Review of Air France flight Paris Bogota in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF428
Class Economy
Seat 40C
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 10:40
Take-off 24 May 22, 15:40
Arrival at 24 May 22, 19:20
AF   #22 out of 70 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5053 reviews
By BRONZE 1084
Published on 31st May 2022

Hello, and welcome again to another Flight Report. That's the second leg of my trip from Barcelona to Bogotá with Air France. 


After getting off from the bus shuttle at terminal 2F, I took a short walk on the building, as my layover was nearly 4 hours. There are the schengen departures planned for this afternoon. 

photo img_20220524_122920

A sad picture for FCBarcelona supporters like me. 

photo img_20220524_123342

I made a short walk on the terminal heading to the immigration control. Most of the shops are now open again, here in Paris. 

photo img_20220524_123818

After the immigration control, I walked to the L terminal. 

photo img_20220524_125143

Nice line

photo img_20220524_125327

Once I arrived, I took a short walk over the terminal and made some spotting. Here's the Air India flight to Delhi being prepared. This will be our gate for the flight to Bogotá later in the afternoon. 

photo img_20220524_130421

And Middle East Airlines flying to Beirut

photo img_20220524_131742

Nice to have some Play Station games, but I wasn't able to manage them

photo img_20220524_131628

I went to eat some chicken wrap before going to the gate. Our 789 arrived a little bit later.

photo img_20220524_141014

A pic from the very rear part of the building

photo img_20220524_142452

Boarding started on time and I was one of the first passengers to board the airplane. The load factor today was quite high, some good 80%, but as I was seated at the rear part of the airplane, some of the seats were empty. 

photo img_20220524_145459

As always, I decided to take an aisle seat for this long flight, but before my seatmate arrived, I took a picture from the window. Personally I am not a big fan of the 3-3-3 configuration but the middle seat today was empty. Also, and my seatmate, a chilean man living in France, was very chatty and had some nice conversations during the flight. 

photo img_20220524_145903

The last 3 rows of the airplane were empty and later in the flight they were occupied by other passengers who felt asleep. 

photo img_20220524_145909

A blanket and a pillow were provided at each seat, along with some headphones. The legroom was much better on this airplane and the cabin looked fresh and new. The IFE offered many options and it was very responsive. 

photo img_20220524_161330

Our route today

photo img_20220524_151728

The captain announced a flight time of 10 hours and a few minutes, quite short today. Our pushback started some good 30 minutes late, as some passengers were coming from other connecting flights and one of the wing lights had to be fixed. Nothing important though. 
I really like the windows on the 787, much bigger than the ones of the A330/40 or the triple seven.  

photo img_20220524_161511

We made a rather short taxi to the runway and we took off heading to the west. 

photo img_20220524_161518_1photo img_20220524_162252

Bye bye Europe! 

photo img_20220524_162714photo img_20220524_162729photo img_20220524_162730

Just after take off, the cabin crew offered a "sanitary kit", but surprisingly, on this flights masks weren't mandatory. I guess this is because most of the passengers are already vaccinated or they have a negative PCR. This was my first flight without a mask after the pandemic. 

photo img_20220524_164227

Already over the clouds. The WIFI was activated at that time and for the first time in my life, I had Internet on a plane. I don't know which is the situation with other airlines, but Air France provides free wi-fi on their 787-9. You can only send text messages on whatsapp, but it's great to stay tuned with your family and friends at the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at 37.000 feet. 

photo img_20220524_163828

About an hour into the flight, the cabin crew started with lunch/dinner service. 

photo img_20220524_173506

Today we had two options: pasta or chicken. I went for the second one. As an appetizer we had a black rice salad with some vegetables, which was very good. The main dish consisted in creamy chicken with mashed potatoes and a sweet desert which consisted in a chocolate coulant. It came along with bread, some creamy cheese and a bottle of water. I was quite hungry by then, and I must recognize it was one of the best meals I've ever had on a plane. 

photo img_20220524_173739

The best part of it was the french champagne, which was given by a plastic cup. Alcoholic drinks were complementary too. Very nice touch from Air France here. Me and my seatmate shared the middle table and made a "cheers" with the champagne glass. 

photo img_20220524_173623

I ate all of it. 

photo img_20220524_180405

And a coffee to end with.

photo img_20220524_181428

By the time we were already flying over the Atlantic ocean.

photo img_20220524_195727

A few hours later, cabin lights dimmed and some passengers felt asleep. Our route today passed throught the north the Azores Islands. 

