Review of British Airways flight Lyon London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA363
Class Economy
Seat XXF
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 13:00
Take-off 15 Jun 17, 12:00
Arrival at 16 Jun 17, 00:00
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By GOLD 309
Published on 17th December 2021


Hello Everyone and welcome to this flight between Lyon and London, a routine that was about 7 years long.

I usually left from Heathrow, I had to go to the funerals of someone close to me, so it was a last minute flight and I did enjoy the cheaper fares from gatwick (BA opens also a route to Lyon from Gatwick in the winter for the Ski season).

You may have noticed I lived for a good couple of years abroad.
I have kept some pictures, emails and documentation of the flights throughout the years, and I have been flying on the same route, at identical periods (Christmas, Summer holidays, Easter…).

I thought I could do something different, instead of posting FR sporadically I am suggesting to pick up one flight per year, so that we are able to compare and note the evolution of the product offered by BA.

My aim is here to analyse the evolution of service legacies have offered over the years. 

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photo 2017

At the time, the fare included (for free):
A cabin luggage 

 so free seat selection at booking, Complimentary meal and drinks (incl alcohol) and checked-in luggage no more! 

photo servicephoto seats-type

For the quality and level of service detailed above, the average price ticket I paid of a SINGLE flight on the LYS - LHR is:

£56 for 2012
£49,6 for 2013 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£57 for 2014 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£65 for 2015 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£50 for 2016 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£52 for 2017 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)
£17 for 2018 (including 3 flights redeemed with Avios) - hence the lower average ticket price
£94 for 2019 (including a flight redeemed with Avios)

photo price

2017 was the so far the worse year for the customer service at British Airways.

First we saw the introduction of the new and by far the worst seats on A320neos.
Second and most, the introduction of a hard Buy on board - without a complimentary glass of water.

This is when British Airways went from "to Fly to Serve" to "to Fly to charge". And this is more or less the same time I started to fly more and more with Air France, less and less with BA. 

The way BA introduced the BOB was quite nasty: they - on purpose - downgraded the snacks and drinks so that they could brilliantly come up with this idea that they want to offer more variety.

And the price of 2017 prime bullshit goes to…. 

photo 1111

the flight report itself

Avios Miles earned with this flight: 250
Status earned: 5  

I - almost - always flew on the A320, BA very rarely operated any other A32X family members.

photo map-320-european-35393

at lyon - saint exupery airport

We arrived at Lyon Terminal 1, it has been a good couple of months at that time that most of the flights were operating from the new circular terminal building.

photo t1111

The terminal is really bright and efficient, even at the security control and the central plazza, passed the duty free.

photo place-lumieres

The departure gates are often located at the D section, where a passport control is required.

photo portes

The priorities were called in order, executive gold members and business passengers first.

onboard the a320

photo 20180507_164834

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Registration: G-EUUH
Engines: 2x IAE V25200
Age: 19 Years
Layout: Y180

Push back..

photo 20190822_124354

The new cabin and PSU, despite the aircraft's great age.

photo cabinnn

The one thing which was a good news in 2017 for British Airways was the new safety video.

Which is really a masterpiece of British Humour I must say I really love it. 

All the greatness of British touch in a few minutes… Unlike BA's customer service level! 

The seats as usual.  With the Coat hook that I never presented to you so there you go!

photo cabineee1

I changed seats, as there was nobody in the row behind me.
You can tell the plane is old with the former sound control.

photo screenshot_20190822-115029_whatsapp

The new BOB service… BRRRRR

photo menu

£4.95 buffalo foccaccia…

photo food

A quick walk in the cabin…
Really like these cabin screens.  

photo walk

The magazine review…

For once the approach was under a clear sky, enabling wonderful views on the City.

photo city

My home is near Tower Bridge… Brings me back with a lot of memories!

photo home

The famous London Eye and the Houses of parliament.

photo london-eye

Hyde Park on the top right corncer

photo finalsphoto landi

at london - heathrow airport

We arrived at terminal 3, which is super convenient as the gate is right by the exit of the runway.

photo landi2

Finally leaving terminal 3

photo 1079694_attag3wcqnh-w-zu6uphvrux2weqifnkp5gre72s3hqphoto welcomephoto t3-arriveee
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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Lyon - LYS


London - LHR



We are going to see that the level of service has been going down over the years, but not the ticket fare, all in the name of the free market and the high competition.

The end of the complimentary service is an absolute no go for a legacy carrier in my opinion.

In 2017, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £52 for a single ticket, using a "free" flight redeemed with avios.
In 2016, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £50 for a single ticket, using a "free" flight redeemed with avios.
In 2015, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £65 for a single ticket, using a "free" flight redeemed with avios.
In 2014, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £57 for a single ticket, using a "free" flight redeemed with avios.
In 2013, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £49 for a single ticket, using a "free" flight redeemed with avios.
In 2012, on the LYS-LHR legs, I paid on average £56 for a single ticket (so £112 for return).

The new cabin was a bit more modern in terms of colours but the seats were less generous in terms of quality and pitch.
The cabin crew is a real plus, nothing too fancy but you know what you get on board BAW: no bad surprises of staff being grumpy (unlike AF at the time)
In terms of entertainments, there were a magazine, the screens in the cabin which were really strong for a 2012 product (I am not adding the Wifi criteria on my ranking)

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