Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 409
Class Economy
Seat 69A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 05:20
Take-off 27 Feb 12, 16:35
Arrival at 27 Feb 12, 22:55
TG   #19 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 382 reviews
By 5443
Published on 11th October 2013
The return sector. I had again checked in online and selected the same seats at row 69 again on the B773 aircraft.

TG check-in counters at BKK. No queues at all! All the thai airlines have umbrellas at the counters. Anyone knows what it signifies?
photo 6812800940_3421235935_b

Boarding pass. We would be bussed to the plane today!
photo 6812800944_3535f589f0_b

Departure hall.
photo 6812800946_23af09b482_b

C2a would be a bus gate.
photo 6812800948_6aae52107c_b

Some plane spotting. SQ Star Alliance B772 9V-SRI (non-AVOD) going back to SIN as SQ977 just before us. Boy am I glad to be flying TG instead of this aircraft. TG B734 looked to tiny in comparison.
photo 6812800954_3b6848edcb_b

TG A346 towed into the gate after SQ has left.
photo 6812800958_f44141b750_b

Very soon, boarding was announced and again, the entire boarding procedure was very orderly. A number of buses were waiting the ferry the full B773 load of pax to the plane.
photo 6958915587_671b1fa7c2_b

Our plane in sight!
photo 6958915593_eda9f132bf_b

27 February 2012
Thai Airways International
TG 409
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

HS-TKA, TG's 1st B777-300, would be flying us back today. It had been a long time since I boarded a plane bigger than a A320 via stairs!
photo 6958915607_1c4ecec539_b

Mighty Rolls-Royce!
photo 6958915601_a478cc2dab_b

We were free to take photos on the tarmac! The ground staff just smiled at me without saying a word. TG's A345 just 2 bays away.
photo 6958915611_91f98beba8_b

Finally shooed up the stairs when the bus load of passengers had cleared. Two beautiful stewardesses were at the door welcoming passengers.
photo 6958915613_c122ccce75_b

Nice seats again. Greeted by the crew on the aisles with lots of Sawadees and wai-ings as usual. This flight would turn out to be full again! TG is certainly doing very well on the SIN-BKK route even with all the budget airlines plying the route also.
photo 6812808166_e86eabf588_b

One of the interesting planes at BKK. Nordwind B757.
photo 6812808176_ce60af0d31_b

All-white Orient Thai B743
photo 6812808182_8b2d4042ec_b

We miss Swiss in SIN!!
photo 6959065421_1412d7ace7_b

LH B744 on a short hop to KUL.
photo 6812808190_cea6aa8d7f_b

When almost all pax had boarded the aircraft, the crew distributed earphones. Blankets were also given out to pax who required one.
photo 6812808178_1f3005020c_b

TG earphones in a small bag, yours to keep. Behind is the IFE magazine, which apparently sported nearly the same cover as SQ's Krisworld IFE guide for the month!
photo 6812808186_88a7de8107_b

Pushback was delayed for about 10min due to 3 no-shows, whose bags had to be offloaded. Finally doors were closed and the safety video was played. TG's safety video really set the standards in being classy and concise.

Pushback, engine start-up and welcome announcement.

SAS, you are also missed in SIN.
photo 6958920719_2a832dd85f_b

When will I get to fly on the A346?
photo 6958920729_a659bf052d_b

Miss the B744? TG still has lots of them!
photo 6958920737_e6a38cba0e_b

It's Thai land alright. Noticed the different shades of purple for the livery (metallic vs matt purple)?
photo 6958920739_732842cbdb_b

Taxi to Rwy19L with music in background again.

Lift off!

No, there is no flooding. They are just padi fields.
photo 6958920743_80b2c20eda_b

Shortly after takeoff, with the map-view on the IFE. Wonderful legroom again! Interestingly, only on-demand movies were not available on the IFE system while the plane was on the ground. According to TG's website, The movies are not available on Bangkok-Singapore-Bangkok and Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok. However shortly after takeoff, the IFE system was reset and miraculously, the AVOD movies became available!
photo 6958920745_0d969fea59_b

Climbing to 37,000ft.
photo 6812812982_2fdf9e57f8_b

The usual service procedure began with distribution of immigration forms, followed by piping hot towels. Flipped through the inflight magazine and saw this article on Ethiopian Airlines joining Star Alliance. As usual with past practices, there was a shot with all the Star Alliance cabin crew members. Hmmm, but where is the Singapore Girl?
photo 6812812986_49daa44996_b

Pilot announcement on the routing and altitude.

