Review of United flight Chicago Los Angeles in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA1044
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 04:31
Take-off 02 Dec 20, 17:55
Arrival at 02 Dec 20, 20:26
UA   #48 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 304 reviews
By GOLD 1811
Published on 15th January 2021

Report No: 2020-1202

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the first part of this US domestic series where I would be presenting the Economy product of United and United Express on a journey from Washington Reagan Airport to Los Angeles via Chicago O'Hare Airport.

The second report of this series would cover a United transcontinental flight from Chicago to Los Angeles onboard their 737-900ER in the Economy cabin. Before this flight, I also had the chance to visit the United Club in Chicago O'Hare Airport which would be covered in this report.

Here is the routing ( parts 2 & 3 would be revealed soon ).
Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100%
Economy: 90-95%


After arriving from my previous flight, I looked at the FIDS and verified that my flight to Los Angeles would depart at gate B7. Luckily, the only open United Club at Chicago is located near gate B6 which is close to my departure gate.

photo img_5963

While heading from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, at the connector, there were holiday decorations

photo img_5964-80120


After a 5 minute walk from my arrival gate, I was already in front of the United Club. After scanning my boarding pass, I was welcomed in.

photo img_5965

The club was crowded and it was not easy to find a seat. Luckily, I was able to spot a couple that was leaving so I just headed to those seats where the couple was seating.

photo img_5966-88037

The offerings at this club were mainly pre-packaged snacks, although cold chicken wraps and instant noodles were also offered. This is a high improvement compared to my last visit to a United Club in September. ( That was in EWR ).

photo img_5967photo img_5969

Prepackaged fruits, nuts, and Skittles were also available.

photo img_5968

The espresso machine and the fountain drink machine was working

photo img_5970photo img_5971

There is also a bar at the club which had a queue of minimum 2-3 people during my entire stay.

photo img_5975-87295

Here is my selection for the day. Not bad compared to US standards.

photo img_5973


The gate was a 1 minute walk to the club and the gate area was crowded when I already went there, however, I was able to find a seat at the seating area.

photo img_5976

N66841 would be the Boeing 737-900ER taking us to Los Angeles.

photo img_5977

By the way, before boarding, there were reminder announcements for passengers to fill out the online form required by the LA County for all arriving passengers at LAX. Boarding had started 35 minutes before departure with passengers requiring assistance, Premier 1K and Global Services members, US military personnel and Domestic First passengers. Later on, boarding continued with general boarding from the back to the front. Several times, boarding was stopped as the gate agents wanted to ensure that there is enough space for social distancing at the jetbridge.

Also the boarding had stopped another time due to a last-minute change of three members of the cabin crew.

photo img_5978-47164


After being handed a sanitizing wipe at the aircraft door, I headed to my seat 14F.

photo img_5979

The seats were Pinnacle branded seats which are alright in comfort.

photo img_5980

The legroom is OK.

photo img_5981

The hand sanitizing wipe that was given upon boarding the aircraft

photo img_5983

Our neighbor was this 737-700 heading to Fort Myers that evening

photo img_5982

The seat pocket content wasn't surprising. The safety card

photo img_5984

After boarding was completed, we pushed back on time and the safety demo was performed manually by the cabin crew. Due to COVID-19, the usage of oxygen masks were not shown during the demonstration and passengers were asked to consult the safety card for the usage of oxygen masks. 

By the way, it's not photographed, however, there were power outlets located under the seat. Every 3 seat block in Economy had 2 power outlets which are located between the seats.

photo img_5985

While we were taxiing, mood lighting was activated. During our taxi, the captain has announced that our flight time for this flight would be 3h30mins which would be shorter than usual.

photo img_5987

United aircraft at Terminal 1 C gates

photo img_5989

After a short taxi to the runway, it was time for us to take-off and we were in the air.

photo img_5990

We're gaining altitude

photo img_5991

Shortly after takeoff, here is the personal device entertainment menu.

photo img_5992

Wi-Fi options for this flight. I didn't purchased any Wi-Fi today

photo img_5993

Movies & TV shows

photo img_5995

Route map and flight information

photo img_5996photo img_5997

After the seatbelt signs have been turned off, the cabin crew appeared for the snack and drink service.

