Review of Delta Air Lines flight Edinburgh New York in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL209
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 11 Jan 23, 10:50
Arrival at 11 Jan 23, 13:15
DL   #39 out of 80 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 761 reviews
Published on 15th January 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to my first flight of 2023!

Today I’ll be flying to Fort Lauderdale from Edinburgh with a connection in JFK onboard Delta.

Check in online with Delta wasn’t permitted as I required a document check prior to boarding. Interestingly, I was able to check in via KLM and proceed through the fast track security first.  I was then able to access my Delta boarding pass in the Delta app somehow.

With my Flying Blue Platinum, I accessed the Aspire Lounge at EDI.  Nicely decorated and not too busy however the food offerings a little bit unappealing.  Not bad selection of drinks at the bar however (and not limited by 4 raffle tickets, take note Upper Deck Lounge at Glasgow).

Breakfast in the lounge, looks much better than it tasted. 

photo 491e741c-467d-4e3f-af8f-7b8d5a09627f

Our ride to JFK has just arrived.

photo 0fbb8b1f-1b25-4c65-9aa0-89da02b13b30

Delta flight 209, operated today by N175DZ, a 23 year old Boeing 767-300ER.

Boarding was commenced on time and the flight did not look full.  Took some time to board as Active Military, extra time and assistance, Delta One, Platinum Medallion, Premium Select, infants, comfort plus etc etc followed by Sky Priority finally.  Not sure I like the new Delta boarding process.

Seat map prior to boarding.

photo a8b303de-0e2e-454e-a475-be2112271596

New Premium Select seats.

photo b246455f-205b-4bde-963f-b1ca2a7b8b35

My seat today is 34A, Exit Row and the aisle seat remained unassigned, which was great.

photo fadf4cc4-bc0b-4a87-8089-de05fac67e80photo 274f2939-5508-4c64-bbe0-399e4f1ac5ffphoto b9faabea-635a-48a7-9a52-bd49824d224c

Push back was on schedule and we made our way to RW24 with an estimated flying time of 7 hours and 2 minutes.

 Holding for a few minutes for Aer Lingus Regional to land and we powered into the skies behind the WizzAir (an airline I’ve yet to try).

photo 66b76ab2-5105-4bca-9e2a-2c786543f51b


photo 85bb6de1-665e-43b7-9096-458f55b4f7bephoto c68318d6-5670-4de7-874c-3dae4a4846b2photo 733bcb43-6c5a-43ff-9545-848f60011d04

Takeoff was a little bumpy and gusty however we soon climbed above and things smoothed out.  

photo fb71c44e-832c-40e3-adb2-4fe49efce22ephoto fff9883f-7581-474e-8445-51afc344b09e

Onboard service commenced with a bottle of water, eye shades and headsets. Thankfully I was able to use the (dirty) tray beside me; some of those in seat tables at the exit row are no longer designed to balance a meal, dropping to such angles.  FA offered to clean the table before I used it.

photo fa31160e-8465-4656-b8f6-86b0a528b948

Seems my IFE crashed when the Moving Map was selected, after several requests and reminders, I was able to get this reset.

photo 5f8ed8ba-a97d-40c9-aa3e-0783dbb24b9cphoto 52f31aed-7d3a-42a6-800d-4fc3237ce6b4

Lunch was the typical Chicken or Pasta choice with a selection of drinks and ice cream.  The Chicken was actually pretty good.

photo 84e801eb-6322-4b3e-a30c-7a94d3c3f24ephoto 68d107eb-2e01-43f0-8e87-90c35feb6329

I purchased the inflight wifi for $21 and it was pretty stable.  I see Delta will now offer this free from February, nice touch!

Tracking ourselves over the Atlantic on FR. 

photo af68c05b-cc49-4346-8ef4-d5b2ea8f6f54

And then this…

photo c10ddef1-982a-4423-9724-5d5fbccdd4bc

Thankfully not affecting our flight yet but keen to see the knock on effect when reaching JFK.

Nuts, cheese and wine from the galley. Crew advised someone had forgot to load the white wine, so only rosé or red.

photo 0dc5ea39-6528-4c6d-af05-bb8aea75528f

Pink Delta from LHR off to our right. 

photo be4be18e-b2d1-437c-b772-38d56a7c1336

Name that movie 🤣

photo bfd7ca59-721d-4804-a213-8b8efcc74fc7

Around 1.5hrs prior to landing, the pre-arrival snack was served, “Chicken or vegetarian?”.

photo 83970779-ca4d-4dbd-943f-fad977267b0c

Approaching JFK…

photo 77304d19-afef-4d97-835f-19a9c974a4b5photo 3b12d219-90f1-4c77-8d14-c4718a9cca92

NYC in the distance 😊

photo 6e686694-e55e-41da-b145-c42040c25b84photo 71f07295-5fad-477f-8a86-a0a0d6f57d82

Following a firm landing into JFK, we had arrived after 7:02hrs, exactly as predicted.

Our pilots even held short of the active runway, unlike the event a couple of days later 😬.

photo 83e01146-2c42-482a-8298-f81631d39799

Now my flight to FLL would show as a 2+ hour delay due to the earlier NOTAM issue. Let’s head to Passport control and T2, more about that later.

Thanks for reading. 

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.0

Edinburgh - EDI


New York - JFK



Not a bad trip with Delta, nice to get a rare trip on the 767. Those exit row seats do need some extra padding though and some new tray tables.
Crew were quite decent and friendly. Even if one was rather rightly annoyed that her bag of Pret sandwiches had gone missing from behind a row of seats during boarding!



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  • Comment 619109 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    It’s surprising that EDI can support both DL/UA daily service to JFK/EWR. DL definitely offers the better hard product, the 2-3-2 of the B767 easily beats the B757 for comfort. The exit row does have its pros and cons, the misaligned arm rest on the exit door can make it uncomfortable on longer flights. With an empty seat next to you, probably doesn’t matter since you can just slide over to the aisle.

    The catering looks quite good on this short TATL. That main actually looks well presented and it is nice to have an option for the pre-arrival snack. They pretty much offer the same as the longer west-coast flights.

    Great shot of the NH B77W under rotation.

  • Comment 619930 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6061 Comments

    Nice report as always! I had forgotten DL flew from EDI--nice to see a report on such an exotic route.

    I was then able to access my Delta boarding pass in the Delta app somehow.

    Haha, for once the IT disconnect between SkyTeam partners worked in your favour.

    New Premium Select seats.

    That's a spacious looking cabin--2-2-2 W on a 767 is as good as it gets. Similarly love the 2-3-2 Y config on 767s.

    The meal looks really good and well-presented for Economy!

    Thanks for sharing!

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