Review of SATENA flight Tumaco Bogota in Economy

Airline SATENA
Flight 9R8685
Class Economy
Seat 9D
Aircraft ATR 42-500
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 13 Jul 21, 17:10
Arrival at 13 Jul 21, 19:00
9R 7 reviews
Published on 12th March 2022

Hello and welcome to a new Flight report. This time I will be flying from Tumaco - La Florida Airport to the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, aeropuerto El Dorado. Again, the airline used is SATENA, the only one in Colombia which is flying directly between both cities. 
Getting to the airport is very easy, even is possible to go by walk. But as I was carrying a bag, I decided to take a moto taxi, and it only takes a few minutes. 

The building is quite small, but more than enough for the 4 daily flights the aiport have. The picture was taked days before the flight, not at the same day. 

photo img_20210610_130906

There are even some few messages related with COVID. 

photo img_20210610_122853

There's the Satena check in counter

photo img_20210713_164541

And an alert message about covid which should be made by january or february 2020, just before the big crisis started. 

photo img_20210713_164642

Once crossed the security check, which is made manually as there are no x-ray machines, you proceed to the air zone, which is very well ventilated. There's a bar where you can take something before flying. 

photo img_20210713_165501-57884

Boarding started soon and flight to Bogotá was called. To reach the plane is it necessary to walk across the plattform, the place where you realize the army is really the main actor at the airport. The security situation in this area of the country is still very serious. 

photo img_20210713_172214

That's our bird!

photo img_20210713_172054photo img_20210713_172319

Already on board. Today the flight is 100% full. 

photo img_20210713_172700

Soon enough safety instructions were given and we were ready to take off, just after the Easyfly flight lands from Cali. While taxiing I was also able to spot an american aircraft, which is used in Colombia. 

photo img_20210713_174351

Very short taxi to the runway. Takeoff on time. Bye bye Tumaco, see you in two weeks! 

Time to relax and enjoy the climb over the bay. Unfortunately it was cloudy and views weren't the best. 

photo img_20210713_174907photo img_20210713_175224

Old cabin today. And again, no service. Hopefully during this 2022 colombian airlines will start again serving things on their domestic flights. Legroom was ok for me. 

photo img_20210713_173512

A few pictures about our flight over Nariño and Cauca jungle. Heading to the west of Guapi before reaching Cali. 

photo img_20210713_175359photo img_20210713_175437photo img_20210713_175953

Over Cauca mountains

photo img_20210713_181824

Overflying Cali with the very last lights of the day.

photo img_20210713_183251

Afterwards it came absolutely dark and it was hard to take decent pictures. So just a few more during the descent. 

photo img_20210713_190120

It was a congesting hour in Bogotá so there was many traffic. We were put on a holding pattern for 5-10 minutes. 

photo img_20210713_190330

Finally on finals

photo img_20210713_191310photo img_20210713_191549

Welcome to Bogotá

photo img_20210713_191743

And landed after another 1h 40 minutes flight. After a short taxi we came to the gate. Disembarking was made by walk. 

photo img_20210713_192247

Outside it was really cold compared on Tumaco. Just to remember, Bogotá is located on 2.500m over the sea level. 
One last picture to our bird. Thanks for the ride!

photo img_20210713_192956

And a few last pictures from the airport. There's much more traffic here. 

photo img_20210713_193344

Waiting for the bag. It take a really short time to appear. 

photo img_20210713_194233

Thanks for reading! 

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Cabin crew8.5

Tumaco - TCO


Bogota - BOG



As mentioned on my previous report, nowadays Satena is maybe best airlines to fly on a domestic flight in Colombia. It offers a very good amount of connections to the most forgotten destination and, as the airlines is used as a cargo resource, they don't complain about the weight of your bags even if you bring 5-7 kg more.
I can't complain about the service on board because this is a mandatory law, but the last time I flew with them in 2018 they offered free drinks.
Overall a very good experience . It's a pleasure flying with them.



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