photo img_20220524_200210

At the rear galley, the cabin crew prepared a self-service area with some snacks. Candy's, sandwiches and drinks were available for all the passengers. 

photo img_20220524_214939

I also paid a visit at the rear toilet, which was clean during all the flight. 

photo img_20220524_214823

A picture of the cabin during the flight. As you can see, most of the windows remained open during all the flight. Also there were many cheaty passengers, specially during the first half of the flight. Slowly, they felt asleep, including myself. 

photo img_20220524_215324

A short IFE program 

photo img_20220524_222651

Getting closer to the Caribbean as I enjoyed asandwich. I think they're the same which are offered on their european flights. 

photo img_20220524_231004

Over the Caribbean Ocean

photo img_20220524_225730

The weather changes here! Massive stormclouds were able to spot from the rear galley window.

photo img_20220525_004826

And, as a result, we had some bumps which turned the seat belt sigh on for a few minutes.

photo img_20220525_001111

Getting closer to Venezuela. We'll fly over Maracaibo and it's famous lake today.

photo img_20220525_005614

Outside it was getting darker

photo img_20220525_010120

Already over Venezuela

photo img_20220525_011922

Lights turned ON again and the cabin crew started the pre arrival service. As many other airlines, Air France made some cost cut over the last years and they are no longer serving a hot meal. Today they are providing a very kind bag full of food. Hot pastries, some bread, cherries, an apple pie and a madeleine. All along with some drinks. I only ate the cherries and the rest of the food I tooked home for my brekfast, the next day. Maybe it's not the most adequate kind of food you expect at that time (maybe better for breakfast?) but anyway the quality was good. 

photo img_20220525_012608

Already over Colombia

photo img_20220525_020027

After bags were collected (not mine, for sure), we started a slow descent into El Dorado airport, where we landed just after 10 hours in the air. 

On finals.

photo img_20220525_022950

And a very blurry picture of the cabin just after landing. Sorry about the quality! 

photo img_20220525_023421

I said goodbye to my seatmate and we headed out of the airplane. I took one last picture to our bird, just before reaching the immigration control, which was very long (as usual at that time) as many international flights are arriving at that time. Luckly, we arrived before the Iberia from Madrid and the AV19, coming from Barcelona. 

photo img_20220525_025159

Just after the passport control, I took my bag and headed to the appartment in the center of Bogotá.

Thank you very much for reading! 

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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Paris - CDG


Bogota - BOG



Air France offers a very nice Long Haul product, and this experience was much better than the one I had less than a year ago with Lufthansa (FRA-BOG flight also available here). The food is great, with two choices and alcoholic drinks included. The cabin of the 787 is very new and pillows and blankets are high quality and very useful.
The cabin crew of this flight was very attentive and they convinced me to become a flying blue member. I sold myself for a glass of champagne!

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  • Comment 604068 by
    Chibcha SILVER 477 Comments

    AF is probably the best choice between Europe and Colombia. Although I have my soft spot for IB and its direct flight from MAD, since I don't even consider AV as a viable option, I would seriously consider AF for all my trips to BOG from BCN. Maybe Lufty will get its act back together this year and become a serious contender again...

    BTW Im surprised that the catering is exactly the same in Y and Y+, not even IB does this!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 604339 by
      Guillbcn BRONZE AUTHOR 68 Comments

      Absolutely, I guess this is, along with IB, the best option to fly to Colombia. TK is also offering a very nice product, but the ride is much longer and there's no longer a night flight between IST and BOG. Hopefully LH will recover soon.

      Many thanks!

  • Comment 604171 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5799 Comments

    Hola GuillBCN, thanks for sharing! Looks like it was an overall nice flight with AF, especially since you had an empty middle seat on a mostly full flight. As you mention, being towards the back of the cabin gives the most change of having an empty middle seat.

    Just after take off, the cabin crew offered a "sanitary kit", but surprisingly, on this flights masks weren't mandatory. I guess this is because most of the passengers are already vaccinated or they have a negative PCR. This was my first flight without a mask after the pandemic.

    Yup, France dropped the mask mandate for transport on 16 May. Here in the US it was in April. I haven't flown since so it will be interesting to see what it's like when I fly again to Europe in a few weeks.

    AF catering in longhaul Y is consistently good and nice to see it's still good in the pandemic recovery context. It's one of the few airlines offering champagne in Y.

    Thanks for sharing!

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