Cruising at 37,000ft.
photo 6812812994_0bb20eae11_b

About 30min after takeoff, the aroma of green curry weaved through the cabin. Food!! True enough, the bar and meal carts were pushed towards the rear of the cabin and meal service started. Oh boy, just the smell of the food is making everyone hungry! 2 stewardesses were serving my aisle (there were 2 crew on each aisle) which made the service really fast. First, the meal trays were distributed, followed by the bar cart just behind.

Choices today were Fish in sweet & sour sauce with fried rice and vegetables, or Green curry chicken with fried egg and rice. We chose one of each. On the meal tray were also a tuna salad, warm roll and butter and a cake for dessert.
photo 6958925835_cb93ee9d9a_b

Tuna salad with vegetables. Simple starter.
photo 6958925829_581413af78_b

Sweet and sour fish with fried rice and vegetables. Full of flavour and very nice! Also the casserole was filled to the brim with food!
photo 6812812996_0f203a3183_b

Green curry chicken with fried egg and rice. Tasted very much better than it looks! Authentic thai-style green curry. Bangkok catering really produces the best thai/asian meals to suit our asian palettes!
photo 6812813012_6ea5c92a80_b

Cream cake. Unfortunately not a thai-style dessert again. However the cake is rich enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.
photo 6812813008_3f695897ce_b

The very friendly stewardess preparing our drinks on the bar cart. I ordered a gin&tonic and apple juice.
photo 6958925839_b948d6a438_b

Gin and tonic in the skies. Note the retro-designed stirrer.
photo 6958925843_9cb2426b68_b

Drinks service in progress. Top-ups of wines were also offered. After the bar service, coffee/tea were offered along with a second round of drinks. As TG would practice, milk was poured from milk pots into the cups when requested to be added, ala business class style.
photo 6958925851_8a54bf5aa3_b

Flying into bad weather towards the end of meal service while coffee/tea was served. Flight became quite bumpy for a while with further slight bumps, but seatbelt signs were never switched on and hot beverages were still served. Guess the pilots knew that the turbulence would not last long. However on certain airlines, the seatbelt signs would definitely be switched on and hot beverages suspended for the rest of the flight.
photo 6958925859_b471297f5b_b

Meal trays were collected and we had nearly an hour to go. Weather was not too good for the rest of the flight with slight bumps now and then.
photo 6958927459_3d1c1684af_b

4 of the 6 lavatories at the rear of the cabin. There were another 4 in the middle of the Y cabin, making a grand total of 10 lavatories for 330 pax, a very generous ratio! You will never see a long queue forming for the toilets, even on a full flight.
photo 6958927467_5191d81428_b

Cabin view.
photo 6958927475_6347705da5_b

Not too long after, descent started. However pax were only required to return to their seats and have seatback upright halfway through the descent. Announcements were also shown on PTVs as well.
photo 6958927485_67b54d0392_b

Overflying Batam before we start turn back to Changi.
photo 6958927489_9fe7e38a88_b

Night view of Singapore city.
photo 6958927491_c8d4292e09_b

Lots of vessels in view. Approaching Rwy02L.
photo 6958930185_b0150241c0_b

Landing at Changi Rwy02L, about 10min late, due to offloading of bags.

Parked at T1 beside a CX B773. Note the Air Berlin plane behind CX? Guess it was a seasonal charter.
photo 6958930189_da392cdc1b_b

Disembarking the plane. The female crew were still in their traditional thai uniform as they would be operating the flight back to BKK as TG410.
photo 6958930191_91e3e2f6de_b

Just can't get enough of the colourful seats.
photo 6958930195_b1bea81979_b

Final view of TKA, with AF B773ER parked beside.
photo 6958930197_5f0317ac0b_b

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



Thai has shown again that they have provided a more than descent product in economy class. They do not market themselves as a 5-star airline but on the regional hops, their overall service is equivalent or even better than many of the premier airlines out there. Small touches like hot towels, ceramic casseroles, boarding/landing music added to the charm of travel and food/beverages remained excellent as ever. Service by the crew is generally good on the two flights. I would not hesitate to fly Thai again in the future to BKK if its prices remain competitive as TG really offers a value-for-money product.

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