Review of Starlux Airlines flight Taipei Osaka in Business

Airline Starlux Airlines
Flight JX820
Class Business
Seat --
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 22 Nov 23, 07:40
Arrival at 22 Nov 23, 11:10
JX 4 reviews
By SILVER 1162
Published on 16th December 2023



This is the second part of my trip to Kansai / Osaka in Japan from Hong Kong. This time I tried the quite young airline from Taiwan - the Starlux Airline. Actually the airline runs already before the COVID-19.

I got the very last flight to reach Taipei from Hong Kong and got the flight from Taipei to Kansai Japan at early morning. There was a gap of couple hours between the flights, and it seems that there is no agreement between Starlux and other airlines, therefore I would need to pass the immigration to enter Taipei first, and then collect the luggage and then pass through the immigration again to depart to Kansai.

There is a hostel located at Terminal 2 of the airport. And there is just a couple of hours between the flight, and so I decided to have a try on the hostel there, instead of staying at the airport hotel (It seems that that hotel is not within walkable distance from the terminal and there is not any public transport to access the hotel at night). Walking across the terminal buildings at Taoyuan Airport seems not a good experience, as I would need to take the lift up and down (and the amount of lift seems not enough), passing through some corridors at both terminals until I reach the airport shuttle train platform at both terminals.

The environment at the hostel is actually nice, but I am not that kind of sleeper and cannot fall asleep. It is not the fault of the hostel. Nevermind, it is a calculated risk.

let's get check in

photo img_7377-copy

It is time for check-in. The check in counter is located at terminal 1 of TPE. I don’t quite like the design of the airport. It seems that it is a little bit difficult for me to check which airline goes to which aisle to check in. And the efficiency for Starlux seems needs to be improved at Taoyuan airport. There is one counter for Business Class only, and after over ten minutes, I still cannot get checked in. They finally got a staff to open the other counter and get me checked in. 

photo img_7388-copy

Just get stuck here for at least 10 minutes….for business class. 

photo img_7372-copy

Some flights between the 7 to 9 am are skipped. Unlike Hong Kong International Airport, all flights information , according to the timestamp, is displayed properly. The sign shown at the aisle, indicating the numbers, are so small.  The terminal building is so small and everywhere is crowded. 

photo img_7390-copy

Finally got the boarding pass from Starlux. 

photo img_7392-copy

Another area of improvement for the airport is the efficiency of passing through the security check. The queue is really long and I guess I need to wait for 20-25 minutes for passing through the security. But it is fast to pass through the immigration counter though.

photo img_7393-copy

They are using the same set of style for those signs as Hong Kong International Airport. 

lounge experience

photo img_7398-copy

And finally I arrived at the lounge. 

The lounge is somehow comfortable and cozy. The staff there were polite, greeted me politely, led me to my seat, and took my order politely. There were somehow some issues with my baggage, it is not their fault. And they actively helped me to resolve the issues related to the baggage. 

Back to the lounge. Maybe it is due to the limitation of the space at the terminal, the lounge I guess is not big enough. There is no toilet inside the lounge. And the choice of the food is not that much. But I remember the chocolate cake is quite well. 

Apart from picking the food from the bar. You could have a choice of picking the food from menu. The proportion of the food from the menu seems not enough. And somehow it takes longer time than I expected for the kitchen to prepare the meal. Hope that Starlux could improve this in the future. 

photo img_7400-copyphoto img_7427-copy

This is the breakfast with Taiwan cuisine. 

photo img_7442-copy

And this is ramen. But I think the portion is really not enough. 

it is time to get on the plane

It is time to board the plane. Here is some information related the plane:

Registration Number: B-58304
Model: Airbus A330-900neo 
Age: 1.4 Years

For route TPE to KIX JX820
Departure Time: 22 Nov 2023 07:40
Arrival Time: 22 Nov 2023 11:10
Distance : 1,706 km
Boarding Gate: B5

photo img_7448-copyphoto img_7455-copy

And here is the safety card of the plane:

photo img_7466-copyphoto img_7465-copy

There is also a printed version of the menu placed at the seat. But actually the menu information could also be obtained through the inflight entertainment system, and before the flight you could have a chance to select for the meal (even not for special menu, you still have a chance to know what to eat before the flight and pick the dish you want).

