Review of Myanmar Airways International flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Flight 8M 335
Class Economy
Seat 13F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 03 Jan 13, 11:40
Arrival at 03 Jan 13, 15:00
8M 4 reviews
By 3040
Published on 21st October 2013
4 nights in Bangkok and my first short getaway in 2013 has ended. The return MAI flight departs at such a not-so-good timing of 1140am as MAI operates only one flight a day on the route. The plane, which seemed to be based in BKK, would depart early in the morning as 8M336 to RGN, which is a continuation of the previous day's SIN-BKK sector, and return to BKK as 8M335 and then continuing to SIN after a 1+hr stopover in BKK.

Arrived at the airport about 1.5hrs before the flight, to find all 4 MAI check-in counters almost empty. Looked like it would again be a near empty flight! Check-in was handled by Thai Airways ground staff and was efficient.

photo 8353637614_33b0bf9aa1_b

Asked about the load, with the check-in agent replying that it was very light. So I tried my luck and requested for seats at Row 13, the emex row, and was immediately allocated seats there! Score! Again, boarding pass was printed on a generic pass stock.

photo 8353637428_14c7152467_b

03 January 2013
Myanmar Airways International
8M 335
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
LZ-BHH (leased from BH Air)
Economy Class

Through security and immigration, which was not too bad, and proceeded into the terminal. We would be departing form Gate F1 today and so was not too long a walk. The plane had already arrived back from Yangon and was being prepared for the flight. Boarding gate was almost empty and I barely counted 30 passengers.

photo 8352573743_fecf3f24dc_b

LZ-BHH would again be operating the flight today.

photo 8353636904_4652a5c2c2_b

Boarding was called shortly, as usual by rows, but ended up as free-for-all due to the very light load. I estimated probably only around 50 pax on the flight. There appeared also to be a small number of transit pax from RGN. Walking down the aerobridge, Mandala and KLM were parked beside.

photo 8352573431_ea6d8cb1c0_b

Again welcomed at the door by a MAI purser. The sole BH Air Bulgarian attendant was again the same lady as on my inbound flights. There were also 4 other MAI crew. 2 guys and 2 ladies, each lady in their blue and green MAI uniforms respectively, not sure what the blue and green coloured uniforms stands for. Rank? I am quite sure the orange uniform is worn by the purser. Proceeded to my seat at row 13 again and enjoying the wonderful legroom!

photo 8353632680_45baa2bee9_b

Interestingly, no crew member came over and brief on the use of the emergency exit doors at the 2 emex rows unlike other carriers that operate A320s. This was also noticed on the previous flight.

photo 8353637320_fb6976073b_b

At the gate and waiting for the last passengers.

photo 8352573173_5c2d9f699b_b

Welcome announcement was given by the purser, followed by distribution of wet towelettes. Burmese announcements were made on this flight as there were a small number of transit passengers from Yangon.

Pushing back 5 mins ahead of schedule with safety demo performed manually. The BH Air attendant made the safety brief announcements. This was followed by Burmese announcement by the MAI crew.

photo 8353636322_773a01a8f2_b

Taxied to Rwy 01L to takeoff. TG's A346, also bound for SIN, took off 2 planes ahead of us.

photo 8352572845_b26eb06970_b

Taxi and rolling takeoff from Rwy 01L.

Suvarnabhumi behind us as we made a 180 degrees turn.

photo 8352572663_10e33181c4_b

Still turning.

photo 8352572503_538ba3cb71_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, service started, procedurally with the newspapers service and handing out of immigration cards.

Climbing along the coast to our cruising altitude of 37,000ft.

photo 8353635642_a9def49a88_b

Lunch is served!

photo 8352572143_cc9be40fb8_b

Again, 2 carts used, with 2 crew members to a cart. Service today was not as rushed as on the previous flight.

photo 8353635064_96fbe5b3a4_b

2 choices offered. Fish with noodles or chicken with rice. The meal tray again came with only dessert and water. Catering was done by LSG Catering in Bangkok.

photo 8352571937_266670b11e_b

The fish with noodles option with orange juice and beer.

photo 8352571465_844068fece_b

It tasted average! Not too bad, but not something to tempt the tastebuds with. And portion could be bigger.

photo 8353634612_67e1b86f4d_b

Chicken with rice option. Not any better but sufficient to fill the stomach.

photo 8353634148_b815cc4c37_b

A very creamy cake for dessert! Nice!

photo 8353634420_7a87f996db_b

After the first round of meals and drinks, crew came round again with second round of drinks offering and coffee/tea. I had a coffee.

photo 8353633968_840e34c2d8_b

And again a third round of drinks during tray collection. The captain also came on with some information about the flight. Again, meal service was completed within 45min after takeoff.

Cruising at 37,000ft. It was very cloudy.

photo 8352570533_f70e1c3e31_b

Made the obligatory lavatory visit. Rows of empty seats at the rear of the plane.

photo 8352570381_dc71924a1d_b

Lavatory only had the basics. Nothing more. But it was clean.

photo 8352570195_667c6cda3d_b

Newspaper trolley parked at the last row, with a diverse selection available.

photo 8352570017_c6b25bf935_b

Cabin from the rear.

photo 8353633202_0e413dc8b9_b

Seat pitch at the last few rows.

photo 8352569689_01cae87e53_b

With nothing much else to do, I took a quick nap and when I woke up, we were already starting our descent along the coast of Peninsular Malaysia

photo 8353632846_90518f5a13_b

Made some turns to avoid the storm clouds.

photo 8352573931_5f484f9ab0_b

The descent was rather bumpy with sudden clouds as we flew through the clouds.

photo 8353632490_2bdb35a988_b

Changi spotted! The earlier TG A346 could also be seen landing on the runway.

photo 8353632308_19f293e838_b

Turning to finals soon.

photo 8352568745_84aaac08c3_b

Gears down and landing into Changi's Rwy 02L, 10 mins ahead of schedule. A EK A380 had just landed ahead of us!

EK whale in Changi.

photo 8353631998_27dbab1b20_b

Lionair B739ER waiting to be pushed back and TG A346 which had just landed.

photo 8352568439_a98119ce35_b

Air Asia in a special livery!

photo 8352568233_a5ca94493d_b

Parked at D30, one of the nearest gate to immigration.

photo 8353631500_4eceac7f6e_b

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Myanmar Airways International

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



With its service offerings, I think Myanmar Airways International would be classified under a 3-Star airline. It might not win any awards as yet in the near future, but is certainly a decent enough airline to fly on. Hopefully this trip report would give you an idea of the offerings onboard one of the more exotic airline in the south-east asian region, Myanmar Airways International.

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