Review of American Airlines flight Miami San Francisco in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2918
Seat 04F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 06:22
Take-off 05 Dec 20, 08:55
Arrival at 05 Dec 20, 12:17
AA   #37 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 503 reviews
By GOLD 1610
Published on 24th January 2021

Report No: 2020-1204

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the second part of this series where I would be on another mileage-run, this time originating from the West Coast on another route other than DCA-RDU. To keep some mystery, I would reveal the routing part-by-part

The fourth report of this series would be a longer flight from the previous one and would be my longest AA flight that I've ever taken since that day. This time, I'll be flying on the American Airlines Airbus A321 from Miami to San Francisco in part of my mileage run. Before this flight, I also had the opportunity to visit the American Airlines Admirals Club at MIA near Gate D30.

Here is the routing ( the remaining parts would be revealed soon )
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100%
Main Cabin: 30-35%


After arriving from my previous flight, for the short layover, it was time to visit the American Airlines Admirals Club. So I started heading over there. The club at gate D15, the club at E gates and the Flagship Lounge is currently closed so my only option was the American Airlines Admirals Club near gate D30

photo img_6098-74026

FIDS while walking through the terminal

photo img_6100photo img_6099


After being welcomed by the lounge attendant at the entry level, I've headed upstairs to the club.

photo img_6101

That day, the lounge wasn't that crowded although all window seats were taken.

photo img_6106

In the MIA club, the bar was open as well as the buffets

photo img_6107-92672

There was also a guac toast station where the chef served a guac toast with the condiments of your choice. Soup was also available. 

photo img_6102-46407

Here are the breakfast selections of the club

photo img_6103

Bagels & cereals

photo img_6104

Fruits & oatmeal

photo img_6105-36437


About 5-10 minutes before boarding, I left the club and started heading to concourse E where my flight was departing. It was a solid 7-8 minutes walk between the club and E gates.

photo img_6108

While I arrived at the gate, N928AM was already there.

photo img_6109photo img_6110

I arrived at the gate just when boarding for Group 1 was announced, and I was the first passenger to board the aircraft

photo img_6111-78509


After being welcomed by the crew, I decided to benefit from the empty cabin and take photos a bit.
The Domestic First cabin that has the old LAA First Class seats which would be converted with Project Kodiak seats soon.

photo img_6112

The Main Cabin

photo img_6113

And my seat for this flight: 4F.
Upon boarding, there was a pillow and blanket already ready at my seat. 

photo img_6114

The legroom is much generous than Project Oasis/Kodiak cabins

photo img_6117

Each seat is equipped with an inflight entertainment system

photo img_6116

That also has a remote

photo img_6120

Also, the seats are equipped with USB ports and power outlets

photo img_6115

Our neighbor was this American A319 that was heading to Bogota that morning

photo img_6118

The overhead panel

photo img_6123

Here is the route map

photo img_6124

Here is the seat pocket content

photo img_6126-11025

After boarding was completed, an hand sanitizing wipe was provided by the cabin crew.

photo img_6125-72183

After boarding was completed, we have started our push-back

photo img_6127

And the safety video was played from the personal screens

photo img_6128

American A321 that was going to operate AA1502 to Punta Cana that morning

photo img_6129

N726AN, which was going to head to Los Angeles that evening

photo img_6130

The E satellite gates were totally empty

photo img_6131

Swiftair 737-400 that was going to Havana that morning

photo img_6132

Concourses F and G

photo img_6133

And after a short taxi, we were already at the runway

photo img_6134

We passed next to an AeroUnion cargo aircraft

photo img_6135

As well as the terminals for one last time

photo img_6136

And we were in the air

photo img_6137

LATAM aircraft at remote stands

photo img_6138

Cargo aircraft

photo img_6139

A photo after takeoff

photo img_6140

The airport and the city of Miami for the last time

photo img_6141

After we took off, it was time to discover the personal entertainment system.

photo img_6142

In addition to paid Wi-Fi, free movies, TV shows, live TV and Apple Music was available on this flight.

photo img_6143

Weather information for the Bay Area

photo img_6144

Wi-Fi options for this flight

photo img_6145

Apple Music is free of charge

photo img_6146

And the monthly suscription option

photo img_6147

While we were gaining altitude, a video about the safety precautions taken by American Airlines throughout the journey was being monitored.

photo img_6148

Although the live TV options are now limited to two channels, the coming of beIN Sports to American Airlines is something super for me as a football ( soccer ) fan.

photo img_6149

Here is the mobile IFE menu

photo img_6150

TV show options

photo img_6151

Movie options

photo img_6152

Shortly after takeoff I have requested a pair of earphones from the cabin crew which was promptly served.

photo img_6153-29228

After the seatbelt signs have been turned off, the breakfast service has begun with the option of a turkey&swiss croissant and a breakfast box. I've opted for the breakfast box option which has yoghurt and granola

photo img_6154-45920photo img_6155-29323

The description of the contents

photo img_6158-60502

With my breakfast, I've asked for an apple juice

photo img_6157-18880

St. Petersburg, FL

photo img_6156

Route map when the trays were collected

photo img_6161photo img_6159photo img_6164

During the flight, to entertain myself, I've opened my computer and decided to watch the Sevilla - Real Madrid La Liga match.