Let’s see the seat feature. The color combination of the seat is nice. And it features a huge monitor. I did not spend much time on the inflight entertainment system this time, as I wish to take some rest on the flight instead. The remote control is a nice one, like a small touchpad. But i think it is a little bit over sensitive. For business class of course the legroom is very nice. There seems lack a little bit of storage space at the seat, as I remember i could find one for storing the headphone. But of course you get plenty at the overhead compartment. 

What i love at the inflight entertainment system is always the flight map. 

photo dsc02546-copy

It seems that there is free inflight wifi available for messaging. But I cannot get it to work. 

The menu could actually be seen from the inflight entertainment system. The interface looks stylish. 

There is a welcome drink for business class passengers. I picked the orange juice. And for this flight, i picked the following food: 

photo screenshot-2023-11-06-at-94136pm-copyphoto dsc02574-copy

The food is delicious! The meat is not dry. The rice is nice, not overcooked, warm and with moisture. But personally i think that the dish may be a little bit heavy for this early time. If I have a chance I guess I will allow them to offer the meal at a later time. Haha. but actually they offer such an option and it is just some issues related to personal preference. 

photo dsc02576-copy

And finish with fruit and some dessert with Japanese style. I guess it is the rice mochi ball. 

photo dsc02578-copy

Let’s try the signature drink of Starlux Airlines. If you are not a frequent drinker I strongly suggest you try the non-alcoholic version instead. Don’t overestimate your ability. Haha. But somehow the color of the drink is really attractive. 

There are other signature drinks available but I did not try them. Hope that I would have chance to try them in the future (as i know Starlux will operate flights between Hong Kong and Taipei in the future and let’s see if i could have chance to take those flights later on)

photo dsc02584-copy

I guess there is a small volcanic eruption near Kyushu, Japan? 

photo dsc02601-copy

Time flies and it is about time to land at KIX. 

photo img_7523-copy

The efficiency at KIX is always that fast. After passing through the security check and immigration, luggages, even for non-priority passengers, are already ready for pick up. Every time I use KIX and the luggage really comes that fast. But the efficiency at the railway station sucks. There was a long queue in front of every counter or automatic kiosk at different train operators at KIX. Perhaps it is related to the red leaves season of Japan, or many flights land at KIX around that time. Finally I changed my plan to take the bus to Kyoto instead. 

photo img_7524-copy
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Starlux Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Starlux Galactic - 1


Taipei - TPE


Osaka - KIX



Overall speaking, I think that it is nice to travel with Starlux. As Starlux brands itself as aiming to achieve the highest standard, there are still some rooms of improvement for the service, like the efficiency at the airport and the lounge experience. The staff are polite and they actively helped to resolve issues related to my baggage. For Taoyuan Airport i guess they would really need to have an upgrade on the facilities (and i really cannot understand why it is ranked as 18th the best airport before, after I try once the whole process of departing from Taoyuan to Kansai Airport)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Starlux Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 33 minutes.

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  • Comment 641150 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6717 Comments
    Great to see a report on Starlux A330neo!

    Why do you think the check-in for Business class was so slow? I imagine it has to do with entry document checks for Japan which are still more complex than elsewhere with several QRs required last time I checked.

    Wow I really love the design of the entrance to the Starlux lounge--it gives an impression of luxury from the start. Hopefully making up some for the not-so-perfect check-in experience. And the lounge itself is very chic despite being quite small. The only off part is not having a restroom inside the lounge itself.

    The Business class cabin itself is quite beautiful with very nice high-end finishes. It's a nice change from the boring greys and blues of Western Carriers. It looks warm and inviting, while retaining a spacious and airy feet. Very nicely designed...again, consistently chic, with the image of Starlux.

    I guess there is a small volcanic eruption near Kyushu, Japan?

    Wow, how cool to see a volcanic eruption from the air!

    The meal looks fantastic! Very well-presented and good content. It may look heavy for a morning flight by Asian standard, but looks quite perfect to Westerners haha.

    An all around very good experience with Starlux. I hope to have an opportunity to fly them in the future.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 641160 by
      johnchanmk SILVER AUTHOR 20 Comments
      maybe comparatively like in HKG or NRT or HND or KIX, seems that for business class passengers every time i dont need to wait and then i get checked in. Or it is due to the crowded condition of Terminal 1 of TPE... seems that the amount of counters is not enough compare with other airports.

      ya. the color used by Starlux is really great. Those colors are lovely, warm and gives passengers an elegant feeling!

      I look forward to travelling on Starlux too! As seems some timeslot is reallocated from China Airlines / Eva to Starlux to run the HKG - TPE route. Then it is easier for me to try the Starlux service in the future!

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