Review of Thai Airways flight Hong Kong Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG639
Class Economy
Seat 48K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 06 Aug 23, 19:50
Arrival at 06 Aug 23, 21:30
TG   #20 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 388 reviews
Published on 16th September 2023

Hello everyone, welcome to the third part of the trip to Hong Kong. This report will cover the third flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

After a few days in Hong Kong, I was flying back to Munich. I took a taxi to Tsing Yi station and then the Airport express to the airport.

photo dsc02324

I had checked in the night before and my boarding pass stored in my mobile phone.

photo img_1489

I arrived at the airport at 18:03pm, and I went directly to the Thai Airways check-in counters which were located in Aisle H. As you can see in the photo, there was basically no people there and I checked my luggage without any effort.

photo dsc02325

The issued boarding pass were with Thai Airways color and logo. The gate for my flight was assigned to gate 64, and the boarding time was 19:10pm.

photo bp

Then I went immediately to air side. Lufthansa A340-600, D-AIHX to Frankfurt as LH797 at 23:25pm

photo dsc02327

EVA Air B787-9 to Taipei as BR872 at 19:35pm. A Swiss International Airlines A340-300 to Zurich as LX139 at 22:25pm.

photo dsc02328

I did not take the automatic people mover, but instead walked along the terminal to my gate.

photo dsc02330

Turkish Airlines B777-300ER to Istanbul as TK71 at 23:00pm.

photo dsc02331

Looking at the FIDS, seemed the flights were gradually coming back to Hong Kong after Covid.

photo dsc02332

At 18:50pm, I arrived at my gate 64.

photo dsc02334

The boarding gate.

photo dsc02335

Thai Airways A350-900, HS-THG will take me to Bangkok tonight. This was the same plane that brought me from Bangkok to Hong Kong a week ago.

photo dsc02337

Next to us parked an Emirates A380, A6-EOZ to Dubai 

photo dsc02338

As the boarding time approached, I started queuing up in from of the gate, but I seemed that there were some issues and boarding was not began even after 20 minutes. At 20:10pm, the ground staff informed us there was a technical issue with the aircraft and the next announcement would be made at 20:45pm. I was quite hungry so I wanted to grab myself some food, but most of the restaurant closed to the gate were closed, so I ended up in McDonald which was quite far away. While I was eating, I suddenly saw the status of my flight being changed to boarding now, so I immediately took my lemon tea and dashed back to my gate.

photo dsc02339

As my got back to the gate, most of the people had already boarded and I could not spot any passengers in front of the gate. I was trying to grab my passport and boarding pass from my bag but to my surprise, the boarding process did not require any passport or boarding pass, I simply went through the gate and I notice my picture was shown on the screen. It seemed that they took a picture of me when I scanned my passport before the security check. I am not going to comment if this is good or bad… I was siting at 48K. This was the same row but on the opposite side to my seat from TG925 from MUC to BKK.  

photo dsc02340

Cabin during boarding.

photo dsc02342

At 21:20pm, the bridges were retracted and pushed back was commenced.

photo dsc02343

Pushback view from the plane camera.

photo dsc02344

taxing to runway.

photo dsc02346

At 21:34pm, we took off from runway. Shortly after takeoff, we banked to the left and heading towards south direction. Zhuhai and Macau were visible during departure.

photo dsc02348

10 minutes after takeoff, the cabin light was turned on. And I started watching Tenet.

photo dsc02350

Lavatory was on my left side this time.

photo dsc02351

About 20 minutes later dinner was served. It was delicious as always.

photo dsc02352

I opted for a white wine as the complementary drink. later on, the cabin was dimmed and then turned off.

photo dsc02353

At 23:14pm, announcement from the cockpit that we were going to land at 23:50pm. From the flight map, we were already within Thailand airspace, northeast from Bangkok.

photo dsc02355

The thing which impressed me a lot came after 10 minutes. A cabin crew approached me and asked if i am transiting to Munich. I said yes and she directed me to the first row of the economy class so that I could get off the plane as fast as possible. Next to me sat a lady and she was transiting to India Delhi which departed at 23:15pm. It would be a tight connection for her.

photo dsc02356photo dsc02357

During the descend, the cabin was playing some music which was really great. Especially these two songs, "Fly with me" and "The World is Always New" which I like them very much.

Then I was enjoying the night view of Bangkok.

photo dsc02360

At 22:42pm, we touched down on runway 19L

photo dsc02364

We parked at a remote bay at the east side of the airport.

photo dsc02366

We disembarked from the front. The lady to Delhi was picked up by a van waiting right next to the staircase.

photo dsc02367

The total flight was 2 hours and 9 minutes.

photo tg639-1

Thanks for reading!

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Bangkok - BKK



Really appreciated the hospitality and the service of the cabin crew, they really deserved a five star service on this flight.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6348 Comments
    Great report as always. THAI consistently offer good service in all cabins, which can make up for having some cabin product inconsistencies. The A350 cabin looks very nice and I always like the violet hues in Thai's cabins and lighting. The meal looks quite good, as one would expect on Thai; however, it seems there is some cost-cutting vs pre-pandemic times as I believe that the main course was served in a real dish rather than aluminium before Covid. Everything else is very good for Economy.

    Thanks for sharing!

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