Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore London in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 308
Class Economy
Seat 41K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:40
Take-off 06 Mar 13, 09:00
Arrival at 06 Mar 13, 14:40
SQ   #6 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
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Published on 24th October 2013
Slightly over a month after my trip to Kathmandu, it was time for another trip, a 12-days whirlwind trip to USA with my partner! It is been a long while since I went for a holiday that stretched for more than a week. For this trip, I covered the cities of New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, as well as visited the natural wonders of Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon. 4 airlines were flown, namely Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and Jetblue, with flights on both Business and Economy. Tickets were a mixture of redemption and paid. It was quite a task to put the itinerary together and the final result is below.

photo 196286_10151574786219017_2069282191_n

The first 2 sectors were on a Virgin Atlantic ticket as they offered one of the cheapest one-way ticket to New York and allows 100% Krisflyer/Elite miles accrual too, with the SIN-LHR leg on SQ (VS code-shared) and LHR-JFK leg on VS. Transfer in London was only a short 1hr40min with no terminal transfer needed. However as the first sector was on a Virgin-issued ticket, I was unable to perform seat-selection or online check-in for the SQ flight. Check-in for the SQ flight could only be processed at the airport Terminal 3. Luckily the flight was rather empty today for the leg up to London and we could snatch an entire row of 3-seaters each! Our bags were tagged up to JFK and boarding passes of both SQ and the connecting VS flight were issued. Seats on VS were already prior-selected via VS's website. Cool! VS boarding pass on SQ stock!

photo 8582912280_5bebabce7a_b

This morning, we would be departing from Gate A13.

photo 8581811215_2e2aeb3d28_b

Due to low loads, a B773ER was scheduled instead of the usual A380. 9V-SWG would be flying us to London.

photo 8582912034_6b401c4368_b

06 March 2013
Singapore Airlines
SQ 308 (Code-shared VS7318)
Singapore (SIN) - London Heathrow (LHR)
Economy Class

Boarding was just starting when we cleared security at the gate. Was greeted by name by a very cheerful set of crew (if the flight was so empty, I would be cheerful too!). Good start here. My seat was towards the rear of the mid-economy cabin.

Welcome aboard!

photo 8582911348_c0094d0075_b

View from my seat.

photo 8582911880_518bc76cf4_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 8582911666_6bca4bfd3d_b

Boarding was completed rather swiftly and hot towels were distributed. Flight time was estimated to be 13h20m. Doors were closed and we pushed back on time.

We only had a short taxi to Rwy02L.

photo 8581810147_8cb1c25da3_b

Taxi to runway.

And takeoff from Rwy02L, bound for London Heathrow.

After seat belt signs were turned off, service started with distribution of headsets and Givenchy amenity kits, followed by menus.

Economy amenity kit with a toothbrush set and a pair of socks.

photo 8581809969_989e70b565_b

Stuff in the seat pocket.

photo 8582910772_8272043152_b

Menu, with a rather nice cover.

photo 8582910590_18957d8416_b

Lets see what's on offer for breakfast and midflight snacks.

photo 8582910406_888e039404_b

Beverages menu. Looks like SQ have decided to list down all available soft drinks as well as all the various teas. Makes the beverage selection much more impressive.

photo 8581809009_70e964a6de_b

Selection of juices an water was first offered before the start of the breakfast service. I had an orange juice and started on my first movie, Pitch Perfect.

photo 8581808831_7ff3a3474a_b

Flying over city of Kuala Lumpur less than 30min after takeoff.

photo 8582909640_66cd5ea4ed_b

Spot the Twin Towers!

photo 8582909468_1998dd5fb5_b

Another view over Malaysia.

photo 8581808229_bd71074d09_b

Breakfast was serve starting from the front of the cabin. When reaching my row, the crew were running out of the scrambled egg choice, but we were going to choose local carrot-cake anyway. According to the very engaging, friendly and casual Leading Stewardess (LSS) serving my aisle, the other non-asian passengers were not too adventurous with trying a different cuisine, especially Carrot-cake for breakfast, which sounded more like dessert to them. She also promised us that we would love them and that all the crew were so happy that carrot-cake was one of the breakfast choices!

A very substantial breakfast tray. Other than the main, the tray also consisted of fruits, warm roll with butter and marmalade, muffin and cornflakes. I had an orange juice and tea to go along.

photo 8581808063_99f12e733b_b

Cut fruits and almond muffin.

photo 8581807707_4b46c0790f_b

Singapore Fried Carrot Cake. True to the LSS's words, it was delicious! One of the better breakfast dishes I had on a plane. However it might not suit the western palette as it was a tad spicy, but definitely a very Singaporean dish.

photo 8582908752_83832e518f_b

Rumblers cornflakes with milk. Cornflakes are only available on London flights. On other breakfast flights, one would normally get a yoghurt.

photo 8582908252_8518cbf867_b

Visit to the lav.

photo 8582907312_9b3b3b9f26_b

Toothbrush sets and combs were available in the amenity drawer.

photo 8581806339_9ab021ae32_b

View of the rear economy cabin. Quite a number of passengers had a 3-seater row to themselves and were dozing away on their own make-shift beds.

photo 8581806083_9cbaee3632_b

Approaching India.

photo 8581807167_0199143305_b

Over the Indian soil.

photo 8581806693_0b9d59be9b_b

The really great LSS, on seeing that we were watching movies, handed us a set of snacks each from the galley behind and told us to enjoy the snacks with the movie. I was totally impressed with her service!! The snacks were potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and a Toblerone chocolate bar.

photo 8582907806_f8373cee5c_b

One of the perks of flying in the day: Wonderful views out the window! Here, we are flying over snow-capped mountains in Afghanistan, approximately halfway through the flight.

