Review of Cathay Dragon flight Hong Kong Taipei in Economy

Airline Cathay Dragon
Flight KA 482
Class Economy
Seat 46K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 14 Nov 13, 18:50
Arrival at 14 Nov 13, 20:20
KA 67 reviews
By 4949
Published on 23rd November 2013
Going through transfer security near Gate 44.

photo 10994848295_7584c3a4da_o

With more than an hour till the next flight, we visited the brand new Plaza Premium Lounge West Hall, courtesy of our Priority Passes, for some light bites. This lounge is supposed to be Plaza Premium's new flagship lounge. As we intended just to get some bites, I had taken only photos of the dining area, which is of a new concept. Other than the dining area, there are also other sectioned areas for lounging and work, as well as shower facilities and a bar area.

Dining area

photo 10994934646_50135cf374_o

Various stalls.

photo 10995007014_d1de9afd10_o

More buffet spread.

photo 10995058373_b16eff8fe9_o

Salad and soup bar.

photo 10994932586_9d10f6f110_o

Some nachos, mixed nuts and juice.

photo 10994932096_776d6358df_o

Samosas and HK egg tarts

photo 10995055663_9582d28c5d_o

Tomato soup, a chicken dish and cheong fun

photo 10995004824_cfb5ce7c9e_o

Fish ball noodles

photo 10995004214_927a187e8d_o

While having our meal, the gate for our flight was finally assigned at Gate 41, which was just below the lounge. However, the plane only arrived at the gate slightly more than 30min before the STD. As expected, our flight was retimed by 20min to 1850hrs due to the late arrival of the aircraft.

14 November 2013
KA 482
Hong Kong (HKG) - Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)
Economy Class

This would be my first time flying on Dragonair, which is now a fully-owned subsidiary of CX, similar to Silkair being a part of SQ. Proceeded to the departure gate for the flight. The flight was code-shared with CX, which is similar to all CX flights bound for TPE where KA would code-share on them as well.

photo 10995002894_42b7e7b57e_o

Operating this short flight this evening was B-HLE, which was originally delivered to CX in 1995 (even older than the B772 I flew on the previous flight), and transferred to KA in 2010. The aircraft looked brand new as it was recently retrofitted with the newest KA seats and IFE, which are exactly similar to CX's newest generation of economy and regional Business seats!

photo 10995002144_d7355ab59c_o

Boarding had just started as we reached the gate and an orderly queue was formed for boarding. However, KA ground staff actively guided families with young children in the queue and at the gate area to the front for priority boarding. Never have I seen this being done before for other airlines! Great ground service by KA here!

photo 10995002244_0289a0825e_o

Welcomed by the KA crew and proceeded to the aft section of the plane where our seas would be the 2-seaters by the window. The plane filled up and it seemed to be a rather full flight. Cabin interior on this retrofitted plane was immaculate and new.

photo 10995000064_c2e134da2b_o

Legroom was good even though the seat pitch was only 32. This was probably due to the new slimline seatbacks. However, seat base was of a rather thick cushioning, making the seat very much comfortable for the user. In fact, I would rate this new generation of CX/KA seats to be superior in comfort to the current SQ economy seats on the A330/A380/B77W. IFE was touch-screen with a USB port, and there was also a compartment just below the screen for small objects. Great for placing my handphone while charging! Even though the CX/KA seat may have less of the blings found on SQ, I feel that the seat design is very well thought out, having the necessities while not compromising on comfort.

photo 10994841985_6f09c408b2_o

At the gate while awaiting pushback.

photo 10995048933_17ceedd537_o

Stuff in seat pocket.

photo 10994927416_c8881b1f03_o

photo 10994841145_0c662b3159_o

Headphones were available on this short flight and were pre-set in the seat pockets.

photo 10994996504_3014d6856e_b

Boarding completed and aircraft doors were closed. Flight time was announced to be a short 1h15m. Safety video, which was again in animation format, was played.

photo 10995049063_bf4136c849_o

While fiddling around the seat, I realised that there were no IFE handset nor any call-buttons or readings light switches. It was only after more meddling and touching the blue button below the IFE screen when this menu showed up on screen. Clever, isn't it?

photo 10994998454_327fe42663_o

Flight map.

photo 10994837785_b3505c7ff7_b

In order to make up for the delay, the pilot taxied swiftly to the runway and we departed Rwy05R into the night skies.