Snacks are provided in an all-in-one snack bag.

photo img_5998

Here is what is inside the snack basket. A hand sanitizing wipe, a small Dasani water, a stroopwafel and a bag of pretzels.

photo img_6001-21672

I also had back-up snacks brought from the United Club.

photo img_5999-89228

As a drink, I opted for a hot chocolate

photo img_6002-27506photo img_6003-40309

Omaha, NE

photo img_6004

During the flight, I decided to watch a movie so I opened my computer to connect to the United Private Screening portal

photo ekran-resmi-2020-12-02-190453

I decided to watch the movie "Like a Boss" which was a nice movie to watch. By the way, the movie didn't open in Safari so I tried to open it on Firefox and then it worked.

photo ekran-resmi-2020-12-02-190701

About 1h15mins before arrival, another run of drinks and snacks were served by the cabin crew. I first asked for a canned drink but they were out of most canned drinks so I opted for another hot chocolate.

photo img_6005-85393photo img_6006-91487

This time snacks were being served from a basket. I've taken one of each option.

photo img_6007

Here is the route map while I finished my movie

photo img_6008photo img_6009

For about 30 minutes, I've taken a nap and woke up while we were descending towards LA

photo img_6010

The SoFi stadium

photo img_6011

And we've landed about an hour before our scheduled arrival time.

photo img_6012

After a short taxi, we were already at Terminal 7

photo img_6013

United 777-300ER

photo img_6014

We were going to park at gate 75A.

photo img_6015photo img_6016

After the seatbelt signs have been switched off passengers were asked to remain in their seats until their row number has been announced to comply with the United COVID-19 safety protocol. However, announcements were really fast as when rows 15 to 24 were announced, the passengers at row 9 were still waiting the passengers in row 8 to gather their belongings so it created an unnecessary crowd at the aisle.

photo img_6017

However, most passengers practiced social distancing while disembarking the aircraft.


Here is a final shot of our aircraft

photo img_6018a

As you might expect Terminal 7 was empty that evening

photo img_6019

There were reminders for those who haven't filled out the LA County form yet. However, nobody was checking if passengers did or not filled out the forms.

photo img_6020

The baggage claim hall was empty as well

photo img_6021

As I did not had any baggage, I've headed to the LAXit bus stop where I would pick up my Lyft ride to my destination.

photo img_6022

This report has came to an end.
This US domestic series would be continuing with a very different adventure very soon so stay tuned with Flight-Report for the upcoming parts.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Cabin crew9.5

United Club (Concourse B South)


Chicago - ORD


Los Angeles - LAX



This transatlantic flight with United was indeed a pleasant journey. Despite the flight was almost fully booked, they didn't run out of overhead space which was a positive experience as non-UA*G passengers do not get priority boarding and need to wait for regular boarding which is from the back to the front. The seats were comfortable and the legroom was totally fine. The crew on this flight was really friendly and they were smiling towards passengers, they actually greeted every passenger during boarding and deboarding rather than hiding in the galley. They also made two rounds of beverage and snack services throughout the flight; however, I'll admit that the lack of proper food ( including BoB sandwiches ) is a huge minus for those passengers who haven't purchased something at the airport or already eaten before. IFE was fine for this flight as I watched a movie from my laptop and the Private Screening system had decent selections. Also, there was a power outlet available to charge electronic devices which is like a must nowadays on longer flights. At ORD, the club was OK in terms of offerings but it was a bit annoying to tour 5 minutes to find an available seat as the lounge was almost at capacity that evening. The instant noodles and the wrap was my dinner and I was glad that I had a complimentary dinner although it's not that healthy. The gate area at ORD was a bit messy due to the crowd and boarding needed to stop once because of the crew change, the process could be more efficient and some people didn't observe social distancing during boarding while some others did.

To conclude, United was a decent choice to travel across the USA and their competitive prices led me to choose them for this occasion. On a future occasion, I would most likely consider United as one of my choices for travel within the USA.

(-) Crowded gate area with not enough seating
UA Club B6
(+) Decent food & beverage selections for an airline club in the USA
(-) Hard to find a seat due to the crowd
UA 1044
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Beverages and snacks were offered throughout the flight
(+) Power outlets present at each seat
(+) United Private Screening system
(-) No proper food onboard for those hungry passengers
Nothing special to mention

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) Los Angeles (LAX)


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