Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Frankfurt Mulhouse / Bâle in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1206
Class Business
Seat 3F9
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 22 Aug 21, 16:40
Arrival at 22 Aug 21, 17:30
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By GOLD 378
Published on 9th September 2021


We were docked at the terminal and had a jetbridge:

photo img_1941_resultatphoto img_1942_resultatphoto img_1942_resultat

The plane that brought us from Sarajevo:

photo img_1945_resultat


photo img_1946_resultat

A bit of walk ahead:

photo img_1944_resultat

Our flight is scheduled (for the time being) on time:

photo img_1949_resultat

Security and bordel controls are cleared in no time:

photo img_1950_resultat

Down to Terminal A:

photo img_1951_resultat

Duty Free:

photo img_1953_resultat

senator lounge gates a

Here we are:

photo img_1961_resultat-69818photo img_1962_resultat

There is a staffed bar:

photo img_1963_resultat

I took a Spritz that wasn't that good :(

photo img_1964_resultat

The food on offer:

photo img_1959_resultatphoto img_1960_resultat

There is also a hot dish available, but I am not that hungry

photo img_1957_resultatphoto img_1958_resultat


photo img_1955_resultatphoto img_1956_resultat

back in transit

As there were thunderstorms in the area, our flight was delayed by an hour. Shortly before the new departure time we went to our gate:

photo img_1967_resultatphoto img_1968_resultatphoto img_1969_resultat

Still not arrived:

photo img_1970_resultat

Here we are:

photo img_1971_resultatphoto img_1972_resultat

the flight

Boarding was a real mess, priorities were not really enforced, we had to make our way in front of the queue. Once in the buss there was a very long wait for passengers to board, since all documents were double checked at the gate. At least they sent two busses and social distanciation was not an issue.

photo img_1973_resultat

The ride to the plane was pretty long:

photo img_1974_resultatphoto img_1975_resultatphoto img_1978_resultat

Here we are:

photo img_1979_resultat

Aircraft integrated stairs:

photo img_1980_resultat

The last time I boarded a Cityline flight was more than 20 years ago :)

photo img_1981_resultat

The welcome was nice but not overall warm. Here's the CRJ900 cabin:

photo img_1982_resultatphoto img_1983_resultatphoto img_1984_resultat

Safety card:

Le pitch est correct :

photo img_1989_resultat

The recline:

photo img_1990_resultat

CRJ Line up:

photo img_1991_resultat

40 minutes to Basel expected today, the captain hopes to make up some of the delay, and to help with it, the runway is just next to our plane:

photo img_1994_resultat

Take off:

photo img_1996_resultatphoto img_1997_resultat

Still a few thunderstorms around:

photo img_1998_resultatphoto img_1999_resultat

The toilets were clean, but the seat cover were not at their designated storage area :(

photo img_2001_resultatphoto img_2002_resultat

A cold tray was served on this short hop:

photo img_2004_resultatphoto img_2005_resultat

Dried beef, a mushorrom, grilled vegetables together with two slices of chicken. The dessert was a vanilla cream over strawberries.

photo img_2006_resultat

I just took a glass of water with it. The bread was not heated this time but given the duration of the time I wasn't expecting it either.

photo img_2007_resultat-14963

Everything was really good and I can say I enjoyed it. The flight was overall very pleasant and smooth.

photo img_2008_resultat

Already very low:

photo img_2009_resultatphoto img_2011_resultatphoto img_2012_resultat

Almost back home:

photo img_2013_resultat

And landed!

photo img_2014_resultatphoto img_2015_resultat

Leaving the runway:

photo img_2016_resultat


photo img_2017_resultat


photo img_2018_resultat

AC 787, operating as full cargo flight:

photo img_2019_resultatphoto img_2021_resultat

My home airport:

photo img_2022_resultat

Sprint Air ATR Cargo:

photo img_2023_resultat

The flight lasted only 30 minutes at the end.

photo img_2026_resultat

A few more shoots of our bird:

photo img_2027_resultatphoto img_2028_resultat

Pax bus again:

photo img_2030_resultat

And another bit of walking:

photo img_2032_resultatphoto img_2033_resultatphoto img_2035_resultat

This way out:

photo img_2040_resultatphoto img_2042_resultat
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew7.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge A50 (Schengen) - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP



Despite the small delay the flight was really enjoyable.
The meal was great given the short flight time. I was impressed.
Nothing to say about the airports and the lounge, all was nice.

Thank you for having followed me on this series, the next one to come shortly!

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    flyLars 56 Comments
    Thanks for this great series of reports. Lufthansas SEN Lounge at A50 is quite a good lounge but since Covid there is no difference between the Business Lounges at Frankfurt and you can actually enter the SEN lounge with a Business Ticket only. That means that there is just restricted food-options, too, which is quite a pity though because offering only one warm option in a Senator Lounge is "whack". I love it how Lufthansa still provides the, mostly, tasty menues in Business on this ultra-short flights, unlike other Carriers (KLM, AF and BA) severely reduced their offerings.
    Stay safe :)

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