Review of Vueling Airlines flight Barcelona Granada in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY2016
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 09 Aug 20, 19:55
Arrival at 09 Aug 20, 21:20
VY   #8 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 123 reviews
By 150
Published on 10th July 2021

Hello again everyone, 

It's been a long time since my last report, and world changed for almost everyone. Even I'm from Barcelona, I moved to Granada at the end of 2019 for my studies, so that was my "base" until a few weeks ago. I made some flights between both cities during these months, but I will not publish all of them.
Anyway, back here again, I would like to share my second covid-flight (the first one was a few days before, but as it was late in the night I didn't have many pictures). The flight was VY2016, which was operated by Vueling using their new A320N. Before the pandemic, Barcelona-Granada was a busy route with 4 daily flights, some of them operated by the A321. As Granada is a very nice city (ideal to spend a weekend) many people took these flights. From june 2020, that was the only flight of the day, even nowadays, in 2021, industry is slowly recovering and, if i'm not wrong, the route have 2 daily flights. 
Anyway, let's go. STD was 19:55, so two hours before I took the train to the airport. Because of my parents house location, that's one of the best ways to get there, as it's the cheapest option (even it takes nearly one hour to get there). As you can see, not many people was using the train. 

photo img_20200809_180153

I arrived at the airport just an hour before departure time. Enough, as there weren't many flights by then. The arrivals area in Barcelona, was extremely different. Same thing in the major european airports, where people wasn't able to access inside the building unless you have a boarding pass with you. 
The picture is not the best, I know, but at least you can imagine which was the situation. 

photo img_20200809_180651

Check in was very fast, and I made it again to the security control. That was also empty. 

photo img_20200809_181538-38963

Here you can see the departures for the rest of the day. Mainly domestic flights and very few international routes. In normal circunstances, things should be very different, here. 

photo img_20200809_184746

Here's one of the few international routes. During summer 2020, KLM was operating it's embraer jets to cover many european routes operated by the 737 until march 2020. Very few passengers should use the route, and mainly for it's connecting flights.  

photo img_20200809_190130

Boarding started some good 35 minutes before departure. The flight was half empty, so nobody used my row. That's maybe the only good thing to fly during pandemic. As the boarding was very fast, pushback started a few minutes before STD. 

Here we go 

photo img_20200809_195259

As many of you know, Vueling is famous for it's legroom. And following most of the airlines, the magazine and the menu was not available.

photo img_20200809_200929

Very fast taxi to the runway and time to go. Bye bye Barcelona! 

photo img_20200809_195919

Sky was covered this afternoon, so not the best views.

photo img_20200809_200141

We reached cruising altitude soon and fastly we made it in the mainland, towards the west of Valencia. Some big storms were increasing backwards. 

photo img_20200809_200416

Reaching cruising altitude  

photo img_20200809_202208

Vueling started a new BOB service in july, but the menu was given by the crew. I didn't buy anything, but as I had nobody next to me I went back to the galley to request water. Crew gave it to me very kindly, even they told me they were not allowed to do so, because of the COVID-19. 

photo img_20200809_203949

Sun was slowly going down

photo img_20200809_203955

And after reaching Albacete, we started our descent. I thing Granada is a very nice approach, as mountains are quite close. And weather was better here. 

photo img_20200809_205347


photo img_20200809_205547

photo img_20200809_205842

On finals

photo img_20200809_210336

And we made it. Touchdown after 1h and 10 minutes in the air. 

photo img_20200809_210430

Very quick taxi to the gate. Disembarking here is always by stairs, as Granada doesn't have jetways. 

photo img_20200809_210626

Baggage claim is very fast here, specially if there are no more planes at the airport. So I took the bus just after a few minutes after landing and I quickly made it home, in Albaicín. 

If you arrived here, thank you very much for reading. Wish you the best on these difficult times, and hopefully we'll be flying again just as we made it a few years ago. 


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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Barcelona - BCN


Granada - GRX



Many airlines made generous cutdowns on their services, even on longer flights. Anyway, Vueling is still a good option to made short flights to Spain and other flights to Europe. They are slowly recovering their BOB service and flights are starting to be full again.



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