Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K 516
Class Economy
Seat 29F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 15 Jul 12, 12:50
Arrival at 15 Jul 12, 16:20
3K 48 reviews
By 3030
Published on 14th October 2013
The return flight home on Jetstar Asia. It was the standard short-haul budget flight on Jetstar Asia and service was even pretty good! However the down side was that I was allocated row 29 on the A320 (even when during web check-in) and there were no other rows available. The last 4 rows have really tight seat pitch (can refer to my previous reports) and there was no way I can shift to other rows as the flight was almost completely full! Well, at least I was not at row 30.

15 July 2012
Jetstar Asia
3K 516
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Departure was from Gate G4.
photo 7614900838_9029a579ca_b

9V-JSG will be the workhorse for today's flight.
photo 7614901044_fb97a2fb46_b

Jetstar boarding pass. My sequence number was already 167 when checking in slightly more than an hour before departure!
photo 7614901596_50b53911d4_b

Boarded by rows. Rushed to board to find storage in the bins near my seat as the overhead bins above Rows 28-30 are not available for luggage storage due to the storage of the emergency life raft and medical equipments. 4 cabin crew and 2 pilots on this flight. They were a mix of nationalities, with the captain from Oz, a Japanese 1st officer, 2 Japanese cabin crew (a male and a female), a Singaporean female crew and a Myanmese (I think) female crew-in-charge. Wow, that is a lot of Japanese crew on a flight not bound for Japan! Guess they are mainly hired to operate the SIN-TPE/MNL-KIX flights, with the occasional regional routes.

Jetstar seats.
photo 7614901214_0f254b6942_b

Really tight seat pitch at Row 29. My knees were almost touching the seat in front! Try to avoid at all costs!
photo 7614901964_860b941d9c_b

The stuff in seat pocket.
photo 7614901782_b8ae956ddb_b

Boarding in progress. Cabin crew were very actively guiding passengers to seats and helping in storage of carry-ons, unlike many other carriers where the crew merely gave mental/eye support! Great job by Jetstar here! With the crews' effort, the cabin filled up pretty fast and everyone settled down in no-time. In fact, all passengers had boarded and doors closed even before the ramp guys had finished loading the luggage!
photo 7614902134_786c6faa46_b

Some interesting carriers: Tui Airlines Belgium B763 with winglets.
photo 7614901412_1ebae69034_b

Shanghai Airlines B737-800
photo 7614902272_488df2b7c1_b

Prior to pushback, safety demo was shown. Pushback was delayed for 10min due to the closure of a runway at BKK.

Thai Air Asia A320 in a dragon livery.
photo 7614902436_e0679e1fab_b

During the taxi to Rwy19R, saw a TG B777-300ER.
photo 7614900646_bd62f1ea5f_b

Sunny Airways B767-300. Didn't know there is such an airline.
photo 7614902732_6767a8be88_b

Cargo ramp area, with TG and ANA cargo planes.
photo 7614902896_ace1a2f13a_b

Holding for an Air Asia to land.
photo 7614903092_870956e008_b

And off we go!!

Leaving the coast.
photo 7614903264_62fdd85158_b

Blue skies and sea.
photo 7614903730_1803f14e1f_b

Islands off Pattaya.
photo 7614903908_bbc435e93e_b

According to the Jetstar Asia magazine, there is supposed to be new dishes offered for the hot meals. But this was not stated in the menu.
photo 7614903482_e27c781034_b

Cabin crew dishing out the pre-ordered hot meals (orders were taken prior to takeoff) and conducting the BOB service. Quite a number of ad-hoc orders for hot meals on this flight as the crew were scurrying back and forth from the galley with the mains. Crew also attended to call buttons promptly and service was generally efficient and friendly.
photo 7614904038_f8ec15b9ce_b

photo 7614904234_eb980db1cd_b

Very soon, the captain came on with the arrival announcement. Even with the earlier than usual landing preparations, it was still conducted halfway through the descent, much later than SQ or Scoot.

Descending along the eastern coast of Malaysia.
photo 7614904454_3d70db0d26_b

Circled for a while before approaching the runway from the north.
photo 7614904624_cba699db4a_b

Landing on Rwy20R. Even though the final approach was kinda unstable with gusty winds, touchdown was very smooth! One of my smoothest touchdown on an A320 till date. Landed 10min late mainly due to the delays at BKK and Changi.

2 Xiamen Airlines B737s at Changi.
photo 7614904840_07c0b57430_b

Parked at C11, just a hop over to immigration.
photo 7614900486_ec833910e9_b

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



Another satisfactory flight with Jetstar, apart from the horrible legroom. Jetstar generally performs well for its inflight service and I would rate them higher than the other LCC carriers.

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