Review of TAP Express flight Porto Lisbon in Economy

Airline TAP Express
Flight TP1949
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 01 Feb 23, 16:00
Arrival at 01 Feb 23, 17:00
TP   #80 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 63 reviews
Published on 14th December 2023

A visual of my European trip I took in January 2023. Total distance: 4,036mi/6,496km

photo tempimageck1iho

This trip report's flight route between Porto and Lisbon will take a very short 35 mins at distance of 172mi/277km

photo tempimagejkct86


 Welcome everyone to another trip report! After spending a few marvelous days in the absolute beautiful city Porto it was time to wrap things up and head back to Barcelona where I'll be taking my flight home back to the states. When looking for flights back from Porto to Barcelona there two nonstop options with Vueling and Ryanair. From what I could remember, Vueling was charging 75 USD and Ryanair 68 USD (both including carryon luggage). However, TAP was charging 41 USD (carryon luggage included) oneway with a stop over in Lisbon which made it very attractive, especially since this itinerary had a 4pm departure from Porto versus the late evening departures from the LCC's. Flying with TAP would also give me the opportunity to fly on an ultra short haul flight between OPO and LIS on their E190 aircraft. So without thinking twice I hopped on the offer fly with TAP again for my journey back to Barcelona.


After having a bit of an unpleasant experience in my time Paris in terms of weather, I was completely shocked by how nice the weather was in Porto during my 5 day stay in the city. This was actually my first time visiting Porto which made me come back again a few months after in May 2023 and brought my mom with me to show off the beauty of the city.  

photo img_4308photo img_4383

This was the perfect place for me to practice my cityscape photography 😅.

photo img_4347photo img_4384photo img_4386

During my stay in Porto the weather was quite nice for January with clear skies and temperatures around 50°F or 10°C. Quite warm for me as the weather back home in Utah was well below freezing so this was spring weather for me 😅.

photo img_4430photo img_4460photo img_4461

day of travel

The day has come to leave this wonderful city and I was ready to head over to Barcelona tonight. I began my trip here in São Bento station where I would take the easily accessible metro station to the airport.

photo tempimagefvmculphoto tempimagebyzbv5photo tempimagekzrchz

I arrived at the airport which only took about 40 minutes from the city center.

photo tempimagevgnuefphoto tempimageywjjvephoto tempimage3umgbk

After going up the escalators I made it up to the check-in hall which was very impressive.

photo tempimage0x7nomphoto tempimagevkjve9

My flight is TP 1949 with a scheduled departure time of 16:00

photo tempimageawjc8s

After confirming my flight I proceeded to security control. It was quite quick and I was airside in just 10 minutes. 

photo tempimagemye6uo

A view of the departures hall.

photo tempimage8uoukz

plane spotting

TP Airbus A320 departing for Luxembourg. Flight time: 2h 16m

photo tempimage1zuqor

Vueling Airbus A321 departing for Paris (ORY). Flight time: 1h 46m

photo tempimage25vuhh

Swiss Airbus A220-300 departing for Geneva. Flight time: 1h 57m

photo tempimagelqqyjtphoto tempimage72vfnk

my aircraft

Here comes my Embraer E190 arriving from Lisbon.

photo tempimageojko0gphoto tempimagekziufjphoto tempimage5jndkz

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: TP 1949
Aircraft: Embraer E190LR
Registration: CS-TPO
Delivered: May 6, 2011
Age: 12.6 years

photo tempimageqeksc2photo tempimageu5nayuphoto tempimageruxaxi

A view of the boarding gate area.

photo tempimagezkhx53

A few moments later it was time to board. Once again I had bought a basic fare but somehow got boarding group A. I was also very luck and got assigned a window seat on this flight 😁. However when scanning my boarding pass the agent looked down at my 'American size' carryon luggage and told be that it was too big and needed to be checked. This has happened to me on pretty much every TP flight I've taken (even on larger aircraft). My carryon luggage has never been an issue for airlines when flying in the states and especially when flying UA (another star alliance member). I was fine with it and was glad that they didn't charge me 99 euros as they say they do for large carryon luggage while checking in.  

photo tempimage9aky97


photo tempimagekfvjzdphoto tempimagelc4bz3photo tempimageixpbyi

I was quite excited as this would be the shortest flight I've taken to date! Second place comes my flight with Air Europa from Porto to Madrid I took a few months after which you can find here.

photo tempimage5f75tephoto tempimageqaa95dphoto tempimagejxzzkg

My seat for this ultra short flight (21A)

photo tempimage8kvtsn-33738photo tempimagexqp6zhphoto tempimagedqnrmg

These seats offer 30" of pitch, far better then on my previous TP flight from Paris to Porto on their A320 which only offered 28" pitch.

photo tempimagey7nyonphoto tempimageudidae

The tray table is a good size.

photo tempimagezdkkp2

Iberia A320 arriving from Madrid. Flight time: 48m

photo tempimagefqh3rx

Boarding is complete and today's flight loads are 100% full.

photo tempimagew5cl3a-46704


photo tempimageiq5twk

Lufthansa Airbus A320neo departing for Frankfurt, Germany. Flight time: 2h 10m

photo tempimagei1yls4photo tempimagexezgje

Taking off on runway 35.

photo tempimagekopw5xphoto tempimagezwykkgphoto tempimageevbscv

Until next time Porto!

photo tempimagefk3jwephoto tempimageifa18j

Can you spot an airplane landing at the airport? 😉

photo tempimageei6ae6photo tempimagecot0qb

One last look of Porto and an incredible view of the iconic metal bridge of Luís l Bridge that crosses the Douro River.

photo tempimagebvwzagphoto tempimage1wrwelphoto tempimagelc54ou

Given such the short duration of the flight, there was no service.

photo tempimagevpm0yq

We reached cruising altitude of 23,000ft.

photo tempimagenjmaiu

seatback contents

Safety card.

photo tempimagemjrh3q

BOB menu

photo tempimageojqntxphoto tempimage5latoc

Prices from what I saw were a little on the expensive side.

photo tempimagerdpxdk

initial descent

We only stayed cruising altitude for 6 minutes until we began our initial descent into Lisbon.

photo tempimagelvyef5

Lisbon airport came into view and from the looks of it we'd be landing from the south.

photo tempimageklqpccphoto tempimagedm6hh9

Torre de Belém

photo tempimage6abrk5photo tempimagel783xr

We'd be landing on runway 03.

photo tempimagebyupicphoto tempimage0qcplh

Welcome to Lisbon!

photo tempimageym7avwphoto tempimagepb1qmo

arrival at gate

We arrived at our gate 3 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo tempimage4z527iphoto tempimagezhulgu

One last look at our E190, thanks for the safe ride!

photo tempimage0qa0sv

This concludes the trip report, thanks for reading!

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TAP Express

Cabin crew6.0

Porto - OPO


Lisbon - LIS



This was a fun hop on TAP Express. Seat comfort was good however the seats lacked cushion and can imagine it would get uncomfortable on flights that are 2+ hours. The FA's on this flight seemed friendly though we didn't see them much only while they did their inflight checks. In terms of service you can't really expect much on a 35 minute flight so that was completely understandable.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6717 Comments
    Just a few years ago there used to be a snack and free drink (including beer/wine) on this flight as it was considered a premium "Ponte Aerea" route. But yes, it's barely a 40 minute flight in the air so it's understandable there's no service, but they could at least do a water service. I usually love an E-Jet but those seats don't look very they just look hard haha.

    Beautiful pics of Porto! Portugal just has some beautiful cities.

    Thanks for sharing!

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