Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Munich in Business

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO353
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 29 Jul 21, 17:10
Arrival at 29 Jul 21, 18:40
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By 479
Published on 30th July 2021


Hello Everyone,

This is the last leg from my trip comeback to Munich after holidays in Madrid. You can see my reviews Business class LH
 on other sections 


So after we disembark in warsaw from plane from Gdansk we were  took to terminal. Afterwrads I went to Polonez Business lounge( i think my favorutie of all) . I was very exciting and waitied for this leg. When I step in I was shocked. there were so many people like in 2019 before Corona. But I found the place first of all to join conference from my work and later on i found that there was less people so I went depper in the Lounge
Hot option were of course for choose. Firstly i choose Gnocchi. And of course I was not surprise that they were delicius, kitchne in this lounge is really on high level.There was a plenty sandwitches to choose, snacks etc noone would walk away and be hungry from here.

photo img_1280photo img_1281

The new option in this lounge is cockatil bar. You have predefined 8 coctails whih contains different alcohols. But if you have a idea for drink they will do it. i choose twice a drink on grants 8 years old. Of course what would this be a situation that I am in the lounge and there is no prosecco? xD 

photo img_0983photo img_1288photo img_1282


After I went from lounge i had 10 minutes for boarding started , again fortunatelly that i had a near it.
When boarding started Business class passengers were asked…….and again checking for COVID certificate, i told the lady" it's needed again? I show it in Gdańsk" and she replied: "this was in Gdansk, here is Warsaw and you must show it" so i opened my application with certificate and I was slowly to be angry….she look at my qr code and looking for some info so i told her " you need scanner or aplication other way you will not se anything" so she went for mobiel, scan it and let me in…..the worst thing was day in former days in 2019 therewas a spearate bus for Business class and premium economuy, now probavbly due to this "pandemic" and that there were only 2 business class passengers and none premium economy we had been put in bus with economy. Air conditioning was so poor that in 5 minutes started to sweat.

When we go by bus to airplanes we sat with closed dorr next 10 minutes. I was really starting to be angry……of there would not be those masks maybe it would not be so bad but with them…..of course as everyone can already imagine there was no priority…….as business class went last on to the plane…

photo img_1293

On board

Indeed there was only 2 passengers in Buisness class and none of premium economy so this was good sign

after we started the Fa distribute  formulars with text from march/april 2020 and to fill the contact details. I asked FA why we need it if For Germany Poland is green and germany is not necessary for filling out the fors even in einreismeldung you cannot do it due that it shows that poland is on green. She told me probably you're right but this is a order from above, On all Flights to germany  everyone must fikll the form……..Damn you LOT Managment……Afterwards service started and I recognize that two FA which are today do a service in business class are not from poland and other 2 from poland went to Economy.
First they offer sanitizing wipe pillow and blanket which I was not expected due that during corona it has been suspended so it was nice gesture and surprise. i talked with Polish FA and she told that yes service is now comming back to normal from nezt week in economy Tea, coffe and Coke is comeback to service.

photo img_1302

Short afterFA bring meal and drinks were offered. First for this meal I choose red wine. The meal was not so bad but nothing special and it seems to be on some kind of oil…was not so nice looking honestly. in this same time FA already proposed some snacks, other drinks and i recognized what they want to do. i saw it few years earlier on LH. i told them that I will taje some snack and drinks later on

After meal trau has been taken and as i expected those two FA whichwere assigned to business stood in the kitchen and talked. There was none of other interes for passenger so as i knew already what;s will gonna happened call FA  and asked for whisky. She of course bring on of 2 possibilities to choose and then asked passenger in front of me if he would like to have something to drink. After next 15 minutes again this same situation none of interest of passenger so I call her again asked for sparkling water and double whisky(Glenfidditch 12 years old- this is one of many pluses which LOT have) she came back an told that she had only 1 last bottle and there wa sno sparkling water so she bring me normal.

Ok then it was Time for landing so I finished everything and soon we landed.

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew10.0

Warsaw - WAW


Munich - MUC



I was very enjoying business class of LOt as always. i am always feeling in LOT BC like at home, this feeling I don't have in LH.
I very recommend LOT Buisness class + Polonez Lounge they are really do a good job.
thank you everyone for reading my reviews from LOT + LH to madrid.

Next report will be also from LOT Business Lounge on this same route fo MUC->WAW->GDN->WAW->MUC somewhere in the second half of August.
Stay tuned!!

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