Review of KLM flight Denpasar Singapore in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL 836
Class Economy
Seat 56A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 30 Apr 12, 20:35
Arrival at 30 Apr 12, 22:55
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Published on 13th October 2013
After 3 relaxing nights in Bali,with lots of suntanning and spa sessions, it was time to return to Singapore. Transport was provided from our hotel, Holiday Inn Resort Baruna, to the airport, which took less than 10min. However, cars could not stop at the terminal building now due to some expansion/construction works going on and we had to walk a distance from the alighting point. Tickets were checked before we were allowed into the terminal building.

Checking in for the flight. Coincidently, it was a national holiday of Netherlands on the day of our flight, Queen's Day!
photo 7144153105_3ab70f44a8_b

All passengers were handed a little treat in the form of a chocolate lolly! Nice gesture by KLM!
photo 7144153085_90b7f77700_b

However no upgrade to Economy Comfort this time round. I would experience the comfort of normal economy on this leg. The boarding pass issued in Bali was also much more colourful than the ones issued in Singapore.
photo 6998067864_8386c98176_b

Paid the 150,000rupuah departure tax and proceeded through immigration. Met with lots of shops in the departure lounge. Seemed like the airport did some refurbishment as certain shops seemed quite new.
photo 6998067866_f50a35a192_b

Interesting that they would showcase a SQ plane instead of a Garuda plane.
photo 6998067952_3c756deb47_b

SQ947 operated by the Star-Alliance plane 9V-SRI with no AVOD, departing from the gate just beside and 25min before my flight. I really pitied the pax who paid through their noses to fly on this prehistoric plane.
photo 6998067946_bf8c3e971f_b

As gates 7-9 shared the same security counters, it resulted in a very long queue of passengers queuing to clear security. Finally cleared security after quite a wait and proceeded to the boarding gate. Boarding has already commenced. Wow was I happy that the plane in Skyteam livery, PH-BVD, would be operating my flight! Skyteam vs Star Alliance!
photo 7144153351_a49b8f12a2_b

30 April 2012
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
KL 836
Denpasar Bali(DPS) - Singapore(SIN)
PH-BVD Skyteam Livery
Economy Class

Boarded through Door 2 this time round and no newspaper trolley was seen at the door. However was still welcomed by a friendly set of crew. Had a loooong walk down the B773ER cabin to my seat right at the aft economy cabin. Boarding was efficient and orderly, guess typical of european airlines?
photo 6998068040_b15545c4b4_b

Legroom in normal economy, even though advertised only as 31, was not too bad actually as the design of the seats allowed me to stretch my legs under the seat in front. Rather comfortable in fact! However, width was still a tad tight.
photo 7144153447_11d6da55ab_b

The contents in seat-pocket again. The disposal bag looked nice!
photo 6998068846_a1ce759f00_b

Qatar Airways B772LR, operating a flight to Singapore too!
photo 6998068106_86c5e7d3cc_b

As with European efficiency, doors were closed barely minutes after I sat down and we pushed back with safety demo played on PTVs. Flight time was announced as 2hrs10min.

Taxied and took off from Rwy09 into the Balinese night sky.

Lights of Bali.
photo 6998068166_b3d9159133_b

Flight map on PTV shortly after takeoff.
photo 7144153541_019cc5aeb7_b

Seat belts signs were turned off, service video played and the KLM crew sprang into action. First was the distribution of earsets, followed by piping hot towels. Serving my aisle was a young and cheerful female attendant, seen here distributing hot towels.
photo 7144153629_5b7933d0c4_b

Hot towel on armrest. Noticed how tiny is the width of the armrest?
photo 6998068322_129d6c77c3_b

Firing up the inflight entertainment system.
photo 6998068256_8d84b8d9a5_b

After we have leveled at 36000ft, the pilot came on with some information of our flight. He really talked a lot! Haha.

Half hour after takeoff, meal service started with the distribution of special meals followed by the rest of the cabin. Again a full dinner was served but similar to the outbound, no choices were offered. The meal seemed to be catered in Singapore, judging by the breadroll and butter on the tray. On each tray were again a starter and a dessert.
photo 7144153751_eccdf87fce_b

Starter: Carrots and raisin salad. Simple but fine.
photo 7144153817_9c6fd231e1_b

Main: Breaded chicken in lemon sauce, egg fried rice and vegetables. The portion of the chicken is rather big and the rice is tasty.
photo 7144153943_61e70af672_b

Dessert: Peach tart. Nice sweet pastry.
photo 6998068482_fb69b02031_b

For drinks, I had a Chilean white wine and orange juice to go with the meal. Wines were served in mini-bottles.
photo 6998068398_d52696cd3d_b

Crew distributing meal and drinks. Meal service took some time as the flight was again almost full!
photo 6998068518_2f2638da66_b

I watched an episode of Glee while enjoying the meal!
photo 7144153985_24a0260629_b

Polished off almost everything!
photo 7144153995_7717c67aa7_b

By the time meal trays were being collected, we were only about slightly more than 30min away from Singapore.
photo 7144154053_1d62b00d14_b

However coffee/tea and post-meal liquors were still offered during tray collection. I had a tea with milk and an Amarula. It was interesting to note that the plastic cups used by KLM had a marking (line around the cup) for the crew to fill up the liquors to. So everyone had the same amount of liquor when being served.
photo 6998068680_88227056a1_b

Coffee/tea/liquor service. Note that milk from cartons and mineral water were also available on the carts.
photo 6998068766_dbef7c0dd1_b

A run of duty-free service was also quickly conducted after trays were cleared. By this time, we had descended halfway and nearing Singapore!
photo 6998068788_5f00567f2c_b

Seatbelt signs were switched on when we were overflying Batam, barely less than 10min to landing. Arrival announcements were also made. Note how low we were now! Crew then make a quick sweep through the cabin to clear remaining trash and secure the cabin. They really did worked hard for the entire flight!

Made a right turn towards Rwy02L. Gears were then lowered and crew requested to go to their landing positions, barely a couple of minutes before touchdown!!
photo 7144154211_9c00d9f3d7_b

Night view of Eastern Singapore.
photo 6998068904_ba406121a4_b

Landing on Rwy02L at 2253hrs, 7 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

Taxied and parked at Terminal One.
photo 6998068906_4099eb46a2_b

Cabin views during disembarkation. 4 seaters in the middle.
photo 7144154387_d5fc9a8e23_b

3 seaters at the window. Crew were at the doors bading farewell.
photo 7144154391_6d516896de_b

Seat pitch is rather decent.
photo 6998067684_2edb93dacb_b

Goodbye, Nationaal Park Amboseli.
photo 6998067672_8f1d188508_b

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Cabin crew9.0

Denpasar - DPS


Singapore - SIN



Another nice flight on KLM! KLM has shown that european carriers could be comparable to asian carriers on regional routes and it had rightly proven itself. Inflight offerings and service on this short sector has greatly exceeded my expectations! It was really a pleasure flying on KLM from Singapore to Bali! If their prices remained so affordable, I might even be tempted to try its World Business Class cabin on my future Bali beach holiday!

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