Review of Southwest Airlines flight San Francisco San Diego in Economy

Airline Southwest Airlines
Flight SW1360
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 18 Oct 23, 09:50
Arrival at 18 Oct 23, 11:20
WN   #6 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 56 reviews
Published on 14th May 2024


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A visual of my entire domestic itinerary from SFO to SLC via SAN which would cover a total distance of 1,070mi/1,722km. This trip report will cover the 1h journey between SFO to SAN.

photo tempimagedojlod


Welcome to another trip report!
Today I'll be starting off my journey to my hometown of Salt Lake City from here in San Francisco. I could of flown a nonstop with DL,UA or AS however I saw a very enticing offer using rapid reward points (which I had a bit left over) between the two cities and since SW is my second most favorite US carrier (behind DL) I chose to take them for my journey home even though it was not a nonstop flight. When it came to flight options there was none and the only one that was on offer was a stop over in San Diego which I did not mind taking. Funny enough just 5 months prior I took this exact itinerary but with Alaska (SFO-SAN here, SAN-SLC here) both operated by Skywest and on ERJ175s. This will be a great opportunity to compare both flight products. Let's continue on with the report ;). 
Here we start at terminal 1 at SFO where Southwest operates out of.

photo tempimagepocivgphoto tempimagek3wfad


It was quite deserted when I arrived and I headed to the self kiosks to print both my boarding passes and luggage tag.

photo tempimagegmek16photo tempimagem7b7ov

Check-in process was smooth and I had everything done in no more then 5 minutes. Now off to security control.

photo tempimagemdgrgo

Security was ok but the line was backed up and took about 30 minutes to finally get airside.

photo tempimagepzmbdd

The flight board; today's flight to San Diego will be WN 1360 with a scheduled 9:50am departure.

photo tempimage79iwqnphoto tempimagetrrzko

Came across a cool display explaining El Dia de Los Muertos which was cool to see.

photo tempimagegkgoxdphoto tempimagesboqnl

I forgot how much I like terminal 1 here at SFO. It's bright, open, clean and has lots of comfortable seat options by the gate areas. Since I have a few hours before boarding would start, I decided to do some early morning plane spotting 😉.

photo tempimagepg3euu

plane spotting

Here we have a Hawaiian Airbus A330-200 departing for Honolulu (HNL); flight time: 4h 48m. This route is now operated by their new B787-9 Dreamliners.

photo tempimageqhspuaphoto tempimageggmptx

WestJet B737-700 departing for Calgary (YYC); flight time: 2h 27m. I actually had the chance to fly with them back in 2019 on this exact route which was a fun experience. 

photo tempimage1wphhz

Alaska Airlines B737-900(ER) departing for Austin (AUS); flight time: 2h 57m

photo tempimagevssm6g

Boeing 737 MAX 9 (San Francisco Giants Livery) departing for Boston (BOS); flight time: 4h 51m

photo tempimagezeopmi

I'm not sure what's going on here but I hope that's greywater 😅.

photo tempimage78lxxz

Delta Air Lines B757-200 flying across the country for New York (JFK); flight time: 4h 52m

photo tempimageoztvqfphoto tempimageufhlwn

United Airlines B737 MAX 9 departing for San Diego (SAN); flight time: 1h 9m

photo tempimagejjnwyr

Parallel takeoff of two Alaska B737-900(ER)s departing for Seattle (farthest back) and San Jose del Cabo.

photo tempimagetwngpyphoto tempimagergpkil

Air Canada B737 MAX 8 departing for Vancouver (YVR); flight time: 2h 

photo tempimagevwwq60

EVA Air B777-300(ER)

photo tempimage05qaelphoto tempimageq3tpmw

Alaska SkyWest Embraer E175LR departing for Santa Ana (SNA); flight time: 1h 7m

photo tempimage0tyhzg

my aircraft

Here comes my B737 arriving from Las Vegas that'll be taking me down the coast to San Diego this morning.

