Review of American Airlines flight Los Angeles Miami in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1782
Class Business
Seat 03A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 05 Dec 20, 00:10
Arrival at 05 Dec 20, 07:50
AA   #26 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
By GOLD 3011
Published on 18th January 2021

Report No: 2020-1203

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the second part of this series where I would be on another mileage-run, this time originating from the West Coast on another route other than DCA-RDU. To keep some mystery, I would reveal the routing part-by-part

The third report of this series and the first flight of this mileage run would be on American Airlines' Premium Transcontinental service from Los Angeles to Miami on the 777-300ER aircraft in their Flagship Business cabin. I have also visited the American Airlines Admirals Club in Los Angeles Terminal 4 before this flight.

Here is the routing ( the remaining parts would be revealed soon )
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Loads for this flight

Flagship First: 100%
Flagship Business: 100%
Economy: 100%


About 1h30 minutes before the flight, I have arrived at Los Angeles Airport Terminal 4 for the beginning of this mileage run.

photo img_6032-27652

Here are the FIDS

photo img_6033

I don't know the reason, although the priority security checkpoint was closed and passengers were separated as TSA Pre and general boarding. The machines at the usual priority security checkpoint was used during these late hours and the main checkpoint in Terminal 4 was closed.

photo img_6034

The wait at security wasn't bad and I was in the airside within 5-10 minutes.

photo img_6035-47427


In normal conditions, Flagship Business passengers on American Airlines are eligible for the Flagship Lounge, however, the Flagship Lounge was closed so the only lounge option for the day was the Admirals Club. By the way, the Qantas First Lounge and the oneworld Business Lounge in Terminal B is closed since March and never re-opened.

photo img_6036-61541

After being welcomed by the agent, the part of the club near to the entrance was a bit crowded so I decided to head towards the back and there was a surprise.

photo img_6038

The Flagship Lounge seating was open for Admirals Club passengers and there was nobody over there. During my entire stay in the club, nobody except club staff came there. I had the whole Flagship Lounge to myself.

photo img_6039

However, the Flagship Lounge buffet, showers and other amenities were closed.

photo img_6040

Food should be taken at the Admirals Club section.
Here are the pay-to-eat options 

photo img_6042

There were pre-packaged snacks and salads at the buffet

photo img_6045

The espresso machine and the fountain drink machine was working.

photo img_6044photo img_6043

Filter coffee, tea, ice tea was also available.

photo img_6041

The club also has a bar where you could ask for some other snacks and for mac'n cheese and soup. Since June 2020, American Airlines has discontinued the premium drink perk of non-AA oneworld elites and their Flagship passengers so all alcohol other than house wine and house beer should be purchased.

photo img_6048-77611

There was also a TV area where a college basketball game and a news channel was streamed at that time.

photo img_6047

Here is my selection for the day

photo img_6046

By the way, N729AN was visible from the club. This would be the aircraft taking us to Miami.

photo img_6037


Closer to boarding, I have headed downstairs to the gate and realized that the gate area was full. Before boarding had started, standby passengers were announced one by one to the podium for their boarding passes.

photo img_6050-54552

Boarding started about a few minutes later than planned with the respect of group numbers. As oneworld Emeralds and Flagship Business passengers are in Group 2, we had a very long line in Group 2 and I was about the 40-50th passenger to board the aircraft that day.

photo img_6051-29902

Another shot of N729AN

photo img_6049


After being welcomed by the crew, I headed to my seat 3A which is located in the front small Flagship Business cabin

photo img_6052

There was a water bottle, a set of Bang&Olufsen headphones, a basic Economy earphone, an amenity kit, socks, the menu and pistachios at my seat when I arrived.

photo img_6053photo img_6055photo img_6056

As well as a pillow and a blanket which was wrapped

photo img_6054

The seat control panels. The seat also had a power outlet and a USB port.

photo img_6057

The content of the seatback pocket wasn't surprising. The American Way magazine and the safety card was present as usual.

photo img_6058-14271

While boarding, a documentary was being played from the overhead screens.

photo img_6059

The Flagship Business Class seats have individual air noses to adjust the air level at your seat.

photo img_6066

The seat is also equipped with the Panasonic ex2 IFE system

photo img_6063

Also, I would like to mention that the Wi-Fi system was not working on todays flight such as the mobile personal device entertainment system.

Here is the main menu of the IFE system

photo img_6064

And the route map for the day

photo img_6065

Boarding had been completed on time, although there were reminder announcements for passengers to take their seats as probably it was hard to find space in the overhead lockers back in Economy Class on a full flight.

