Review of Alliance Airlines flight Darwin Alice Springs in Business

Airline Alliance Airlines
Flight QF1960
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 18 Dec 22, 16:15
Arrival at 18 Dec 22, 18:20
QQ 3 reviews
Published on 28th February 2023

Alliance Airlines QF1960 Darwin to Alice Springs

Flight Details:
Airlines: Alliance Airlines
Flight: QF1960 DRW - ASP
Aircraft: Embraer E190LR
Class: Business
Departure Darwin International Gate 4: 4.15pm
Arrival Alice Springs Airport: 6.20pm
Flight time: 2 hours 05 mins
Distance: 1301 kilometers or 808 miles

VIDEO: Alliance Airlines QF1960 Darwin to Alice Springs



This trip report is from Dec 2022. This trip report is the continuation of "Great Aussie Fly" series. Spent couple of days in Darwin and it was time to fly to Alice Springs.


I had booked the flight in economy.

photo image00113

I received email from Qantas regarding upgrading to Business. I bid and got accepted.

photo image00114

Aircraft on this route was Embraer E190-100

photo image00121

I logged in Qantas website and changed seat and selected 2A as 1A was occupied.

photo image00115

Screenshot of boarding pass after checkin

photo image00116

Driving Trip

After reaching Darwin, next day I drove to Litchfield National Park.

photo 320723082_698391905294942_4995069911987361283_n

Speed Limit - 130kms per hour, only state in Australia. In other states, it is 110kms max.

Few years ago in Northern Territory, there was no speed limit.Speed of 130kms introduced for safety. I missed the opportunity to move the needle to the other end of the scale.

photo 320752283_711114760533105_4733530392613997499_n

Arriving at Airport

On day of travel, I drove around Darwin after checking out of hotel.

photo 20221218_100049

Arrived at airport early to return the car key.

photo image00001

Collected my bags and walked towards the terminal.

photo image00002

Rental car parking

photo image00003

Entry through the arrival area.

photo image00004

Flight schedule - 1International flight to Dili, Timor-Leste.

photo image00006

Departure information

photo image00005


I had plenty of time for check-in, I waited for sometime charging the phone in sitting area.  Saw a Hercules C130J departing Darwin.

photo image00008

Walking through passage towards check-in. Check-in opened and I showed the boarding card in phone.

photo image00007

Ground staff handed me a boarding pass and baggage receipt.

photo image00111

I was informed about the Qantas lounge and direction after completing security.

photo image00112


There was no queue for security. I was able to clear in less than a minute.


After completing security, took escalator to departure area.

photo image00009

Walked towards the left after entering the departure area. Lounge was close to departure gate 4.

photo image00010

Looking towards other side

photo image00011

Qantas Lounge

Entered and scanned the boarding pass at reception.

photo image00012

Menu - Sliced bread, Bread rolls, Spiced lentil soup (V -Veg, GF- Gluten Free), Cocktail Samosa(V), Butter Chicken(GF), Steamed Rice, Kachumber Salad(GF,V), sliced meat, sandwich fillings, GF Bread

photo image00013

Video: Qantas Lounge

My selection below, Samosa was mild but tasty. Butter chicken was good. Soup was perfect for my taste, spicy and uplifting.

photo image00014

Found a corner with air-side view, Air North in view.

photo image00016

Jetstar arrives

photo image00018

I had time and decided to have wine.

photo image00019

Bottle with wine

photo image00020

Had with chips

photo image00021

Chose a different wine

photo image00022

Wine and food.

photo image00023


Watched the aircraft arrive from Brisbane.

photo image00024

A short taxi to gate after arriving almost on time.

photo image00025

Taxi to gate

photo image00026

I wasn't far but decided to head back and wait near the gate.

photo image00028

Walking towards exit.

photo image00029

outside the lounge, in departure area.

photo image00030

Alliance Airlines parked at gate.

photo image00031

Waiting area

Passengers arriving from Brisbane.

photo image00032

Crew wishing disembarking passengers

photo image00033-14797

Waiting for boarding call.

photo image00034

Walked around while waiting.

photo image00035

Alliance Airlines VH-UYK operating to Alice Springs

photo image00036

Jetstar Airways to Sydney

photo image00037


Boarding call was made 10 minutes after schedule time.  Boarding card was scanned and allowed to continue towards aircraft.

photo image00038

Front view

photo image00039

Crew at the door.

photo image00040-18571

On board

Outside view

photo image00041

Observation- On Embraer E190, overhead locker on the port side has limited space.  can't fix a small backpack. Starboard side has ample space, suitcase can easily fit.

