515722175_31c1dfbdca_b

But I was stuck in economy.
photo 6515722323_16fcb98453_b

Boarding in progress. The flight was almost full, with only a handful of empty seats left, including the seat beside me!
photo 6515722705_6a6ef98081_b

Seat pitch, as usual, is not great but reasonable on this short-haul aircraft.
photo 6515723027_69f6806cc3_b

Inflight magazine, safety card and complimentary headset.
photo 6515722563_875181c84e_b

IFE controls on the armrest.
photo 6515723209_959ea34e8d_b

At the gate, with the Optus plane beside.
photo 6515722825_a9a589db6a_b

Boarding was completed as scheduled. However we were slight delayed with the pushback due to evening congestion. There were 5 cabin crew members on this flight and all of them were great, especially one of the senior crew in economy! She was a very approachable and kind motherly figure and while we were waiting for pushback, she distributed activity packs to all the kids onboard and chatted with them, followed by distribution of headsets again to other passengers who required them. Really impressive pre-takeoff service! The pilot then came on and announced that the flight today would be a very short 25min as we would be departing south straight towards Canberra and arriving into CBR from the north.

Finally pushback and safety demo done and we had a very short taxi to Rwy16R. Had to hold for a while for takeoff though as we were No.4 in the queue.
photo 6515723333_f1b0296e7c_b

Finally took off for the short hop to Canberra. Weather was not too good.

Skimming across the cloud top.
photo 6515723453_73b3e33710_b

At cruise.
photo 6515723561_607e56cafc_b

Seatbelt signs were only switched off about 5 minutes after takeoff when we had cleared the cloud layers and service immediately started. No time to waste on this very short flight! With the rather full load, 4 crew were tasked to serve in economy today (2 distributing sandwiches and 2 serving drinks) with the CSM herself serving Business. Short features were shown on the drop-down LCD screens.
photo 6515723731_e5eb26df0e_b

The excellent Qantas crew member! She was really full of warmth and smiles when performing the inflight service.
photo 6515724013_00cd83c6c8_b

As it was an evening flight, a sandwich was served! Really unexpected for a flight of this length.
photo 6515723873_bd934408dc_b

The sandwich was tasty and filling!
photo 6515724201_fcdf8d4518_b

Just after I received my sandwich, the seatbelt signs came on and we started descending. However, the drinks cart was still making its way down the aisle. When the cart reached my row, I was utterly shocked!! In a good way though! It was total madness that the crew was offering a full bar selection of beer, soft drinks, juice, water or wines (wines at a cost of A$6)! There were even small packets of nibbles on offer, probably with wines/beers!! Total craziness!
photo 6515724355_1c1d78137d_b

I had a juice again.
photo 6515724537_2368847344_b

Even though we were halfway through our descent, the crew still managed to serve the whole cabin effortlessly and cleared up everything prior to landing, all within 20 minutes from takeoff! We passengers were not rushed to finish our food and for those with bottled water or juices, we were advised to hold onto the bottles if we could not finish our drinks. Amazing Qantas crew! I have not been on any other airline which can pull off such a stunt!

Descending into Canberra.
photo 6515724647_dcce177546_b

Flaps down and making some S-turns.
photo 6515724815_4bb3ca1015_b

Final approach into Canberra.
photo 6515724929_4fefe54318_b

Landing into Rwy17.

Parked at the gate beside a B734.
photo 6515725059_08276434b2_b

Saying goodbye to Port Douglas.
photo 6515725167_92a0082c96_b

Final look at VH-VXG. It would be operating up to Brisbane next.
photo 6515725317_e9cf08d580_b

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Cabin crew10.0

Sydney - SYD


Canberra - CBR



This flight has totally wowed me as I never expected Qantas to have such fantastic inflight service on a short 25min flight. Halfway through the flight, I was still panicking for the cabin crew whether the service could be completed. Kudos to the crew for their flawless performance! Qantas really excel in short hops as almost no flight in Asia of such length could match up to this sort of inflight service in economy! Totally impressed!

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