Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Osaka Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 53
Class Economy
Seat 12G
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:25
Take-off 07 Aug 13, 11:00
Arrival at 07 Aug 13, 16:25
MH 203 reviews
By 6892
Published on 12th November 2013
Visit to Kyoto. It was a very hot and humid day with temperatures up to 35 degrees! Crazy!

First stop, Nijo Castle.

photo 1149029_10151935881519017_423511868_n

photo 1157743_10151935881489017_1910512631_n

photo 1175296_10151935881839017_505478959_n

photo 1146600_10151935881859017_422883757_n

Next stop, Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple).

photo 998919_10151935882199017_458460517_n

photo 12680_10151935882284017_2098651267_n

Golden Temple!

photo 994328_10151935882489017_1143994536_n

photo 1175581_10151935882704017_1925269102_n

Third stop for the morning, Kyoto Imperial Palace.

photo 993669_10151935883409017_1280122249_n

photo 1150802_10151935883539017_1333392274_n

photo 1157699_10151935883764017_898049511_n

photo 1187004_10151935884029017_249737706_n

photo 1000009_10151935884024017_345080605_n

Fourth stop, Heian Shrine.

photo 1173605_10151937564984017_1361627406_n

photo 17782_10151937565109017_546779976_n

photo 1176288_10151937565474017_551193820_n

photo 1186065_10151937565214017_1592692031_n

Last stop, Kiyomizu Temple.

photo 1002577_10151937565709017_511102956_n

photo 1186328_10151937565799017_1624561247_n

photo 1150268_10151937566179017_686679801_n

photo 971222_10151937566364017_1699988072_n

photo 9583997918_db9ca47d0a_c

As I had performed online check-in earlier, I was able to bypass the snaking queues, drop my bags at the internet check-in counter, and obtain my boarding passes for both sectors. I was pre-allocated 11A, the first row of economy.

photo 9581242841_b712f8541f_c

Then it was through immigration and security, which was rather busy this morning. Luckily the North wing was not as busy as the South wing, which saw snaking queues at the entrance to immigration. For those who are unaware, one can clear immigration and security at either wing, similar to Chang'"/>photo 9583997168_de7e78410b_c

Flight information display. MH and D7 to KUL, plus SQ to SIN, all at 11am.

photo 9581212239_3f7d282fc3_c

At Kansai, one would have to take a shuttle train to the gates, even though some are only a rather short distance away, just like our departure this morning from Gate 13. Well, at least got to do a bit of plane-spotting.

ANA B737s

photo 9581211887_9e35dfd377_b

Cathay B773, Thai B744 and Finnair at the far end.

photo 9583996206_c4bcd2deed_c

07 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines MH53
Osaka Kansai (KIX) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class

At the gate.

photo 9583995020_4c5c8a2cbb_c

9M-MTF will be operating the flight today.

photo 9581211257_902d558c59_c

photo 9581210823_3c104b1d15_b

Soon, boarding started. A row for Business and Economy each. It was not done by row numbers, but Japs being Japs, the boarding process was still very orderly. Again, most pax were of Japanese origin.

photo 9583994600_7d39160764_c

Asiana A321 and EVA Air A330 parked beside.

photo 9581208637_9a272b1d47_b

Boarding the aircraft. There were newspapers available at the door.

photo 9581208075_0a4e7ea64d_b

I was one of the earlier ones to board.

photo 9581207829_7eee4f41a5_b

Great legroom at 11A!

photo 9583991860_fe8c4f9f30_b

IFE screen, handset, USB port and power outlet at the side and bottom of the seat.

photo 9583991194_1f8c1a423c_c

Wing view. However, it would be my first and last wing view of the flight as a stewardess then approached me and my seatmate and request if we could swap to the middle bulkhead seats as there were 2 babies allocated there but only 1 bassinet point. So one of the couple would require the bassinet point in front of 11A/B. Being a nice pax, I agreed as I would still have a bulkhead aisle seat, though I admit I was a tad disappointed with the loss of the window seat.

photo 9581206475_44bf216f71_b

My new seat at 11G had even better legroom! All the bassinet points were filled up and again the flight seemed totally full in economy.

photo 9581206161_6c0cbd32cc_b

A rather friendly stewardess then came around to each pax with baby to explain the use of infant seat-belt and use of bassinet.

photo 9583990320_636809aed0_c

Doors were closed slightly before 11am and we taxied for departure shortly after. During takeoff, I saw both D7 and SQ taxiing out. Guess we are the earliest one!

