Review of Singapore Airlines flight Seoul Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 603
Class Business
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:10
Take-off 17 Mar 13, 00:20
Arrival at 17 Mar 13, 05:30
SQ   #5 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 677 reviews
By 7863
Published on 27th October 2013
Final sector of this very long trip report! But before that, some plane-spotting at Incheon.

Delta B772ER

photo 8663310438_3e698d8de9_c

Really big brother beside little brother.

photo 8662212643_e7f9019d73_c

Qatar B773ER

photo 8662212517_3779ba1cb9_c

Turkish A330

photo 8663310154_b4b0617548_c

KE A333. Apparently some KE flights also departs from the Concourse Terminal.

photo 8662212301_6485fc81cb_c

An interesting world map made up of Korean characters.

photo 8663309978_ed042f1b7e_c

Getting darker, and a CX A333 just arrived.

photo 8663309890_189480f6d3_c

Soon, it was too dark to do any more plane spotting, and having done our shopping for some Korean skincare products, we proceeded to the newly opened Silver Kris Lounge. We would be spending the next 4hrs in the lounge!

photo 8663309772_42b36c5295_c

Except for us, the lounge was totally empty! Most pax had departed on SQ15 to Singapore. Thus it was perfect to explore the new lounge! There is a big TV screen at one end of the lounge showing the news.

photo 8663309608_08d3bd6fae_c

Lots of comfortable sofa and chairs down the length of the lounge.

photo 8663309698_def066566a_c

A quite area at the end of the lounge, hidden behind the buffet area.

photo 8662211581_0e5aeb84b3_c

Flight information and newspapers/mag rack.

photo 8662211687_d111809e6d_c

Work area with PCs available.

photo 8663309280_9c26371910_c

Now for the buffet offering. Some salad, nuts, olives, cheeses and crackers.

photo 8663309102_f241d16156_c

Sandwiches and bakery items.

photo 8662211151_3c589c5123_c

Vietnamese pho

photo 8663308896_a6a7f60d51_c

Soup, instant noodles and two hot dishes.

photo 8663308404_5c07f4a92a_c

Pasta with tomato sauce.

photo 8662210973_e681aab617_c

Chicken satay.

photo 8662210853_bdf2164aba_c

Nachos and warm apple pastry.

photo 8662210763_ce53f942c3_c

Cakes, macaroons and fruits.

photo 8663308530_60149ff74c_c

Coffee and tea.

photo 8663308432_cbddfec1fa_c

And the rest of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

photo 8662210349_2cef943e55_c

Not fancying any savory stuff at the moment, I had macaroons, fruits, pastries and some milk.

photo 8662210251_80430d187a_c

Unique to the Incheon Silver Kris Lounge is a free 15min facial massage service! The massage service is only available from 2pm-8pm and we were the last to try out the facial massage for the day.

photo 8662210139_21144acc1f_c

After the massage, a complimentary cosmetic trial-pack was also given!

photo 8662210047_05674bcb8a_c

Time for a refreshing shower! There are two shower cubicles in addition to the normal toilets in the lounge. Each shower cubicle has fresh towels and amenities laid out. Definitely much better than the SFO lounge.

photo 8662209863_dd4b47e2b5_c

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were available as well. The rain shower was more than welcomed to refresh myself!

photo 8663307638_69e0ee6bee_c

About 2hrs before the scheduled departure time, the lounge gradually filled up with passengers, but still more than enough seats for everyone.The hot dishes were changed later in the evening, offering chicken wings and beef bulgogi.

photo 8663307870_6f664d727b_c

Chicken wings.

photo 8663307506_72d91a45b3_c

Scones, cookies and green tea.

photo 8662209571_3cd5039949_c

About 45min before departure, we decided to slowly proceed to the gate. Our plane had already arrived earlier. 9V-STC would be flying us on the final leg back to Singapore tonight.

photo 8663307306_361687ec86_c

17 March 2013
Singapore Airlines
SQ 603
Seoul Incheon (ICN) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

Boarding was just starting when we reached the gate. Boarded immediately into the regional-business class configured A333. Today, a chief stewardess, Korean LSS and a flight steward would be serving us in Business. The cabin ended up only half-full tonight.

