Review of British Airways flight Lyon London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA361
Class Economy
Seat XXA
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 13 May 13, 11:55
Arrival at 13 May 13, 12:40
BA   #62 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 968 reviews
By GOLD 289
Published on 13th December 2021


Hello Everyone and welcome to this flight between Lyon and London, a routine that was about 7 years long.

I usually left from Heathrow, I had to go to the funerals of someone close to me, so it was a last minute flight and I did enjoy the cheaper fares from gatwick (BA opens also a route to Lyon from Gatwick in the winter for the Ski season).

You may have noticed I lived for a good couple of years abroad.
I have kept some pictures, emails and documentation of the flights throughout the years, and I have been flying on the same route, at identical periods (Christmas, Summer holidays, Easter…).

I thought I could do something different, instead of posting FR sporadically I am suggesting to pick up one flight per year, so that we are able to compare and note the evolution of the product offered by BA.

My aim is here to analyse the evolution of service legacies have offered over the years. 

For the 2012 report it is HERE
For the 2013 report it is HERE
For the 2013 incident report it is HERE 
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photo 2013-1photo service

At the time, the fare included (for free):
A checked in luggage in the haul
A cabin luggage
Seat selection
Complimentary meal and drinks (incl alcohol

For the quality and level of service detailed above, the average price ticket I paid of a SINGLE flight on the LYS - LHR is:

£56 for 2012
£49,6 for 2013 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£57 for 2014 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£65 for 2015 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£50 for 2016 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£52 for 2017 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£17 for 2018 (including 3 flights redeemed with Avios) - hence the lower average ticket price
£94 for 2019 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)

photo pricephoto seats-type

my only cancelled flight with baw

Now let's have a look at the report itself.

I am sharing this flight as this was the only occasion when my flight was cancelled with British Airways (yes the only one! out of 50 flights).


Avios Miles earned with this flight: 250
Status earned: 5

For information, here is an example of a BA cabin on A320.

photo map-320-european-48336


My dad dropped me off at T1 on the sunday night, as usual. For a very rare occasion, BA staff were on strike. At first our flight was announced on time on the FIDS.
Shortly after a "delayed" started to be displayed, even though we checked in and passed through security.
30 min… 1 hour… and 2 hours… To be honest the BA staff in Lyon kept us informed.
A plane from Geneva was supposed to be diverted and fly us to LHR but it didn't happen in the end.

The BA staff was super professionnal and took us to the counter. I was really impressed by the empathy they were showing.

I didn't have to fight much, in a few minutes I was rebooked for the next morning flight.

Whilst I was awaiting, we were given some water and snacks… 

The good old times. 

photo 20211208_111934-30044

Together with a voucher for a taxi back and forth from my place to the airport in the next morning.

photo 20211208_111941-45217photo 20211208_111950-57277

the next morning

Back again in the T1 check in area, with the British Airways customer service desk on the right hand side.

photo t1checkin-49830

I was quite early and saw the first flight leaving. 

photo bonus

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Registration: G-EUUH
Engines: 2x IAE V25200
Age: 19 Years
Layout: Y180

A cheeky view on the business class before the curtains is set.

photo view-on-business

It was again the gold old thick leather seats with adjustable headrest.

photo seatss

On the emergency exits the seats were the same as the business strangely enough. I say strangely for the 2021 standards!

photo emergency

Reclining button was on the armrest section.

photo siege

photo cruise

the glorious service!

photo drinks-2

flying over the (english) channel.

photo channel

The cabin screens were displaying live location system.

photo screen

Time for the magazine review with a network that has always been vastly covering all continents, with perhaps just a tad less on South America.

The descent started just over Kent as usual

photo approachphoto approach2photo approach3

On finals..

photo finalsphoto finals2photo finals3

taxiing out towards the terminal 5, for once. 

At this time most of my flights were arriving/departing from terminal 1 or 3. 

photo taxi2

And it started raining - of course !

photo img-20181215-wa0009

at london - heathrow airport

Our bird

photo cimg5032

and a bit further the glorious Queen of the Sky

photo cimg5033

Collecting my luggage - and why not it was included in the fare.

photo bagagesphoto t5photo t5-metro
See more


British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Lyon - LYS


London - LHR



We are going to see that the level of service has been going down over the years, but not the ticket fare, all in the name of the free market and the high competition.

In 2013, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £49 for a single ticket, using a "free" flight redeemed with avios.
In 2012, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £56 for a single ticket (so £112 for return).

The cabin was fantastic, I have read somewhere that the seats row had a pitch of 34"! Seats were super comfy and generous.
The cabin crew is a real plus, nothing too fancy but you know what you get on board BAW: no bad surprises of staff being grumpy (unlike AF at the time)
In terms of entertainments, there were a magazine, the screens in the cabin which were really strong for a 2012 product (I am not adding the Wifi criteria on my ranking)
Finally the food on board was free, generous with refill automatically offered,

Information on the route Lyon (LYS) London (LHR)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 26 avis concernant 1 compagnies sur la ligne Lyon (LYS) → London (LHR).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est British Airways avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 588949 by
    Esteban GOLD 20112 Comments
    Thanks mate for sharing !

    Wow, impressed, paper tickets .... something that the young newbies here have never seen !!
  • Comment 589109 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6802 Comments
    My aim is here to analyse the evolution of service legacies have offered over the years.

    Devolution into oblivion haha

    So cool to see it all in graphs like that! Considering this is a short enough time period that inflation doesn't really play a role, the conclusion is...get less and less and continue to pay the same! We've all seen carriers legacy claim to lower prices over the years as they've un-bundled fares, but that hasn't been the reality in the long-run.

    On the emergency exits the seats were the same as the business strangely enough. I say strangely for the 2021 standards!

    Yep since J could go all the way back to the Exit rows. I've sat back there in J several times. Best seats to get if the J cabin is big enough

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 589111 by
    ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3519 Comments
    Thanks my friend for the nice comments
    Devolution into oblivion haha

    in a word yes or how to believe customers have the IQ of a marmite can.
    I thought this is the perfect opportunity over time, on the same route, to highlight how completely bad/scammy/off their tits BAW went with their cutomers!

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