Review of Singapore Airlines flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 979
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 18 Apr 13, 18:30
Arrival at 18 Apr 13, 21:55
SQ   #7 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 670 reviews
By 5813
Published on 29th October 2013
After being bussed to the terminal building, it was off to the transfer counters to pick-up the boarding passes for the SQ flight. Luggage tags were also checked to ensure that our bags would be transferred over to SQ.

My boarding pass. Unfortunately, I would be relegated back to economy on this sector…

photo 8684975213_c63f50245e_c

Then it was off to the BKK Silver Kris Lounge, which was located all the way at the end, one level below departure. A rather long walk from the usual SQ departure gates, I would say.

photo 8684975159_8a7e2533e8_c

Longish lounge interior. Same concept and colour schemes as most other Silver Kris Lounges. There were not many users at this time.

photo 8684975067_2149d1bfe0_c

The buffet area.

photo 8686093354_c9161fe221_c

Cold cuts, cheeses and crackers, sandwiches, cookies and macaroons.

photo 8686093264_7ebf1617d4_c

Hot buffet selection.

photo 8684974779_d0548952b2_c

Pastries, dim sum and dessert.

photo 8686093040_069c194ba3_c

Had some food from the hot buffet area and a young coconut.

photo 8686092912_0378fb9a5a_c

Really yummy mango sticker rice for dessert. This was the special dish of the day, and only available upon request.

photo 8684974441_dd1edfa279_c

Cookie, macaroons and soya milk to end it all.

photo 8686092724_70c36563e8_c

Went up to the departure area for some shopping of thai goodies, before proceeding to the Gate C2 30min before departure time.

18 April 2013
Singapore Airlines
SQ 979
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

When we reached the gate, boarding was just being announced for Business Class passengers and passengers needing assistance. Being seated at Row 37, it would be quite a while before boarding would be called for us as Economy was boarded from the rear rows. 9V-SVK, one of the unrefurbished B772ERs, would be operating today's flight back to BKK.

photo 8684974283_ce916a8955_c

Boarded and was welcomed by 2 stewards (chief and leading) at the door. Got to my seat at towards the front of the cabin and settled down. This plane still have the Spacebeds in Business Class and the blue seats with tiny PTVs in economy. Well, at least the seat pitch on the B772ER is rather generous at 34 pitch compared to the rest of the SQ fleet. Boarding took quite a while as passengers gradually trickled into the cabin.

photo 8684974203_641b678eb8_c

At the gate.

photo 8686092462_852489fbb3_c

The flight map was already switched on, but not the interactive portion of Krisworld.

photo 8684974053_a2ae07d6f6_c

A short 2hrs flight back to Singapore today.

photo 8686092268_c6106e7c85_c

All the stuff in seat pocket.

photo 8684973865_0cb850d7d1_c

While still on the ground before pushback, hot towels offered and collected, followed by distribution of headsets. Doors were closed before scheduled departure time but we were held at the gate while awaiting pushback clearance. The crew serving my aisle was a rather friendly and smiley gal.

photo 8684973383_2454b5e51f_c

Finally we pushed back, accompanied by the boring safety video. A Sri Lankan A343 was seen.

photo 8684973743_855e2527f2_c

Oman Air A330.

photo 8686091912_d53f49fe27_c

Had quite a long taxi to Rwy19R for departure. Sun was setting now,

photo 8684973527_ae0817ed9f_c

Takeoff from Rwy19R, bound for Singapore.

Dusk over Bangkok.

photo 8686091784_4a02ef7cdb_c

Shortly after seat belt signs were switched off, the IFE was turned on and I immediately started with my movie. Not that I would expect to complete the movie during the flight, knowing how SQ would collect the headsets rather early (and I was right again).

photo 8686091516_b3dc75e99e_c

Meal service commenced with the distribution of special meals by hand, followed by the rolling out of meal carts. 2 crew were serving on each side of the aisle, thus making service a bit faster. The pilot also announced that there were 12 cabin crew onboard today vs the usual 10, so I guess there might be 2 trainees.

photo 8684973127_d8db5bce17_c

The choices offered this evening were Pork with noodles or Duck with Pasta. I tried the pork while my seatmate had the duck. On the tray were also a starter, warm roll with butter, drinking water and dessert. I had a Coke Zero to go along and requested for 2 Singapore Slings for me and my seatmate to be served later.

photo 8684973025_1b1a8a7bd8_c

Starter was a shrimp cocktail salad, which was rather cold and tasteless.

photo 8686091210_ea94a73f8b_c

Opening the foil of my casserole, I had a feeling that that I had made the wrong choice….

photo 8686091014_18fc76647f_c

The Pork with Noodles was just sliced pork in salty oyster sauce, topped on tasteless beehoon , with sliced celery and carrots on the side. Very underwhelming and definitely not what I would expect from Bangkok catering. In fact, it kind of resembled what I had earlier on Drukair Business Class.

photo 8686090926_debff6f8b5_c

The duck with pasta my colleague ordered seemed to be a better choice. However, where were the thai curries?? Here was when I missed TG's catering out of BKK…

photo 8686091100_46784eb836_c

Surely you can't mess up with dessert, right? Wrong! The thai-styled taro-banana type dessert had a very mushy texture and tasted kind of wierd. My colleague, a dessert person, had a spoonful and left the rest untouched.

photo 8686090786_d4444167a7_c

The Singapore Slings were delivered shortly by the chief steward. However, while he was walking towards us with the slings in hand, I already feared for the worst as the colour of the Singapore Slings was as red as his tie! True enough, the Slings were mixed too strong! Fail! Thinking of this, I should have ordered a pineapple juice right then and added it into the slings… During tray collection, my colleague took a sip of the Sling and returned almost the full cup to the stewardess, and the stewardess was concerned that the sling was returned almost untouched, asked if the cocktail was to his taste. After my colleague remarked that the Sling was too strong, she seemed a bit embarrassed (not the fault of hers though) and offered other drinks. A plus for her service!

photo 8684972447_bff638f55f_c

The dinner served on this flight was quite a disappointment, as compared to my previous SIN-LHR flight where the economy catering was really great! Or it was maybe I had set my expectations too high for the catering from Bangkok…

After the trays were collected, I visited the lavatory.

photo 8684972355_a7074b1c9e_c

Cabin view. The forward economy cabin was rather full, while the aft cabin was half empty!

photo 8684972261_8849237c2d_c

At 37min (yes, I remembered!) prior to arrival, the pilot came on with the arrival announcement and shortly after, crew came down to collect headsets and requesting all seats to be upright, all at 30min prior to landing! We had not even began our descent! Not that I was not expecting this. Again a case of too early landing preparations.

With the headsets collected, I entertained myself with the flight map. Looking at the map, we probably had another 200km to go, approximately the distance of KUL-SIN, and everyone already had their seats upright and cabin prepared for landing. A bit of an overkill…

photo 8684972135_caeec9c6b9_c

Flew down to the south and turned back up towards the north for the approach. The night view of Singapore could be seen on my side.

photo 8684972053_58b191b7e1_c

Landing on Rwy02L and taxied to Terminal 3 where we disembarked from. Guess this plane would be performing a long-haul later in the night.

My seat for the flight.

photo 8686090202_d3d10c3aa2_c

Waiting to disembark.

photo 8684971875_16479bbd59_c

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SQ did not fare as well as I had expected on the BKK-SIN sector, and I guess I would be sticking to TG if I would be flying on full-service carriers on this sector in the future.

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