photo img_6162

Real Madrid has won the game 1-0 with the own goal of Yassine Bonnou.

photo img_6163

After a while, I slept for the remaining of the flight and woke up closer to our arrival time.

photo img_6165

At that time I visited the lavatory which was clean

photo img_6167photo img_6166

The toiletries are from CO Bigelow.

photo img_6168

At that time, I picked some snacks from the snack basket at the galley and the crew asked me if I would like any drinks. I've opted for a cup of water.

photo img_6169-42931photo img_6170-97115

We're landing towards SFO

photo img_6171

Route map at that time

photo img_6172photo img_6173

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge

photo img_6174

The reflection of our A321 on the water

photo img_6175-26080

Shortly later, we have landed at SFO

photo img_6176

Some American A321's were parked at remote stands

photo img_6177

As well as some United wide-bodies

photo img_6178

United 787

photo img_6179

United aircraft at Terminal 3

photo img_6180

More United aircraft

photo img_6181

Alaska, Delta and United Express aircraft at Terminal 2

photo img_6182photo img_6183

Alaska E-175 that would be heading towards Portland, OR

photo img_6184

More Alaska aircraft

photo img_6185

Delta 737

photo img_6186

Some part of the C gates were under construction

photo img_6187

JetBlue aircraft at Terminal 1

photo img_6188

Southwest aircraft at SFO

photo img_6189

And American aircraft

photo img_6190

American A321's at Terminal 1

photo img_6191

JAL 777-300ER at the International Terminal

photo img_6192

American A321's at gate B24 and B25.

photo img_6193

We have parked next to them at gate B26.

photo img_6194


After I said goodbye to the crew, I left the aircraft and I was in the brand new Terminal 1 of San Francisco International Airport.

photo img_6196-43160

And, it was time to wait until my next flight.
The journey would continue in the next report.
Once again, thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

AA Admirals Club D30


Miami - MIA


San Francisco - SFO



To conclude this Flight-Report, I could mention that the airport experience in MIA was pleasant and the AA Admirals Club in MIA had OK offerings for breakfast. The flight itself was an enjoyable one with comfy seats, blankets & pillows, a friendly crew, IFE offerings; however, the meal was a bit disappointing since, for a flight longer than 2500 miles, the only food that was served in the premium cabin is either a breakfast box with yoghurt and granola or a turkey & swiss croissant alongside with pre-packaged snacks throughout the flight upon request. For SFO, I didn't use SFO Terminal 2 in the past so I couldn't comment on AA's terminal change, though, I could mention that the new Terminal 1 looks fresh and clean which I could affirm that it's much modern than most terminals in the US.

(+) Priorities respected throughout the boarding process
AA Admirals Club MIA D30
(+) Comfortable seating
(+) OK food & beverage selection
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) Blankets and pillows were provided for a daytime flight
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(+) IFE system including personal device entertainment
(+) The presence of power outlets and USB ports
(-) The meal is definitely not enough for the length of the flight
(+) Clean and spacious terminal

Information on the route Miami (MIA) San Francisco (SFO)


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  • Comment 570417 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5543 Comments

    Hi ISTFlyer, thanks for another very nice and detailed report of flying AA Domestic F during the pandemic. One thing I don't like about AA's TCON routes ex-MIA since pre-Covid is the inconsistent mix of aircraft on MIA-LAX/SFO. Sometimes you get long-haul J on widebodies, sometimes you get Domestic configured a/c like on this flight. At least you got a LAA 321 that still have PTVs.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see beIN Sports on the Live TV offerings recently. That will be especially nice to have during major football (soccer) events if flying.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 570418 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 361 Comments

      Hi Kévin and welcome to this report,

      One thing I don't like about AA's TCON routes ex-MIA since pre-Covid is the inconsistent mix of aircraft on MIA-LAX/SFO.

      - MIA-SFO is now all narrow bodies and MIA-LAX is a mixture of A321, 77E & 77W's. If I'm not wrong AA operated the 767's on MIA-SFO in the past but unfortunately, they are gone from AA's fleet. Also, as you mentioned the mixture on LAX-MIA could be bothering, at least during I flew the flight on my previous report, the red-eye was operated with a -Premium Transcontinental- 777-300ER, now it's a - Domestic First- LAA A321 which could not be compared with a wide-body.
      Sometimes you get long-haul J on widebodies, sometimes you get Domestic configured a/c like on this flight. At least you got a LAA 321 that still have PTVs.

      - Unfortunately, ex-SFO is now all narrow-bodies and except for the A321T's that operate to/from JFK, there isn't any way to fly lie-flat on AA to SFO but I was lucky that I didn't end up with an Oasis 737 or a PMUS A321 for this long flight.
      I was also pleasantly surprised to see beIN Sports on the Live TV offerings recently. That will be especially nice to have during major football (soccer) events if flying.

      - We share the exact feelings; as someone watching football ( soccer ) games regularly, I was also happy to see beIN Sports, and the La Liga match was pretty entertaining. American has earned a plus from me for my future travels within the USA because of this move, especially as beIN Sports is not available on DirecTV equipped United and JetBlue aircraft anymore.

      Once again thanks for your comment and stay safe

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