Review of ANA flight Ho Chi Minh City Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH834
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Flight time 05:26
Take-off 12 Oct 18, 07:06
Arrival at 12 Oct 18, 14:32
NH   #10 out of 107 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 204 reviews
Published on 16th February 2021

CHECK-in,sgn aIRPORT lounge tour, boarding & departure

My dad and I arrived at Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport around 05:00 AM in the morning, and after we arrived at SGN/VVTS, we went to ANA's check-in counter to check-in for NH834&NH12 to Chicago on the 31K+26A seat. After we check-in, we went to the Rose Lounge. After I arrived at the Rose Lounge, I immediately saw a Qatar Airways B777F departing for Doha.

photo screen-shot-2021-02-16-at-222819

After around 45 mins in the lounge, my dad and I departed for NH834's Gate 16 and then arrived at Gate 16 at 06:05 AM where I immediately saw a beautiful ANA B767-381(ER)(WL) registered JA619A delievered to ANA on Aug 31 2010 which will be bringing me to Narita on Oct 12 2018.

photo 462285788

After we arrived at Gate 16 at 06:05, we waited for the boarding annoucemnet which began at 06:20 AM, and after 5 mins, my dad and I began to quene up, and then at 06:29 my dad and I entered the cabin, the ANA cabin crews greeted us, and we also greeted them back :). 2 mins after we entered the cabin, we settled in our seats, which was 31H+K. After we settled into our seats, I began to take photos of this beautiful B767 which was parked next to JAL's Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner registered JA831J preparing for JL759 to Narita later.

photo 1197539976

After everyone boarded the aircraft, the cabin crews began arming the doors at 06:40 AM, and then our aircraft began to pushback at 06:48 AM as the ANA safety video began to play. And while our aircraft pushed back, I heard the beautiful CF6-80C2B6F engines starting.

photo 996806498

After few mins, our B763 pushed onto Twy E6, and then at 07:00, our B763 began to taxi towards Rwy 25L.

photo 1283650237photo 1048790112

After 5 mins of taxi to Rwy 25L, our aircraft arrived at Rwy 25L at 07:05, and then our B763 began to line up and takeoff at 07:06.

After we pulled-up, the aircraft smoothly turned towards our destination. 

photo 1954644807


Afer 2 hr 30 mins of flight, our cabin crews began to serve everyone lunch and drinks at 11:30 JST at FL370.

photo 1258974272photo 695918056photo 1906044757


Our 4 hr 39 mins of flight, our aircraft began to descend towards NRT/RJAA from FL370, and during the whole descend, it was smooth. 

photo 228888003photo 88818235


At around 14:27 JST, our aircraft/JA619A began to line up NRT/RJAA's Rwy 34R, but during the approach part, we hit some turbulence due to Narita Airport being quite cloudy and foggy.

photo 1276345196photo 1605941089


We safely landed at Narita Airport at 14:32 JST, and the capt/fo managed to butter this B763 with a smooth landing and not a ryanair landing.

photo 846532594photo 1418045528

After we landed safely at NRT's Rwy 34R, we vacated Rwy 34R via Twy B2, and then we taxied to remote stand 402.


After few mins, we arrived at our parking stand, which is stand 402, and after we arrived, our engines shutted downed, and then we waited for the bus to come, and we disembarked after 5 mins. 

photo 1042084610photo 234352161

After we disembarked, we got on the bus, which took us to Narita Airport's Terminal 2 to let passengers transit or enter Japan, and my dad and I directly went to the transit security, and then went to our next flight/NH12 to Chicago's Gate which was Gate 53.

photo 1890584407photo 1471474004photo 124236233
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Cabin crew10.0

SASCO Rose CIP Lounge


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


Tokyo - NRT



Overall, NH834 is a great flight to fly if you are flying with ANA. If you espicially would like to try flights on the Ho Chi Minh City-Tokyo route, NH834 is definetly a great flight you should try as since July 2019, NH834 has been gradually been upgraded by ANA from a B767-300ER to B787-8 and to the most modern aircraft ANA has now, which is a B787-9 now.

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The airline with the best average rating is ANA with 7.9/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 52 minutes.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5378 Comments

    Thanks for sharing another review. the ANA 767 looks like a really nice experience in Economy, with that comfortable 2-3-2 configuration. I've flown the JAL 767 before on a similar route (SIN-NRT) and found that it was super comfortable for Economy.
    FYI, Looks like the grades for the lounge and airports were not set as they're all showing the default 5/10.

    Thanks for sharing!

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