Review of Cathay Pacific flight Singapore Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 690
Class Economy
Seat 69A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 24 May 14, 12:45
Arrival at 24 May 14, 16:35
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
By 6742
Published on 31st May 2014
(WARNING! This report will contain graphic food porn. Viewer's discretion is advised!)

With CX recently offering fares to HKG for a ridiculously low price of SGD260 return (and undercutting all the other budget carriers' fares), me and my partner booked a short trip to HKG for a weekend of food and shopping. This report will be mainly photo-based as I guess most of you would be rather familiar with CX's regional economy service. Also, be warned that this report may also cause withdrawal symptoms on those who are craving the culinary treats of Hong Kong!

24 May 2014
Cathay Pacific
CX 690
Singapore (SIN) - Hong Kong (HKG)
Economy Class

Checked in online 48hrs prior and got boarding passes at the airport.

photo 14310738142_e0957f0c4f_b

Our flight today was operated by an A340. It has been a rather long time since I have stepped onboard an A340. The aircraft was fitted with the old herringbone J, new Premium Y and old shell-Y. My first time trying the infamous non-reclining Y seats, having tried all the other variants of CX's Y seats.

photo 14312586295_d9370e1873_b

photo 14125936199_9899045abc_b

My seat at 69A.

photo 14289434146_a2ff1323d0_b

Welcome aboard. Legroom was actually quite good for my 1.8m frame.

photo 14125935559_293af13393_b

photo 14125969500_3d5f4ebc1f_b

Seat pocket contents.

photo 14125935499_92f134fa17_b

Headsets already in the seat pockets.

photo 14309253891_8f8fc6b1ea_b

At the gate.

photo 14311991244_a8f697d4a2_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 14309254871_a3b3408a95_b

Doors closed and pushed back 5min ahead of STD.

photo 14310737092_8bd0c31946_b

However, it was a long taxi to Rwy02C for takeoff.

photo 14312574395_e3cdaa9048_b

Video of takeoff from Rwy02C. The A340 certainly is a gentle-climber!

Climbing to cruising altitude.

photo 14311990714_a4e94a765d_b

photo 14289438336_91a92e074b_b

photo 14311989964_36851b8eb2_b

photo 14311989504_2db83e1e5f_b

Immigration forms for Hong Kong handed out. Advisory on the new entry-slip.

photo 14126062747_deb94d2dda_b

StudioCX switched on after seatbelt signs were turned off. It was both touch-screen as well as can be navigated by the handset.

photo 14310736372_8579dfabc7_b

We watched a light-hearted The Lego Movie.

photo 14125934829_cf18c3da3b_b

Crew conducted a round of beverage and nuts service. Water, juices and coke were offered from trays, with other beverages available on request. As the A340 utilizes only a single galley at the rear for the entire Economy cabin, the crew were constantly seen walking up and down the rear and mid cabins during the service.

photo 14125933739_42e2b266d0_b

Nuts and apple juice. An antiseptic towelette was also handed out.

photo 14125967560_b7c3c53a2f_b

Cup holder.

photo 14126062547_1602ce094b_b

Enjoying the movie.

photo 14309252571_e847c40b43_b

Lunch was then served. The choices offered were Chicken with potatoes or Fish with rice. The tray came with fruits, a warm roll and butter. I had orange juice and water to go along.

photo 14125967150_d3efb38b68_b

Chicken with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was rather tasty.

photo 14311988714_573ef25568_b

Fried fish (seemed to be salmon) with rice. This was equally good! It seemed that CX has upped their economy catering out of SIN since the last time I flew with them. Main course portions now come with more meat.

photo 14332783463_53e6acb627_b

Fruits and Haagen Daz strawberry ice-cream, which was given out after meal trays were distributed.

photo 14309251941_3f8511370c_b

Enjoying my ice-cream.

photo 14125966320_a14cd148f7_b

Finished every morsel!

photo 14289436356_a884a73d8e_b

And a Chinese tea to wrap up after trays were collected.

photo 14309251681_cbf75babae_b

Position of our flight after we were done with lunch and movie. Continued with a HK comedy movie but did not finish it due to the short remaining flight time.

photo 14311988034_ea5f7bc987_b

Lavatory with the usual CX nobility amenities.

photo 14125931999_eea966936c_b

Mid economy cabin.

photo 14310734302_872211d420_b

And the aft cabin.

photo 14309251041_dbde55e109_b

Over South China Sea.

photo 14310733692_92691b333c_b

photo 14311987514_3ed6157b0a_b

Descending into Hong Kong.

photo 14312581745_d9f1bd3888_b

photo 14289435216_23111d8304_b

Video of descent.

