Review of EVA Air flight Vancouver Taipei in Business

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR009
Class Business
Seat 11A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:50
Take-off 17 Feb 23, 00:50
Arrival at 17 Feb 23, 05:40
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Published on 13th March 2023

In February, I flew EVA AIR's Royal Laurel Class (Business) from Vancouver to Taipei. I originally booked this flight in Premium Economy, but then I decided to upgrade myself to Business using the miles I earned from the past two years. For your information, it requires 31,500 to 35,000 miles to upgrade you from Premium Economy to Business depending on the ticket type you have. You can now bid for an upgrade starting in March, but I'm unsure how it works. Anyway, let's jump into this wonderful, top-notch flying experience. 

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Our aircraft today was B-16707, but this aircraft was parked at the very end gate at YVR and TPE, so I could not get a good shot for it. 

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Time to board! The seat was nice and clean and can be turned into a fully reclined bed. A big, soft pillow and a warm, comfy blanket were already put on the seat. I was seated in the second zone of Business Class, a small section in front of Premium Economy. After I boarded the plane, Deputy Purser (DP) who is in charge of this zone and also the whole Business Class came and greeted me. She asked for my meal selections and also if I would like to have some pre-departure drinks. I also told the crew that I upgraded to Business Class and this was my first time flying in Business in my life. She was very kind and said, "All you need to do is sit there and we will take care of you."

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For pre-departure drink, I chose apple juice. The DP also gave me a piece of chocolate. 

photo img_7988

As the DP saw my cup was empty and we still had time before departure, she offered my to try out sparkling water with lime. 

photo img_7998

After finishing the pre-departure drink and watching the safety video, we were all set to go. The cabin light was dimmed with this gorgeous starlight view. 

photo img_8003

Every Business Class Seat was equipped with this THUNDER noise-canceling earphones. 

1st Meal service

photo img_8011

The prelude for today's dinner service consisted of a foie gras mousse tartlet and goat cheese tart. I was not a fan of either one. For drinks, I chose Calpis, a non-achololic milky drink from Japan. The crew saw that I did not finish the plate and gave me a pack of mixed nuts instead. What a nice gesture!

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The DP came again to set up my table. 

photo img_8022

Smoked duck breast and grilled prawn with quinoa salad. The duck breast and prawn were moisture, and the salad provided a fresh-start for this meal service. 

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For the main, I pre-selected my meal online, which was a fish fillet with fried rice. I don't really know how to describe food and its taste. However, this was definitely a nice late-night dinner. The fish was soft and tender and the fried rice was warm and salted properly. I chose Ginger Ale for my main. The DP was humorous and she said that I always picked the most interesting non-alcoholic drink onboard. 

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The dinner was finished by a fruit platter and a chocolate marquise cake. The cake was way too sweet and I could not finish it. 


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After the meal service, I asked for some pens and papers for my handcraft for the crew. I always write a thank-you note to the crew onboard to show my appreciation, regardless if I am sitting in Economy or Business. I think every passenger should do it. If you are writing a thank-you note for EVA AIR's crew (or other Asian airlines), please ask for a proper compliment form. This will help them significantly (I hope) in terms of getting extra commission or promotion. For Air Canada, they preferred hand-made notes as I observed. Make sure to give your notes/gifts to the crew after they finish the service. 

The crew onboard was really surprised and they really appreciated my notes.  

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The lavatory was well-cleaned and provided multiple different amenities. The crew flush the toilet with hot coffee which made the toilet smell a lot better than the ones in the economy. 

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I asked for a hamburger and the crew happily brought it to me. The patty was well-heated and was moisture. An excellent mid-flight snack. 

2nd meal service and landing

photo img_8047

I started the breakfast with a cup of hot-chocolate. Not a usual drink you will get on a plane and this hot chocolate was definitely beyond excellence. It is probably better than the ones on the ground. 

photo img_8048

For breakfast, I chose the classic EVA congee set. It is the taste of home (or Taiwan). Unfortunately, the sides are cold. I was not sure if this was on purpose but as I mixed the sides with the congee, everything turned out fine. 

photo img_8052

I finished the breakfast with another fruit platter. Overall, a very nice meal onboard. I highly recommend you to pick the congee option for breakfast if you are flying EVA. 

photo img_8043

At this time, the crew was prepared for landing. The DP who looked after me throughout the journey brought Chief Purser (CP) to my seat and they personally thanked me for my notes and how the letter I wrote to their headquarter and some tiny cards I made for each crew made their days. They also gave me a surprising gift: a huge bag of Business-class mixed nuts packs, 5 bottles of Fiji water and some 777-300ER postcards. They wrote a note to me as well! I was so happy because usually I was not expecting the crew to give something in return. The plane landed smoothly and sadly this Business Class trip came to an end. 

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While taxiing in TPE, I captured Starlux's newest 350 aircraft. Lucky!

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Cabin crew10.0

Vancouver - YVR


Taipei - TPE



This flight was definitely beyond amazing. The DP and her fellow crew members were all well-trained and professional throughout the flight. They kept me fed with high-quality food. Since I rarely slept on this flight, I also went to the galley very often and they always came up with some drinks or snacks that I have never seen it on a plane. To some extent, I felt like my little notes to the crew made the crew's and my journey a happy flight. When I de-plane at TPE, the whole Bussiness Class crew was really emotional and they said they really wanted to see me again on other flights.

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  • Comment 623705 by
    YGeorgeW GOLD 271 Comments
    Hi jocysu, thanks for the report!
    also told the crew that I upgraded to Business Class and this was my first time flying in Business in my life.

    Wow! First business class experience is EVA! While reverse herringbone seats are fairly standard nowadays, EVA's soft product (especially catering and service) are absolutely top notch and much better than the vast majority of airlines' offerings in business.
    For breakfast, I chose the classic EVA congee set.

    That's what I opted for the last time I flew EVA as well. Great breakfast.
    They also gave me a surprising gift: a huge bag of Business-class mixed nuts packs

    That's hilarious, hope you were able to finish it all before your return trip.
    Looks like you had a great flight on EVA and hope you have many more in the future. How was the amenity and pajamas situation currently?
  • Comment 623753 by
    illico 1 Comments
    What was the check-in process like? Was it efficient or long queues?
  • Comment 623761 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6587 Comments
    EVA Air on a long-haul flight seems like a treat for your first time in Business class! Everything looks fantastic and the crew really took great care of you to make it a memorable flight.

    Thanks for sharing this special first!
  • Comment 631913 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 625 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this review. BR is definitely one to provide you with a great experience and will be hard to top.

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