Settling into my seat.

photo 8662209385_a6830468f1_c

Welcome drinks offered. Being so late in the night, I opted just for an orange juice.

photo 8663307104_c65ce411f4_c

Menu was already placed at the seat. Lets see what was offered on the incoming flight.

photo 8662209185_071350d111_c

And on tonight's flight. Only a sleeper-service offered, but was fine with me as I was going to nap till breakfast prior to landing.

photo 8663306880_6e5b6c6f55_c

A different white wine was offered compared to the previous SQ15 sector.

photo 8662209005_ac62258407_c

Orders were taken for the meal choice and the time to be served. Most pax, like me, opted to have their meals served before landing. Doors closed and we pushed back on the dot for the 6h hop to Singapore. A CX B772 was parked beside for the night.

photo 8663306676_8cf729c4a4_c

Etihad A345

photo 8663306604_6a23d1372b_c

It was only a rather short taxi to the runway and we took off from Rwy33L.

Korean night sky.

photo 8663306510_a728dbbd20_c

Immediately after the lights were turned back on, I tuned in to my half-completed cartoon movie and finished it before bedtime.

photo 8662208651_6d4862fd3a_c

Had a hot chocolate as my post-takeoff/pre-bedtime drink.

photo 8662208545_6c4484c704_c

Visit to the lavatory.

photo 8663306310_74f578a9d8_c

Cloth towels were not missing on this flight.

photo 8662208341_e8f70fb7d2_c

Darkened cabin.

photo 8662208269_3779a4e4c4_c

I went to sleep somewhere over the East China Sea.

photo 8662208217_938d1d7839_c

While cruising at 38,000ft.

photo 8662208143_43f529a292_c

Had a rather restful 3hr sleep on the narrower but more comfortable regional J seats and when I woke, we had only 2hrs left into the flight.

photo 8662208021_178dd2859f_c

Somewhere off the coast of Vietnam.

photo 8663305926_15ddc15173_c

Crew started service about 1.5h prior to landing. First, hot towels and juices were offered. I had an orange juice.

photo 8662207927_575f74510c_c

Meal trays were than distributed along with cut fruits and bakery items. I chose the croissant and danish.

photo 8662207843_c8a6688e30_c

Fruits were fresh and sweet.

photo 8663305530_d69aae42ba_c

With the flaky croissant!

photo 8662207565_be176499a9_c

Cappuccino to start the day.

photo 8663305426_a1abcd6cd1_c

My partner ordered the Korean style herbal chicken with long cabbage and steamed rice. This was also a dinner option on the earlier SQ15. It came with kimchi and a side dish.

photo 8662207459_2fd2e25508_c

It might not be a breakfast meal, but it was rather tasty nonetheless.

photo 8662207345_f1a61dbc4d_c

I chose the Oriental prawn dumplings with sliced fish in superior soup, with noodles, vegetables and mushroom. It was served in a bowl with cut chilli at the side.

photo 8662207229_3477420f5c_c

A wonderful dish! Cod fish slices were used and the dumplings were huge and delicious! Plus the warm soup was so comforting!

photo 8663305008_1b1a1c5e6f_c

Verdict: Best ever breakfast dish had on a plane!

photo 8663304902_29af100799_c

Service was conducted with only the reading lights switched on.

photo 8663304830_d171901fc0_c

Approaching home soon…

photo 8663304758_cf8aef101e_c

Lights were switched on for landing preparations.

photo 8662206677_c46d750ab6_c

Row of empty sets behind us.

photo 8662206777_7d98b5fbeb_c

Pair of empty seats behind.

photo 8662206589_eed5458c89_c

Approaching Changi with the Singapore City skyline in the distance.

photo 8663304386_745fea1fdf_c

On finals.

photo 8663304316_2e283f44e0_c

Along East Coast Parkway.

photo 8662206369_ae70a01134_c

The city is still asleep.

photo 8663304190_0da5c0aefc_c

Landing on Rwy02L, about 30min earlier than scheduled!

My seat for the past 6 hrs.

photo 8663304128_ac135342a6_c

Back in Changi and end of holiday.

photo 8662206137_80f961138a_c

And the SQ teddies from J Class bid a farewell to you here!

photo 8663434620_e59b537b52_c
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