Review of Singapore Airlines flight Mumbai Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ421
Class Economy
Seat 54A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 04:20
Take-off 04 Apr 11, 07:45
Arrival at 04 Apr 11, 14:35
SQ   #7 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By GOLD 873
Published on 9th February 2022

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ421 Mumbai - Singapore

Flight Details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 421 BOM - SIN
Reg : 9V-SQM
Aircraft: Boeing 777-212/ER
Dep - BOM : 07.45
Arr - SIN : 2.35
Flight time : 4 hours 55 minutes
Distance : 3,899 kilometers

Trip Video: Singapore Airlines SQ421 Mumbai - Singapore


This report is a 2011 trip from Mumbai. To read the inbound trip report: SQ422 Singapore - Mumbai

Arriving at Airport

Arrived early to Airport while it was still dark.  As the airport was under private management,  can see the new logo - peacock feather.

photo img_3

Waited on the landside and watched the new Terminal 2 under-construction, Design of which is based on peacock - India's national bird.

photo img_1

View of Terminal 2A - which used to serve all other airlines except Air India and Star Alliance members.

photo img_2

 Arrivals car park  and Terminal C which was used by Air India and Star Alliance members, Terminal B was not in use.

photo img_4

With morning being mostly arrivals from Middle East, Departure was not busy.

photo img_8

view of the now demolished Terminal 2 A and B

photo img_7

Its was time for check-in. Walked towards Terminal 2C

photo img_6

View before getting ticket and passport checked at entrance.

photo img_5


After completing security check, arrived at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter. I would be transiting through Singapore. Got bags weighed and checked till Sydney, Received the boarding pass for both flights along with immigration form. Got handbag tags from Singapore Airlines for security stamp.

photo img_9

Immigration and Security

After completing the immigration form, walked towards the corridor. Mumbai departure used to be immigration and then security, which is other way round in the new terminal 2.

photo img_10

There was no queue at Immigration. Custom checked was conducted after immigration. Security was quick and down in the departure area.
Boarding pass and baggage tag was stamped by security, Passengers were not allowed to board.without the handbag tag stamp, 
Ethiopian Airlines crew waiting for others after security check.

photo img_12

Duty free Area

photo img_13

Few shops in duty free.

photo img_11

Gate signage and some lounges

photo img_14

Flight Schedule

photo img_15

Direction to boarding gate

photo img_16

Some food outlets

photo img_17

Waiting area

photo img_18

Closer view of flight schedule - SQ was not listed

photo img_19

Explored the terminal while waiting for gate number to show.

photo img_20

Coffee shops

photo img_21photo img_24

Passengers waiting for boarding call, mostly to Middle east destinations.

photo img_22

Waiting near gate area which had drinking fountains.

photo img_23

Singapore Airlines would be departing from Gate 8.

photo img_25


After waiting some time, Boarding call was made on time. Queue formed by seat numbers. Passport, boarding pass and stamped handbag tags was checked.

photo img_26

view of Singapore Airlines 9V-SQM operating SQ421 with a Kuwaiti Airways A340 pushbacked to the left of the picture, Crew greeted passengers at the board and directed them towards their seats.

photo img_27

View of Business class seats

photo img_29

Walking towards the rear of cabin. Having changed the departure schedule to early time. Flight was half full. As I was seated in the rear, Front cabin was empty when I boarded.

photo img_28

Economy cabin 3-3-3

photo img_30

Occupied the assigned seat, window view of the terminal

photo img_31

QF51 to Singapore and Brisbane. I had traveled on this flight till Singapore in 2010, Read report here: Qantas QF51 BNE-SIN.

Jet Airways used to be India's biggest carrier in those days.

photo img_32

View of the under-construction terminal.

photo img_33

Cabin filled up and crew began distributing cold towels.

photo img_34

Flight information

photo img_35

Waiting for pushback

photo img_36

View of Air India's new livery

photo img_37

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced and aircraft taxied towards runway 27. Watch the departure video above.

photo img_38

Departure queue waiting for other departures and arrivals

photo img_39

Airport taxiway under construction

photo img_40

Air India A319 arriving

photo img_41

After some waiting, rolled on runway 27 and departed towards the West and over the Arabian sea.

photo img_42

Flight continued west and then turned South, Overflying the southern tip of Island of Mumbai and then turned East.

photo img_43

Cabin view after departure.

photo img_44

Captain and crew provided flight details.

photo img_45

Flight information

photo img_46

Seat Pocket MAterial

Seat pocket contained Silverkris, KrisWorld and KrisShop magazine.

photo img_47

Menu was distributed before the breakfast service

photo img_48

Menu details

photo img_49

Breakfast details

photo img_50

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 Safety Card

photo img_52photo img_51

I had picked newspaper for reading at the aerobridge. Wanting to rest before arrival, I didn't use the entertainment system

photo img_53-57591

Flying over the Southern India

photo img_54

Cabin view

Passengers were mostly resting due to early check-in for this flight. Very few watching entertainment.

photo img_55

3 more hours of flying.

photo img_56

Cabin Service

Breakfast was provided after an hour of departure.

photo img_57

I had chosen the mutton kheema. Alcohol was not served on the morning. Drinks option was orange juice, tea or coffee.

photo img_58

Trays were collected and window shades were pulled down.

photo img_59

Arrival in Singapore

Rested after breakfast and slept. Woke to announcement of arrival soon. Crew commenced safety check and cleared the rubbish.

photo img_60

Crew checked passengers if they were transiting or entering Singapore and then handling Singapore immigration forms. As I would be transiting, I didn't take the form.

photo img_61

Flying over clouds

photo img_62

Passing Malaysia

photo img_63

Screen displaying connection gate details.

photo img_64

Landing was smooth, check video. after a short taxi arrived at gate.

photo img_65

Window view after reaching gate

photo img_66

Disembarkation was orderly

photo img_67

View of cabin before disembarkation

photo img_68

Business Class

photo img_69

Thanked the crew and exited the aircraft.

photo img_70

I had a long transit but stayed in the airport till next flight.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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SQ operated early morning flight due to runway repair at Mumbai, had to wake early to reach airport, Most of the flight, I rested. Flight departed and arrived on-time, food provided was enough for the length of the journey. Mumbai Airport was hassle free, Terminal was to be demolished hence facilities were limited. Singapore airport provided a good transit experience. Overall a satisfactory flight,

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