photo image00042

Business class had 2 passengers - me and another passenger. Seating config - 1-2

photo image00043

Embraer E190

photo image00044

Seat view while waiting for pushback

photo image00045

Window view

photo image00046

Air vent

photo image00049

leather seats

photo image00050

Pushback and taxi

Pushback commenced soon

photo image00051

followed by taxi

photo image00052

Air North viewed earlier from lounge.

photo image00053

Air control

photo image00054

Departure from runway 29

photo image00056

Thunderstorm developing as Darwin is in closer to equator

photo image00057

Waiting for incoming aircraft

photo image00058

Crossing the runway

photo image00059

Taxi towards runway

photo image00060

View of the runway

photo image00061


Departing towards the North

photo image00062

Turning East

photo image00063

Large windows

photo image00064

SEAT Pocket Material [SPM]

Seat pocket contained the inflight magazine, air sickness bag and safety card

photo image00066

back view

photo image00065

Inflight magazine

photo image00067

Embraer E190 safety card

photo image00068

Safety card

photo image00069


photo image00070

MEal Service

Meal service began after an hour in flight. Choice was Veg salad or Beef. I chose salad, which was made of sweet potato. Asked for red wine along with water.

photo image00073

Meal over and tray was collected.

photo image00074

Window view

photo image00075

Engine view

photo image00076

Plenty of space, had kept the chocolate aside to eat later.  Forgot to remove it after landing.

photo image00077

Closer to Alice Springs

photo image00078

Bright light through window.

photo image00079

Cloudy on approach

photo image00080

Descend commenced after pilot informed landing would be in 20 minutes

photo image00081

Beautiful view on approach

photo image00082

Few turns to reduce altitude

photo image00083

Twilight view as aircraft is on finals.

photo image00084

Landed few minutes behind schedule

photo image00085

Air storage

photo image00086

Qantaslink on tarmac

photo image00087

Taxi to parking bay

photo image00088

Parked next to Qantaslink Embraer E190

photo image00089photo image00090


Seat view - with chocolate left behind. Disembarkation using stairs. Followed by walk across the tarmac.

photo image00091

Disembarkation in progress. Though it was cloudy, light was good.

photo image00093

Airport signboard

photo image00094

Qantaslink engine start, planes parked in storage.

photo image00095

Walking towards terminal

photo image00096


photo image00097

Entering the terminal

photo image00098

Walking towards baggage claim

photo image00099

Flight details

photo image00100

Car rental counters in arrival area. I had to collect car keys.While waiting for bags to arrive, got it sorted. I was only person picking a rental car. Counter staff waited for the flight arrival. After serving me, she closed counter and left.

photo image00101

Flight schedule

photo image00102

My bag arrived first.

photo image00103

Exiting the Terminal

Exited the terminal after collecting bag.

photo image00104

Alice Springs Airport

photo image00105

Directions to exit

photo image00106

Found car in the parking lot as informed during pick-up.

photo image00107

Suzuki Baleno

photo image00108

Loaded bag and was ready to exit the parking.

photo image00109

It got dark by the time, I reached hotel. As I had food onboard. I prepared bag for next day trip. I would be driving from Alice Springs to Uluru and back in a day.

photo image00110

Flight Details

photo image00118

Flight details

photo image00117

Aircraft rotation

photo image00119

Flight details

photo image00120

I had registered for National Park pass as I had planned to drive to Uluru.

photo image00122
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Alliance Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

Darwin - DRW


Alice Springs - ASP



Alliance Airlines operated on behalf of Qantaslink. Cabin service was ok for short flight. Flight did not have any entertainment nor wifi. Meal was ok, didn't receive a menu. Darwin airport was quick. Lounge had plenty of space, meal was ok, drinks was enough for me. Alice Springs airport didn't have to wait long as I got my rental sorted while waiting. Overall a satisfactory flight.



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  • Comment 623389 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Very cool to see a review on one of the QQ's ex-Copa E190s!

    Australian Domestic lounges are so much nicer than US domestic lounges--the domestic premium cabin flying experience in general is much nicer than in the US!

    The cabin looks pretty much unchanged from its days at COPA--it needs at least a seat cover refresher as it's looking a little worn, considering QQ have only had these aircraft for 2 years or so.

    The meal looks really nice for such a short flight, and is seems QF have better short-haul J catering than competitors Virgin and Rex.

    It's too bad QF never installed streaming IFE on these. They had originally announced that they were planning to in 2022, but it never materialised--I assume it was too complex considering the a/c are owned by Alliance Airlines and the proposed full takeover by QF of QQ hasn't happened yet.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 623837 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Flying domestically in Australia has been a pleasant experience.

      This trip was my first on Embraer. The port-side overhead bin on E190 is very small, it could not fit a small handbag.

      Seat were comfortable but cover need a change on this aircraft. Being a short flight, I didn't miss the entertainment.

      Thank you.

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