photo tempimageztbhvj

This B737 is configured in an all economy class layout with 143 seats. I will ultimately be sitting in the back in seat 20A. Seat map courtesy of aerolopa.

photo tempimage0ar3yq

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: SW 1360 
Aircraft: Boeing 737-7H4
Registration: N226WN
Delivered: November 30, 2005 
Age: 18 years (at time of flight)

photo tempimagerrmddlphoto tempimaget11uiephoto tempimagebwjuzx

Our departure gate for today's flight would be B12

photo tempimagepj9ik4


Before I knew it boarding soon began once the Las Vegas passengers deplaned. Southwest is quite known for also having some of the quickest turnarounds in the industry with the average being 35 minutes. 

photo tempimagezpzalo

At check-in I was assigned position B18 to board. Southwest is famous for its open seating policy which I love and hate 😅. Usually when you check-in right at the 24h mark (like I do normally) I would get a boarding position in the A group. However for this flight and the next I was assigned in group B for some reason even though I checked in right at the 24h mark. I guess it doesn't guarantee but it has worked like that for me for several years. Not that it's bad or anything but it's usually harder to find a good seat (especially one with good window alignment the further back you are assigned to board. Each letter group has 60 positions so I'm estimating that I'll be the 78th person to board the plane, not counting pre boards. 

photo tempimageu5pxe5photo tempimage00wo5yphoto tempimagexdh5v7


As I boarded I quickly settled for seat 20A.

photo tempimaged8bh5y

Great wing view if I may say so myself 😅. In the past I always forgot that when heading to SAN you have to sit on the left side to see the city skyline on approach for landing. So I was excited that I'll finally get a chance to see it or so I thought 😂.

photo tempimageio7ytpphoto tempimagetm1oanphoto tempimagelpuqlm

Legroom was pretty good! These seats on Southwest 737-700s offer 31" of pitch, an inch more then what 'legacy airline' AA offers.

photo tempimage8besvz

Just making sure that it's a 737-700 😉.

photo tempimagekvjmiq

Boarding is complete and I was so happy to have the entire row to myself which is usually a rarity now in days. 

photo tempimagedjcg6r

This morning's flight load down to SAN was light at around 50%.

photo tempimage7na9uv

A look at the overhead panel which features a reading light, FA call button and individual air vents which is very well appreciated.

photo tempimagep6s4sjphoto tempimagezkmvzr


We pushed back right on time.

photo tempimageurclnfphoto tempimagem4zugz

Looks like today will be an absolutely perfect morning to be flying!

photo tempimagejca8f8photo tempimage9cdk4p

takeoff runway on 1l

photo tempimageqsfu27photo tempimageved4cnphoto tempimageotugqx

Until next time SF!

photo tempimagelkjvwhphoto tempimage3lzbzzphoto tempimagezui0z9

We were treated to an amazing view overlooking SFO international airport.

photo tempimageip994pphoto tempimagew9w9xs

Once we passed through 10,000ft the FA's sprung into the cabin and with their little clip boards began taking drink orders.

photo tempimage640swzphoto tempimagehf01i7

tray table / seat back contents

Here's a look at the tray table which is of standard size and extendable.

photo tempimageox4it8

At least it was pretty clean. 

photo tempimagetxxhla

Next let's take a look at the seat back contents.
First we have the inflight drink menu.

photo tempimagea03tzg

SW complimentary soft drink menu is pretty similar to all other airlines offerings with the exception of their hot chocolate which is what I always go for when flying SW 😉. I also just noticed that all alcoholic beverages are much cheaper at 6-7 USD each whereas DL, AS & AA charge upwards of 10-11 USD for these same beverages.

photo tempimagepxjnsp

The typical safety card.

photo tempimagekze5em

And lastly the airsickness bag.

photo tempimagepbtqeiphoto tempimageqqfcdc

inflight entertainment

Although SW only offer IFE through your own device, it was quite nice and easy to connect.