Just after takeoff.

photo 9583989972_fc08d70df6_c

After takeoff announcements by the female inflight supervisor. We had one of the few MH female inflight supervisors today!

[URL='"/>photo 9583989622_9f98e6ccf1_c

Headsets were distributed, followed by peanuts and drinks. I chose an apple juice. Also started on a Korean movie.

photo 9581204911_85ee8118c0_c

After which, meal carts were set up in preparation for lunch. Meals were served from the rear to the front.

photo 9583989066_bcef07ca64_c

As it was a full flight, it took a while for the meal cart to reach my row. There was a choice of chicken with rice or seafood pasta. I chose the chicken with rice, and apparently I took the last of it as the last few passengers to be served had to take the seafood pasta. Also had a beer, and was served the entire can. On the tray were a starter, soba noodles, water, bread with butter, main course, fruits and chocolates.

photo 9581204293_84a85987a0_c

Soba noodles and condiments, butter for bread, chocolate and pre-packed water.

photo 9581202929_def4094354_c

Starter of jap-style chicken salad with olives. It was tasty.

photo 9583988340_7625f66dcf_c

All condiments added into the soba noodles.

photo 9581202595_432088fdde_c

Sweet and sour chicken with rice. Nothing too imaginative but still not too bad.

photo 9581202179_b6c6da65a1_c

Sweet cut fruits of apple, melon, orange and grapefruit. The segment of orange was hidden under the melon slice.

photo 9581203157_5e44286362_c

Cleaned up everything!

photo 9581201457_5ac69314b0_c

We were already flying beside Taiwan after the meal trays were cleared.

photo 9581201029_f4d2656d2a_b

View of the cabin.

photo 9583985246_a12005f08f_b

Then I dozed off for a short hour'"/>photo 9583984772_3f6a81ba51_c

A refreshment was served about 1.5hrs to landing. As the seatbelt signs were turned on due to turbulence, no hot beverages were served. Instead, I had a cold Oolong tea with the cake and ice-cream served. Here is where MH excelled as compared to SQ, by retaining its refreshment service prior to arrival into destination on Japan flights. It was most welcomed on day flights as we passengers would definitely be feeling peckish 2hrs after lunch. Really impressed with MH for the refreshment!

photo 9583984318_812cbe3593_b

Delicious muffin-like cake.

photo 9583983782_d655c1f378_b

Very nice green tea flavoured ice-cream!

photo 9583983352_b866311134_b

Service wise, this set of crew was really good! As I was seated near the babies, I had observed how the crew would assist the families with the babies so as the make the journey more bearable. They also responded to all requests promptly, and I saw how they had remembered and delivered a pax'"/>photo 9581198673_a4794e508b_c

Before we start our descend, a video on Malaysia was played.

photo 9583982572_7ddbd87645_c

Nearing Kuala Lumpur, where I would have a 3hrs layover due to our early arrival.

photo 9581198345_7e36e89223_c

Landed uneventfully at KLIA and parked at the satellite terminal. My seat during disembarkation.

photo 9583982268_08c38ff75d_c

Seats 11H/K. As can be seen, these bulkhead seats have really great legroom!

photo 9581197485_476db885c8_c

Passing Business Class. Seemed that MH distributed slippers to Business Class passengers.

photo 9583981736_1944a71569_c

Bade farewell to the great set of crew and start of my 3hrs layover.

Airlines from the gulf at KLIA. Emirates whale and Etihad B773ER.

photo 9583980818_4b48716afe_c

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Osaka - KIX


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



I was really pleased with MH's service on this sector. The bulkhead seat, generous catering, coupled with great crew, made this one of the better flights I have flown in economy so far. Well done, MH!

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