Headsets were collected and StudioCX switched off midway through the descend.

It was a surprisingly rather clear day in Hong Kong. We approached from the north-east and had some nice views during approach.

photo 14311979714_353ff2b220_b

photo 14311986844_6f6ef42334_b

photo 14309250181_e5bff803a0_b

photo 14126059587_1b36ed14a9_b

photo 14126059717_6e9fc0f838_b

photo 14311986364_ccf0cfb81e_b

photo 14289434576_ee630498b4_b

View the entire approach and landing into Rwy25R below.

Landed 10min early and had a rather long taxi to the gate.

photo 14310732342_562fe7f7a2_b

Thank you for flying CX.

photo 14125923868_46d1609506_b

Parked at Gate 21.

photo 14125930389_5871463c55_b

Disembarking and passing Premium economy.

photo 14126058657_bf575aa7dd_b

And old long-haul J herringbone seats.

photo 14125930119_19bc095751_b

SQ A380 arrived at the neighbouring gate during disembarkation.

photo 14311985304_5f3fcbd3a6_b

Immigration was swift and our bags were out very soon.

photo 14125963440_e3256dd8f7_b

It was a quick 30min airport bus ride to our hotel in Jordan, Eaton Hotel.

photo 14289433266_c29961419d_b

Hotel was pleasant and room size was reasonable, especially for the location and price paid.

photo 14125961830_fe80d5803c_b

View towards Mongkok from room.

photo 14332776533_50c6f9c181_b

After checking into our room, we met up with a couple of friends for dinner at an eatery near Langham Place, which is famous for its roast goose.

photo 14125922828_aa6c4b5e49_b

photo 14126057737_e994b06069_b

Followed by dessert at a newly popular dessert place. The desserts were freshly made and delicious!

photo 14126057557_84a5dc6907_b

photo 14311984134_2502b63040_b

photo 14309247621_98c485e03a_b

More dessert.

photo 14309247331_60651277ce_b

Then it was walking around busy Mongkok for the evening.

photo 14332779013_e92d467d8d_b

Day 2 and we made our way to Central on Hong Kong island in the morning and met another friend.

photo 14312578215_ae29546ac3_b

photo 14309246621_ec9cbe781f_b

Aim? Yum cha at Maxim's Palace! Dim sum feast time!

photo 14332777953_9fc5f023dc_b

photo 14289431646_eb2e256fee_b

photo 14125920958_e5d54e1492_b

photo 14332777513_098faeffd5_b

photo 14309245911_21d470335f_b

After a very filling meal, it was off to Causeway Bay for some shopping.

photo 14311982354_01130df64a_b

Dessert to cool down in the summer heat.

photo 14289430426_bd2f7f8ccf_b

photo 14125926339_d25426d91d_b

Bowrington Market area.

photo 14289430776_9e450479a6_b

After a trip up to Citygate Outlets for shopping in the afternoon, we arrive back in Kowloon in the evening for dinner. First stop, yummy silky smooth chee cheong fun at a fame shop in Sham Shui Po.

photo 14312576175_7c75387186_b

Then to Kam Wah café for one of the best polo bun and other eats.

photo 14312575475_7680a8e418_b

photo 14125926089_70cfce629f_b

photo 14125925459_4e7d90612e_b

photo 14312575675_fe07d6e56b_b

photo 14289429566_9d21142fe1_b

Morning on the 3rd day was to the very busy Australian Dairy Company for its fame breakfast sets and steamed milk. The scrambled eggs were absolutely to die for!

photo 14309243831_0a053e4bba_b

photo 14309243601_64c56c557e_b

photo 14311980004_f4dfba2fea_b

photo 14125918148_e094f89a12_b

Afternoon, we went up to Kowloon Tong for a light healthy lunch.

photo 14332774543_c4fce39046_b
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Hong Kong - HKG



It was a nice flight on Cathay Pacific again. Food and service was good, entertainment was fine and flight was on-time. As for the infamous shell seat, I found it quite ok as long as a blanket or pillow is stuffed at the lumber area to provide support. Also, the generous seat pitch made it the more tolerable. No qualms sitting on them for short flights (beats any budget carrier's tight seats anytime) but not too sure of the comfort on long-hauls though. But for the fare paid, there was absolute nothing to complain about.

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