photo tempimagee9sasj

There was plenty of movies, tv shows, live tv channels and even music to choose from. I personally found more entertainment options on here than what AA offers on my previous experience flying them domestically. I wished this was a longer flight so I could've taken the opportunity to enjoy some movies.

photo tempimage3epdhxphoto tempimageqcudacphoto tempimageygfzt7

The absolute favorite part for me was actually the interactive flight map which was very nice and detailed. Again even AA lacks this feature which is mind boggling for the world's largest airline not to have in their domestic IFE system. 

photo tempimagejpz9en

inflight service

photo tempimageu9ie1v

About 30 minutes into flight, the FA's brought out the trays with everyones drink order and I got my hot chocolate. I don't normally drink hot chocolate but for some reason this drink tastes x5 better at 35,000ft 😅.

photo tempimagexs36dbphoto tempimagefwkv4z

Shortly after another FA came through the cabin offering everyone these tasty savory snacks.

photo tempimagegeetrsphoto tempimageydj6ux

Overall this was very good service for a 1h flight 👍🏻.

photo tempimagexrxd69photo tempimageiwuwgkphoto tempimagexdwdoz

At one point I got up to stretch out and take a stroll through the cabin. 

photo tempimage2tlsdbphoto tempimage0nuv3i

Flying over the city of San Fernando, just north of Los Angeles.

photo tempimagey2lm83

initial descent

We began our initial descent as we were flying over Los Angeles.

photo tempimageyxvrqj

Downtown LA.

photo tempimagecql463

Long Beach Airport (LGB)

photo tempimagehknu2b

The FA's began preparing cabin for landing.

photo tempimagecdfruz

The weather began to dramatically change the closer we got to San Diego.

photo tempimagececza9

We spent roughly about 10-15 minutes circling out in the Pacific for the weather to get better as San Diego was shrouded in low cloud cover.

photo tempimageg7pdwx

landing runway 9

Eventually we got clearance to begin our descent into San Diego. 

photo tempimageemwxtk

To my luck we would be landing on the opposite side (runway 9) rather then the usual approach are into SAN. When I finally remember to sit on the right side, we don't get any city views upon landing 😂.

photo tempimagepoezuephoto tempimageteye6k

Welcome to San Diego!

photo tempimagenrseyz

After we exited the runway, we backtracked on the taxiway and held short there for about 15 minutes along with a UA 737-800 as aircraft were landing before we could safely cross the runway.

photo tempimagetyxwtvphoto tempimagehpgotv

arrival at gate

We arrived at our gate 20 minutes behind schedule.

photo tempimagegtvyptphoto tempimageasqgyaphoto tempimagedgqlqw

This concludes the trip report, thanks for reading!

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Southwest Airlines

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

San Francisco - SFO


San Diego - SAN



This was a fun and enjoyable flight on Southwest! Comparing this flight with my AS one I took 5 months prior on an E175 I would say both were equally great. The service offerings were the same (though AS only provided drinks and no snacks) and honestly very sufficient for a flight of this length. Though this flight was on a relatively old 737, the cabin was kept in good conditions and what enhanced this particular flight experience was the light load down to SAN. As a matter of fact the seats on SW had more cushion then on AS's ERJ175 aircraft which I remember to be quite hard. If I had to choose between both though, I would honestly take either one any day if the price was right.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    It's great that SWA have streaming IFE, but too back the vast majority of the fleet doesn't have any in-seat charging yet except for a handful of MAXs.

    When I finally remember to sit on the right side, we don't get any city views upon landing 😂.

    Oh no! That's some luck...I've never landed the opposite way, definitely rare!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    jettoajet GOLD 116 Comments
    What are the odds of west to east landing... wow. The hot chocolate looks fantastic, very few airlines I feel like has a hot chocolate (or at least I don't see it). Reminds me of when I was younger and I would always have a hot chocolate on my flights haha.

    Love the landing video, bit of a crunching landing. Wonder what the crosswind was like that day.

    Thanks for this FR! Have a great day!

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