Review of Uni Air flight Makung City Taipei City in Economy

Airline Uni Air
Flight B79110
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 26 Aug 22, 17:30
Arrival at 26 Aug 22, 18:20
B7 42 reviews
Published on 27th August 2022

Hello guys, I'm gonna share my return journey to Taipei with UNIAIR with you. 

photo img_4620

This is UNIAIR's counter at MZG airport. The self check-in kiosk was not efficient and required lots of time to process my boarding pass. Maybe I used it in a wrong way…?

photo img_4622

The mini famous bridge at the airport. Lots of people were taking pictures under this fake bridge rather than at the real one. 

photo img_4627

Remote islands in Taiwan are duty free, and there is a small duty free shop after security. 

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures from the window at MZG airport since the airport is a military base as well. Therefore I didn't have a chance to record my aircraft with the ocean scenery outside the airport.

It was time to board!

photo img_4630

L2 door on UNIAIR's A321.

photo img_4639

A EVAAIR's A321 was beside us. This aircraft does not have a sharklet. 

photo img_4640

Boarding was over. 

photo img_4645


photo img_4648photo img_4650photo img_4651

The sunshine flowed into the cabin secretly, blended with the mood-lighting and formed a charming and relaxing atmosphere. What a nice journey.  

photo img_4652

Drink service began. There were water, plum juice, coffee, hot tea and cold green tea. 

photo img_4653

I chose water again. 

photo img_4655


photo img_4656

We were approaching into TSA airport. 

photo img_4663

The Grand Hotel.

photo img_4675

China Airlines' newest fleet–A321NEO. 

photo img_4683

A classic China Airlines' A330-300.

photo img_4700photo img_4702photo img_4710

Business class was not sold on the flight. The seats are only available when the flight is fully booked and only to the last few passengers. 

photo img_4711

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photo img_4713

Our aircraft today. 

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Uni Air

Cabin crew10.0

Makung City - MZG


Taipei City - TSA



The flight was pleasant. The Chief Purser (CP) was very charming and actively assisted passengers with infants during the whole boarding process. Very interestingly that there was a male Deputy Purser (DP) onboard, who is one of the three or four male cabin crew in UNIAIR. He is the only DP and the remaining crew are all CP. I heard that he is very senior and has been working as a crew member before the airlines he worked at merged with UNIAIR. Honestly I have no idea why there were so little male cabin crew onboard UNIAIR and EVAAIR, but it is always nice to see a variety of crew working onboard.

Information on the route Makung City (MZG) Taipei City (TSA)


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