Shortly after takeoff, the IFE system, Studio KA (which uses the exact same IFE platform as CX), was switched on. All entertainment selections, with the exception of movies, are available on this hour long hop. As mentioned earlier, all selections were performed via touchscreen monitor, which, fortunately, was very responsive and of high resolution.

photo 10995047063_a216f96a7d_o

photo 10994921596_bef8bc2fa7_o

photo 10994834175_9403446c8c_b

To whet my appetite for the upcoming Taiwanese food upon arrival, I tuned in to a Taiwanese variety show featuring tasty street food in Taipei!

photo 10994992204_f4f3e0cb64_o

Coincidentally, the KA crew also passed us a comment form to fill up, which was very similar to CX's version. Again we requested for playing cards, which was promptly delivered.

photo 10995045653_54b9a65832_o

Cabin then came down the aisle from the rear, serving us a meal. Initially, I had though that both CX and KA had downgraded their meal service on HKG-TPE sector to just mere warm sandwiches, but surprisingly the KA crew presented to us a beautiful hot meal box, a cup of water and a cutlery pack. No choices offered though and then crew just mentioned that it was chow fun ie. fried rice in Cantonese. Guess the meal concept on this short flight has been changed again recently.

photo 10994923676_3c9e44372f_o

Unfortunately, the fried rice was just bordering on tasteless even though it was piping hot! We just had a couple of mouthfuls and left the rest. We would have better upon arrival in Taipei.

photo 10994994914_eb693dfe26_o

Just shortly after delivery of meals in a very efficient manner, crew came down again to collect the trash as well as offering Chinese tea. Other beverages are available upon request only as the crew did not set up any other beverages on the cart up. However I did notice other passengers request for soft drinks and beers, and were offered the entire cans by the crew. For us, we just had Chinese tea, which were served in a plastic cup. Service by the KA crew was just alright. Efficient but not as warm as the CX crew and English language skills were apparently not as proficient as well. However, they still get the job done and did respond to requests. Also can't fault them as it was only a short and full flight.

photo 10995043853_c9d0cb895c_o

View of the mid economy cabin after meal service, with the lights dimmed.

photo 10995043043_3f48560ea2_o

Visit to lavatory. Amenities were exactly similar to CX.

photo 10995042783_37d1c2e4ed_o

Very soon, we were descending into TPE, flying along the coast.

photo 10994831895_c127591eb2_o

photo 10995041943_9b2a266bd7_o

Studio KA was switched off just moments before landing and we had the flight map view instead. Landing preparations notice was also flashed on the screens.

photo 10994831315_4c4a2d8fa1_o

No holds and it was a direct approach to TPE Rwy 05L.

photo 10995054133_5824ae93d2_o

Landing in Taipei Taoyuan, slightly behind schedule. We managed to make up some of the lost time enroute. Throughout the flight, recorded announcements were made in 4 languages, English, Mandarin and 2 Taiwanese dialects, which got kind of irritating after a while due to the endless broadcasts.

Thank you for flying Dragonair!

photo 10994830595_620cc74f25_o

Taxied to Terminal One, with a sister CX pushing back.

photo 10995040153_4b7cf4f434_o


photo 10995040103_7e011d9988_o

Waiting to disembark.

photo 10994915396_efa7abac18_o

Comfortable seat for the short flight.

photo 10995038183_1bbbe4e27f_o

View of cabin during disembarkation.

photo 10995038793_e5a4bc25db_o

Blurred photo of the new CX/KA Regional Business Class seats fitted on this KA plane. I still wondered why KA don't at least change the covers of the seats to another colour more reflective of their corporate identity instead of the green/blue colours used by CX.

photo 10994828575_220764f820_o

Immigration was rather fast and we were soon picking up our bags without much of a wait.

photo 10994985254_e9293bb90f_o

photo 10994824795_464e185564_o

It was straight to the hotel at Taipei Main Station by the airport bus, check-in and out to the night markets for supper! The first night market visited on our first day was Ning Xia night market, which was not too far from the hotel. Yummy street food!

photo 10995035503_2146ee7c6e_o

Visited Yehliu Geopark on the second day.

photo 10994984654_5a78fc0cdf_o

More of the food we had on the second day.

photo 10995034523_e4a27d431c_o

Visit to Gongguan area, beside the New Taiwan University, where there are lots of affordable shopping and eateries!

photo 10995037673_7ccd700eef_o
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Cathay Dragon

Cabin crew8.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Taipei - TPE



Dragonair has certainly upped its game in as the leading Regional Airline through the introduction of new seats on its planes, thanks to its parent CX. Service was efficient and acceptable on this short flight and most of the frills are still provided for. In fact, KA could be just CX in another livery and crew uniform!

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    marathon 9834 Comments

    This new seat is really attractive. The IFE handling the miscellaneous controls is probably the way of the future; I never saw that elswhere. Having a hot meal in economy is really a rarity in the world on a such a short flight.
    Thanks for this FR and the tourist bonus - I used to live close to Gongguan and these are good memories !

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    Thanks for sharing !

    This cabin shows a great improvement of product for a regional airline. As you said, that brings even more Dragonair closer to Cathay and I think some passengers just can't see a difference. The new business regional looks really good as well, especially for medium haul flights.

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    Thanks for this TR!
    When did Dragonair start to refurbish their cabins?

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    Thanks for the interesting report and the bonus segment. I've heard so much about the night markets in TPE and hopefully I will experience them one of these days. From what people tell me, I get the impression that TPE is very underrated.

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