photo 8582906548_f84df8879a_b

photo 8582906402_829c3d0385_b

At this point, the second meal was served, about 7hrs into the flight. First, was full bar service was offered, where I had a Campari soda.

photo 8581805347_f204fd35a4_b

Was given many packets of peanuts by a lovely stewardess as well.

photo 8582906156_f3b964e057_b

Lunch was then served. The really great LSS is the one at the right.

photo 8581804113_9fb46440dd_b

What's for lunch? 3 choices were offered!

photo 8582910208_4cb1f9d1b6_b

My meal tray, which was again loaded with food. The main was overflowing from the casserole! Had a white wine with the meal.

photo 8582905574_ea84b42e85_b

Seafood penne pasta salad for starter, which was still half frozen.

photo 8582905792_ded2b8ebe4_b

Pork Piccata Milanese with pasta. The biggest chunk of meat I ever had in economy class! And rather delicious as well.

photo 8582905120_13b3571ffa_b

Another choice of Fish masala wih spiced ladyfinger and basmati rice. Tasted like the authentic Singaporean fish-head curry (minus the fish head). Great main as well! It was been quite a while since I had such good food on SQ in economy! I was so full with the meal that I saved the cheese and crackers for later.

photo 8582905308_831c4c33f6_b

Panna cotta dessert. Not too bad but would have preferred an ice-cream.

photo 8582905932_48e48185d9_b

This time round, service was conducted from rear to front.

photo 8581803871_37d792bb89_b

During lunch, we encountered some light turbulence somewhere over Iran. As usual, seat belt signs were turned off and hot beverage service was suspended. However no more of the annoying Please return to your seat announcements, which is a good thing as the pilots on this particular flight were so trigger-happy with the signs, illuminating the seat belt signs at least 6-7 times (excluding takeoff/landing) throughout the entire flight, with barely slight bumps encountered at each time. Because of this, the crew could not serve coffee/tea after the meal service but the LSS took our hot beverage orders during tray collection and promised to return with the drinks after the signs were switched off. Guess they were also annoyed with the signs on for such a long period of time with barely any bumps.

photo 8582904418_da79d0555e_b

Finally the signs were turned off about 30min after trays were collected and the crew came out with the hot beverages. My requested green tea was delivered promptly.

photo 8582904178_222be7a28c_b

Cloudy skies below.

photo 8582903996_3e1171f613_b

Forward economy cabin.

photo 8582903652_90ab7f0406_b

My economy bed, where I took a couple of hours' nap after finishing a second movie. Seat comfort was average, leg room not too fantastic, but with an empty seat beside, it was rather bearable.

photo 8581803073_75dbe09bb1_b

Somewhere over Eastern Europe.

photo 8581802601_ab981d1acf_b

Looks cold down there.

photo 8582903266_72ed8da652_b

2hrs prior to landing, sandwiches were offered with a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian. I had the non-vege option, which was a soft roll with beef pastrami. The vege option was a coleslaw sandwich that I did not try. Throughout the flight, drinks were offered hourly and crew were reactive to call-bells.

photo 8582903056_14132a0234_b

Having my sandwich with the villains of Wreck it Ralph.

photo 8581802117_7fa26bb528_b

Just passing Berlin and not too far from destination.

photo 8582902776_286da9095a_b

Cloudy skies over Germany to Netherlands.

photo 8582902628_8acb55192f_b

Crossing the English Channel soon.

photo 8582902518_5d794d4f9d_b

We started descending shortly after leaving Netherlands. As usual, headsets are collected and cabin prepared for landing. Approaching the coast of England.

photo 8581801543_cfbff94100_b

Gloomy skies over London as usual…

photo 8582902224_229ee95cc0_b

Surprisingly, there was no hold for landing and we approached Heathrow from the west. Guess it was not the peak hour for traffic at Heathrow. Very smooth landing on Rwy09L, and you could hear the new announcements that mobile phones can be used after landing!

Passing a fellow B773ER from Air New Zealand while taxiing to Terminal 3.

photo 8581801303_b77405cbc9_b

And another B773ER from TAM Brazil.

photo 8581801157_287f208c74_b

Parked at the gate. Chocks on 20min earlier than scheduled.

photo 8582901792_19746f8a44_b


photo 8581800911_78027980b7_b

View of SWG that flew me to LHR. Note that we were parked at an A380 gate. And only one aerobridge was in use.

photo 8581800757_28d85d8c39_b

After disembarkation, we were off to Transfer to board our next flight. As Virgin would be departing from the same Terminal and there were not many transfer passengers at this time of the day (guess we were the only transfer pax on the SQ flight), the line for security was almost non-existent and it made the whole transfer process rather swift. Much easier than what I had feared earlier (hey, it is Heathrow afterall).

Flight information board. Not many departures at this time of the day. The main departure bank would be during the late evening.

photo 8582901286_5e75c4a074_b

Transit at Heathrow was not too bad. Browsed through some shops, had a sandwich and it was soon time for boarding for the next flight. in fact, my itinerary had a slightly shorter transit time and total flight time than flying on the direct SQ26! Also the day flights made the journey much less tiring than usual.

photo 8582901122_19a1ec7a26_b
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Singapore - SIN


London - LHR



Verdict on the first flight of my trip? This is definitely one of my best, if not the best, experience of flying economy on SQ or any airline! Catering was very substantial and much better than usual (wonder if this is a London high-yield flight thingy), service was good to excellent depending on the crew but the LSS serving my aisle is definitely superb, IFE was acceptable (well, at least better selections than my SQ flight last year) and seats comfortable though the rather empty flight played a big part. A very comfortable flight indeed on SQ!

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