At that time the safety video was played.

photo img_6067

Shortly later we started our pushback towards the runway and the cabin crew appeared for trash collection and the final checks before takeoff.

photo img_6071

American Airlines A321 at the terminal

photo img_6073

Another one

photo img_6074

After a short taxi, it was our turn to takeoff and as usual LAX takeoffs, we have took off towards the west.

photo img_6075

While we were taking off, a video about the hygiene precautions on this flight was shown on the personal screens.

photo img_6077


Even though this flight departed after midnight ( 00:10 ), there was a full dinner service on this flight which I stayed awake for it. Here are the menu options: 

photo img_6060

Food & beverage selection for this flight. Even though this flight was on December, the November menu was present on this flight.

photo img_6061-30657

Wine options

photo img_6062

Shortly after takeoff, the cabin crew came to take drink orders which was followed by food orders.
For a drink, I opted for the "Poderi Dal Nespoli Prugneto Romagna Superiore" red wine 

photo img_6078

About 5 minutes later than the drink being served, my tray had arrived. The tray had an appetizer, the main course, a bread roll, butter, salt&pepper and a lemon cheesecake as a dessert.

photo img_6079

The appetizer
Lemon Rosemary Chicken
Bulgur, Grapefruit, Feta Cheese 

photo img_6082-37930

For the main course, I've opted for the beef option which was absolutely perfect for a US domestic flight.

Beef Short Rib
Twice baked potato, asparagus, wine sauce 

photo img_6081-12569

After dinner I visited the lavatory which was clean at that time

photo img_6083-66428photo img_6084-42494

After returning to my seat, my tray was already collected and I converted my seat into lie-flat position and slept until the captain has switched on the fasten seatbelt signs for landing. I have skipped the "Light Refreshment" service onboard this flight.

photo img_6086

We were already somewhere over Florida at that time

photo img_6087

Before arrival the cabin crew serving my area came to me and asked, "Sir, are you doing a mileage run?" and I answered yes. He should be surprised to see my itinerary which isn't that logical when it comes to normal traveling.

photo img_6088

Photos of Miami before landing

photo img_6089photo img_6090

And we have landed to MIA on time.

photo img_6091

Some private jets at remote stands

photo img_6092

An American 737-800 passing by

photo img_6093

And shortly later we have arrived at gate D14 which was our parking spot for the day

photo img_6094

During deboarding, there was no row-by-row deboarding. Door 2L was used so Flagship Business passengers were the first to disembark the aircraft

photo img_6095


And ladies and gentlemen, before this report comes to an end here are the connections for passengers onboard this flight. I am waiting for your guesses which flight I would take next. I'll give a solid hint that it's written in one of the two photographs below.

photo img_6096photo img_6097-15739

This report has now come to an end.
For the continuation of this series please stay tuned with Flight-Report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

American Admirals Club - 4


Los Angeles - LAX


Miami - MIA



American Airlines' premium transcontinental flights are a really good and enjoyable way if you prefer to travel in a premium cabin and have a great hard and soft product at the same time. Although with priority security not being offered and the Flagship Lounge being closed, the ground experience was not that premium, however, the Admirals Club had a decent selection for the night. The flight itself was a bit enjoyable with comfortable seats for the night, a decent proper dinner service on the air, comfortable amenities including pillows, blankets, and the amenity kit. The only negative parts of the journey were that there weren't any PDB being offered on this flight which is totally understandable due to COVID-19 and the Wi-Fi system was not working on this flight. I wasn't able to try anything from the refreshment menu as I slept after the dinner service until we prepared for landing.

To conclude, the AA premium transcontinental flight on this route might be one of the best premium cabin flights that I've taken within the USA and I look forward to flying an AA premium transcontinental flight in the future. Also, please feel free to provide your guess where would I be taking my connecting flight below in the comment section.

(+) Boarding made with priorities being respected
(-) No priority security offered
(-) Crowded boarding area
AA Admirals Club T4
(+) Comfortable seating
(+) OK food and beverage offerings
(+) Comfortable seats
(+) Proper food being served on this flight
(+) Amenities that were provided
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Lavatories were clean during my visit
(-) Wi-Fi wasn't working on this flight
Nothing special to mention

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Miami (MIA)


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    Pericles 20 Comments

    Hi! Nice FR.
    Just a question: how can such a popular flight as LAX-MIA be part of a mileage run?

    • Comment 570147 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 365 Comments

      Hi Pericles and thanks for the appreciation; I am glad you enjoyed this Flight-Report

      Just a question: how can such a popular flight as LAX-MIA be part of a mileage run?

      - The answer for this is that irregular operations such as flight cancellations and schedule changes could sometimes benefit the passenger and allow a re-routing ( sometimes in an awkward way ).

      Hope to see you in another report

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