Review of JetBlue Airways flight New York Las Vegas in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 199
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 05:15
Take-off 10 Mar 13, 21:30
Arrival at 10 Mar 13, 23:45
B6   #5 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 54 reviews
By 3678
Published on 26th October 2013
After 2 days of snow, the weather was perfect on the 3rd and 4th day I was in New York! Cool temperature with sunny skies! Loved it! As this was not our first visit to NY and having been to the main tourist attractions, this trip was more of exploring the unexplored areas as well as shopping!

The ever famous Times Square!

photo 601059_10151668309999017_576496257_n

Lunch and more of streets of New York.

photo 64828_10151668310209017_857159189_n

Everyone's out at Central Park!

photo 295583_10151668310529017_1757861120_n

Evening in New York.

photo 601467_10151669083169017_1546786984_n

Grand Central Terminal and SoHo.

photo 480433_10151670776909017_1327496061_n

After New York, the next destination would be Las Vegas, mainly for another natural wonder, Grand Canyons! I had booked the flight, again on Jetblue for a rather low fare, to depart New York in the evening, reaching Las Vegas around midnight. Just in time for bed in Vegas.

Again, took the subway and AirTrain to JFK T5. Surprisingly, the terminal was very crowded! Totally different from 4 days ago when we were departing for Buffalo. Snaking queues were seen at the check-in desks as well as the bag-drop desks. This time round, I was able to obtain our boarding passes from the machines but the wait for bag-drop took another half hour! With Jetblue offering free baggage check-in, it is no wonder almost everyone wants to check in their bags. Also, there were lots of flights departing in the late evening as well!

Boarding pass on a paper printout.

photo 8619484918_9df94771e8_c

Security was fast and we proceeded to Gate 2 for our flight, just before boarding commenced. The flight would end up almost full tonight! This would be my 2nd long-haul flight on Jetblue, the first being JFK to San Jose a few years back. Guess not many people flew on an A320 for 5+ hours!

photo 8619484848_d98757c127_c

10 March 2013
B6 199
New York John F Kennedy (JFK) - Las Vegas McCarran (LAS)
N524JB Blue Belle
Economy Class

Blue Belle would be making the long-haul to Vegas tonight.

photo 8618378217_c41bdbbf99_b

Boarding started by status, Even-more space seats, followed by row numbers. Again was welcomed aboard and proceeded to our seats. Not much description and pictures for this sector as the plane is of exact same configuration as the previous jetBlue A320 flight, and the flight was in total darkness for almost the entire journey. 3 cabin crew again on this A320, and flight time was a quick 4h50m, compared to the scheduled 5h48m. Captain was a jovial guy who welcomed us onboard through the intercom while standing on the aisle.

Pushed back on time and taxied to Rwy22R for takeoff. Not too long a queue for takeoff tonight.

photo 8618378141_137fe1fbb9_b

Takeoff from Rwy22R, bound for Las Vegas.

Lights over New York.

photo 8619484594_ac046e3be9_c

Again, we started on our DirectTV entertainment. Cabin lights were again, dimmed for the entire flight till landing preparations.

photo 8618377951_cdd1148daf_c

Cruising at 34,000ft.

photo 8618377853_92090ac8c4_c

Cabin service started, first with the offering of buy-on-board items of pillows, blankets and meal boxes, with apparently no takers, followed by drinks. Again, no carts were used and the crew took orders from a couple of rows at a time and serve them direct from the galley. That meant for a lot of walking for the crew! On offer were all the beverage selection from the inflight guide card (refer to my previous post on the JFK-BUF sector). We had cranberry juice, Arizona iced tea and bottles of water, served in whole cans with cups of ice. I was still very impressed with the quantity of beverages jetBlue have onboard!

photo 8619484320_9eb97f567f_c

After drinks were distributed, crew came down the aisle with snack baskets, again offering everything that was on the menu. We were free to grab as many as we wanted! We had the blue chips, corn chips, popcorn chips and the so delicious mixed nuts! That was a lot of snacking!

photo 8618377595_2821e64cd3_b

Then it was back for more channel-surfing followed by a nap. Passengers were free to go to the galley to grab additional snacks or drinks though.

photo 8618377491_5938ffff27_b

Somewhere in Colorado.

photo 8618377377_5346cbac17_b

From East to the West.

photo 8618377299_885b3937ec_c

Then the most unexpected thing happened! While we were nearing Las Vegas, a crew member came down the aisle distributing something, which turned out to be hot towels!! True, they were not the SQ cloth type but were still much appreciated! Apparently this is part of jetBlue's overnight service, which I did not expect to receive on this flight as it was not really a red-eye flight.

photo 8619483808_83c6a125e4_b

We soon made our descend into Las Vegas, with the crew switching on the cabin lights and preparing the cabin for arrival just less than 10min prior to touchdown!

Approaching Las Vegas.

photo 8618377089_1065c4c936_c

And lower..

photo 8619483570_e92bf7fa51_b

Touchdown on Rwy25L, almost 45min early!

Well, our early arrival was of no use as the gate was still occupied by another jetBlue aircraft awaiting pushback. So we had to wait on the taxiway for almost 20mins!

photo 8619483468_714dd8d676_b

It was till the other aircraft was pushed back that we got to dock at the gate at the new Terminal 3.

photo 8618376805_b931a8e007_b


photo 8618376711_5a87a3fe2d_c

Seat for the last 5hrs.

photo 8619483116_5034fa8b91_c

View of Blue Belle again.

photo 8619483002_e3dae5cfbe_c

You know you are in Vegas when the first thing you see as you disembarked into the terminal are jackpot machines!

photo 8619482886_447f8f7561_c

More slot machines!

photo 8619482682_0137b23ec6_c

Welcome to Vegas!

photo 8619482772_4761768769_c

Even slot machines at the baggage claim area!

photo 8618375947_b9e3bba4b4_c

After getting our bags, it was off for the pre-paid shuttle for the short ride to our all-suites hotel, Platinum Hotel, for the night.

It was bright and sunny as usual during the day in the middle of the desert.

photo 63968_10151694460809017_938200252_n

Walking down the Strip!

photo 7172_10151694460914017_75725285_n

photo 6594_10151694454294017_1100279691_n

Caesar's Palace.

photo 536345_10151694461129017_230184294_n

photo 388470_10151694458434017_1959630978_n

The Forum Shops

photo 551879_10151694461664017_905890886_n

photo 1901_10151694455094017_736941559_n

More of the Strip

photo 64335_10151694455199017_92892934_n

The Mirage by day.

photo 299223_10151694461814017_1940664182_n

Treasure Island

photo 8577_10151694466869017_620125805_n

Sunset @ Wynn

photo 527846_10151694462594017_4173770_n

When night falls, Vegas comes to life!

photo 487606_10151694463059017_1227750008_n

photo 530062_10151694455374017_605297501_n

Sirens vs Pirates @ Treasure Island

photo 601047_10151694463179017_1105168720_n

Mirage volcano

photo 580157_10151694458529017_1192394905_n

Caesar @ night

photo 562173_10151694463244017_1957555514_n

Fountains @ Bellagio

photo 535786_10151694462504017_111607081_n
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New York - JFK


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It was another comfortable flight on jetBlue!

Information on the route New York (JFK) Las Vegas (LAS)


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